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Here we comment pills about Wisdom Physics.

Here we comment classical Newtonian Mechanics to describe our 3D, as well Quantum Mechanics, and Study of Waves, like Electromagnetis, Gravitation, Electronics, and similar matters.

Just a comment. If we speak about the EM (Electromagnetic field) of the Human Body ... Where we can classify it? Biology, Physics or New Age. ... I said all.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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101 Discover the 15D (The fifteen Dimension) ... the Dimension of Color and the actual state of Dimensional Mathematics Administrator 2202
102 How we can prove scientifically that Sirius dwell in the 7D? ... Administrator 1495
103 BiLingual: Perché il paradosso dei Gemelli non è un Paradosso?/Why the Twin Padarox is not a Paradox? Administrator 1905
104 Editorial #26: A New Theory of ElectroGravimetrics will lead to Physical Inter-Galactic Travels ... Administrator 1038
105 Also Russian Nobel Prize Ilya Prigogine ... comments about mistakes in Einstein Relativity ... Administrator 2076
106 Why some mistakes on Einstein's Relativity Theory lead us to poverty ... Administrator 1024
107 Introducing the Mathematical-Physics of Emily Noether ... Administrator 2348
108 Was Albert Einstein the scientist who discovered the formula: Administrator 1518
109 What keep our Galaxy in a beauty and soft rotation ? ... Administrator 1352
110 Can we get a panoramic view of our Galaxy ? ... Administrator 1342
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