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Monday, 13 September 2010 07:05

(Click to listen Angel Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll ... speaking about Lemuria) ...

Beloved Friends, Brothers and Sisters of the Blue-Moon-day of the Will of God ... and all others,

    Let me share with you this teaching on Physics and Human Evolution channeled by Lee Carroll ... from the very words of Master Angel Kryon.

    Yes! ... we will be happy for thousand of years. Yes! ... we can visit our planet as well any place in the Universe ... and back Home for lunch.

    For me, Giovanni ... This was one of the reasons I back to my Home in Italy. Yes, I know from the days I visit California and I comment to my new friend, when I comment the bank account there ... in kidding terms.

    Yes. We have an incomplete Physics ... and if we reach this ... Would no happiness be here? ... Would not be Peace on Earth? ... Of course, I say.

    Because this is my very word ... We need to understand mass and when we understand mass, we will be able to built our homes ... with the mind. I comment this time ago.

   Let me repeat for you ... because I got serious impressed ...

We Live in Circular Homes 


We hear that the Lemurians live in "circular homes."

Can you describe them ?


At one time we had to build our homes the way you do now with the assistance of architects, real physical plans and various building materials and tools such as saws and ham­mers. Now that we have become fifth dimensional beings, we create our homes by manifesting much of what we need with our thoughts, intentions and sustained focus.


Yes, we design our homes on the principles of sacred geom­etry. For this reason, most of our homes are circular in one way or another, and are designed with great creativity and beauty. The basic material for the exterior of our homes is crystal. Always keep in mind that I speak from a fifth dimensional perspective. You must do your best to under­stand my words from the viewpoint of that perspective. What we as masters attempt to describe to you does not have an exact same counterpart in your dimension. Some of these descriptions may not make sense to you if you view them only from the perspective of a third dimensional mind.


Since we have moved fully into the fifth dimension, we now create our homes mainly with our thoughts and intentions. Everything we have and create, including our bodies, look and feel very physical to us. In fact, our physicality feels as real to us as your physicality feels to you. Our physicality is imbued with so much light that it has lost most of its den­sity, and would not be visible or tangible to you in your pres­ent state of consciousness.


The reality of our dimension is very fluid, and nearly all of us can create all we want and need almost instantly. We have now attained the ability to create our homes very quickly, any way we desire, and we can make changes almost as rapidly any time we want. It will take you a little while on the surface to fully understand this, and to be able to do the same. It will soon become great fun for you to learn the practical application of those concepts in greater depths and to begin to experiment with them, at first under our super­vision and with our assistance. When you are ready, this is one of the many things we are longing to teach you.


Our homes are constructed from crystal-like stones that emit much light and are quite beautiful. The stones contain enough opacity to prevent others on the outside from looking in. In this way we maintain our privacy at all times. When we are inside, however, the view outside is totally clear, like houses of clear glass, which allows us to see out at all angles and in all directions. This is why we feel that we live in crys­tal palaces. Our view of the outside is never obstructed by anything, and we never feel encased inside of walls.


We create our homes in circular manners, with much crea­tivity to give them the comfort of very luxurious dwellings. I would like to explain in simple terms how we would begin to create a small circular home. For the fun of it, I want to give you an idea on how we proceed. For the completion of the home, we use the same principles. You can now use your imagination to finish this home for yourself, as you wish, and start dreaming your very own home. It is all about con­sciously creating your dreams and manifesting them.


Now let me proceed with the

creation of a small circular home.


First - I decide on the location and how large in diameter I desire to this home to be.


Second - With my mind and intentions to create, I start vi­sualizing very specifically the outline of the structure I want to create. If I am not specific enough, or if I become sloppy with my visualization, it will not turn out the way I hoped for. Remember, I use my mind and heart energy to create what I want. The material I use in my mind is of a crystal­line substance. With my mind, I now begin to visualize lay­ing each stone in the right order and places, and with the exact design I want the finished product to manifest. At this point it is still just an outline, and not yet filled in nor densified. Believe me, I can do this quite rapidly. Since we live in a no-time zone, it really does not matter how long it takes. In your time it would not take me more than half hour.


Third - When I am totally satisfied with the creation of the outline of my new crystalline structure, and I feel my heart bursting with joy over this new creation, I then proceed to the next step. It is now time to fill each stone with a greater intensity of the crystalline light and bring more density into it. As I continue to focus intensively on my new creation, the outline of each stone fills up with all the light and love I pour into it. When this is complete, I continue my focus on densifying the light from which the stones are created until they reach the desired opacity.


And so it is, my dear friends, the crystalline structure of the new home is now completed. It is ready to be finished any way you want, and with all the beauty you choose to add to it. When you hold enough light and love in your conscious­ness, all types of manifestations become easy and complete­ly natural. Go now about your daily business in Love and Gratitude for all that you have, and create anew with much beauty the type of life you have been longing for. You can all do it when you believe that you can.


Please take note ...


Please take note that what we explain here exists in a fifth dimensional vibration. It is not as physical as yours, nor does it possess the kind of physical density you are accustomed to in your third dimensional world. If you were to come here in your present state, nearly all of you on the surface would not be able to perceive or see anything in our level of physicality. For us, our physicality feels as real as yours does. It represents a level of physicality, however, that is so full of light that we no longer experience limitations of any kind. Our dimension is not visible or perceivable to your present state of awareness and spiritual awakening. Do not let this discourage you; it will all evolve. As you open your hearts wider and progress on your journey towards divine union, all will open to your awareness. You will em­brace and manifest more and more of your divinity in your present physical incarnation. Continue to trust that the veils will soon begin to lift for all those who yearn for the ultimate union, and do the spiritual work needed to reach that level of evolution.


Friends, may be my job is not only to tell you these facts ... Please enjoy this ... and ask to wonder yourself. How many years for this? Ten years? Twenty? ... Forty?

What you will do for you, your family and the world ?

I, Giovanni can dedicate (or continue to dedicate) ten years ... or the necessary ones to complete this task. And if someone other did ... I will amazing happy ...

In the name of the Lord, I had spoken.

Giovanni A. Orlando.


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