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Monday, 23 August 2010 17:00

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    How was your Moon-day until now? ... Good. It is your problem, my friend. For those who enjoy their day, let me say "Very Well".

   I am back with a very good lesson from the Physics of Prize Nobel Ilya Prigone, to answer a question: Is Future Given?

   To read the article with the formulae you need to click the image.

    I dedicate several days because I re-write the document ... downloaded from Google.books to include the necessary formulae and to understand very well the subjects.

    I am including here only the ...


We come to a different concept of reality. Laplace and Einstein believed that man is a machine within the cosmic machine. Spinoza said that we are all machines but we don't know it. This does not seem very satisfactory. However, to describe our evolutionary universe, we have only taken very preliminary steps. Science and physics are far from being completed, as some theoretical physicists wants its to believe. On the contrary, I think that the various concepts, which I have tried to describe in my lecture, show that we are only at the beginning. We don't know what exactly corresponded to the Big Bang, we don't know what determines die families of particles, we don't know how die biological evolution is evolving. May I finish my lecture by some general remarks. Non-equilibrium physics has given us a better understanding of the mechanism of the emergence of events. Events are associated with bifurcations. The future is not determined. Especially in this time* of globalization and the network revolution, behavior at the individual level is the key factor in shaping the evolution of the entire human species. Just as few  particles can alter the macroscopic organization in nature to show the appearance of different dissipative structures. The role of individuals is more important than ever. This leads us to believe that some of our conclusions remain valid in human societies.

A famous saying of Einstein is that time is an "illusion". Einstein was right for integrable systems bin the world around us is basically formed by non-integrable systems. Time is our existential dimension. The results described in this paper show-that the conflict between Parmenides and Heraclite can be taken out from its metaphysical context and formulated in terms of modern theory of dynamical systems.

Thank you very much.

   According to Prize Nobel Prigogine ... Future is not determined. Therefore is not given ... but I want to figure out some additional words from the Mystical point of view.

  I am studying some words of Lord Meru ... I prefer don't tell you what words ... but he comment that we have a Destiny. Yes!

  He also said that we need to mold the Pre-Destiny ... so it can become "The Destiny".

  From another point of view this article or document written by Prize Nobel Prigogine enter in conflict with Einstein words about time, just to said that Prize Nobel Einstein was right in him connection with Matter, Space and Time.

  I agree with Prof. Ilya when he comment about we are still today in XXI century in the beginning of the discovery of the Universe, but I still agree that the Multidimensional Mathematics or Universal Mathematics ... will give us a hand in this discovery.

 Just before you start to read the words of Professor Prigogine, I want you to remember that there was NO A Thing like Bing Bang was.

  In fact,

The Bing Bang never was. It is a three dimensional explanation of a interdimensional attribute. Universes are created all the time thought interdimensional shifts. When a dimension literally collide with another you will get all the attributes that you describe as the Big Bang.

In 3D you have many scientists prove was they felt was the Bing Bang theories attribute ... the truly, truly existed. They found the residual of what they thought, was prove ... means like Hubble and others.

Now my conclusions.

Future is Not Given ... but each one has a Destiny to mold ... to perfect ... and of course to discover. Discover your future is not the final task ... The Final Task is to Understand how to realize and realize it. When you do that ... there are no other reason because you must remain here, in 3D.

When I say "Future is not Given, but you have a Destiny", this means that the important goals and/or your children to born are pre-fixed. How you reach these goals ... is not important and are not pre-determined. So, the Future may be understand like the path between two points of your destiny ... and is not important what path you follow ... but you will reach that goals.


Enjoy the Lecture.

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. This lesson is the continuation of several lessons:

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