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Thursday, 16 September 2010 16:37


     This is the second lesson about to explain with Physics the Bi-location made by the Saints, like Saint Francis, San Antonio, as well Saint Germain ... or Merlin.

     Can we explain this? ...

     There are books that cover this ... and they are connected with "Quantum Entanglement" and Teleportation.

      The Book, David Darling - Teleportation, the Impossible Leap is excellent to get started on this matter.

      Speaking on this matter ... is about to speak in the very border of Physics.

      Quantum Computing ... and a Quantum Entanglement are the material.

      Honestly Reality is draw ... by information. What information? ... Quantum Information ... This information exchange with our DNA ...

      Scientist to-day does not know these facts ... however steps are great. However Physics remains "incomplete".

       Anyway we (all) are on the right path to move Science to the Sacred Place. It is very probably Religions disappears from the mold and place where is located to-day.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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