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Monday, 30 August 2010 13:58


Greetings Dear Ones,

    The first time I hear about the Dirac Sea was reading a book published by John Bedini.

    Honestly I AM not yet able to take advantage of the Dirac Sea ... actually I am in "research mode", however I suppose when all the open tasks start to close ... to be profitable in that usage.

    In the past and according with Einstein Relativity Theory ... Aether does not exist. Because I got the luck to study Physics and get the feeling from important Professors in Bologna ... "A Word Is Sufficient" ... I disagree with that results ... actually included in textbooks along the Globe like the Sacred True, that me and some subscribe like "Fake Science".

    Paul Dirac (and some inventors have not visited Universities, they are simple genius) ... Paul Dirac design that the Dirac sea is a theoretical model of the vacuum as an infinite sea of particles with negative energy.

    But is not theoretical after all because Bedini invention works ... and he creates several ones.

    Now the Dirac Sea leads to the Vacuum and the Vacuum to the Aether. Does the Aether exist? ... Is Einstein Theory of Relativity wrong to suppose and eliminate the Vacuum? ... My answers are Yes and Yes, but we need more results.

    The main problem I see is that we (We the World) needs a Multi-Dimensional effective New Physics. This is what we need.

    I hope not annoying you without formulae ... but the re-design of Science to resurrect the real Science is not really and honestly an easy task.

     The Professor Dirac idea comes from the so-called "Negative Energy". Also the positron, the antimatter counterpart of the electron, was originally conceived of as a hole in the Dirac sea, well before its experimental discovery in 1932.

      This comes from Wikipedia,

The equation relating energy, mass and momentum in special relativity is:

E2= p2 c2+ m2c4

if p = 0, we got, E2= m2c4, or ...

Bedini invention works ... move that results into a New Physics ... is a sacred mission ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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