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Sunday, 15 August 2010 07:04


    Why the Bing Never was? ... Why Modern Scientist ... with all their expertise can no wonder this? Why the suppose there are a Beginning? ... A Beginning of What? ... Of Time? ... Why there will be a Beginning of Time?

    May be God is before the Time like we know today! ... As wondered for you, as well introduced with Drama by Professor Einstein, Time is "only" the Fourth Dimension.

    This is a very important lesson, not because I will figure out the dimensions like I know, but also because I will give you the key. May be you will like the key I will give you. Honestly the key will be the result of a treasury map ... A Treasury Map that will lead you to the "Tree of Life".

    The Book of Apocalypse explains that the fruits of the Tree of Life may heal the world!

     Exactly, Rev 22:2 say,

In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

     What means that?

     I will push you a little bit ... forward trough a Saint Germain poetry, that I honestly love,

The way of the Tree of Life

Which is the perfect secret

That God has guarded from the curious

and profane Remains a penetrable mystery

To him who is not ashamed

To wear his wings.

To him who understands

The diligence of each day,

To him who is content to place his hand In loving trust that destiny is ours.

To him who is willing to forsake

A past that has not produced

The blossoming beauty he craves.

To him whose heart reaches up as a cup

To the highest and sweetest,

The noblest and best Lord of all

In the desire to have imparted to himself

And every part of life

The best of gifts.

He speaks in summoned, loving tones

Of inward communion,

"O Father, not my will but thine be done!"

To him there is conveyed the highest crown.

The word "dominion."

He is the Son, the Alchemist,

The beloved one.

He can divide the loaves and fishes,

Walk upon the waves,

Fulfill his own and others’ wishes,

And be the Great Benefactor.

In him the Immortal Spirit prevails,

The ultima Thule is seen.

     What means all this? ... Easy.

     This means that those who find the Path to the Tree of Life ... can get the fruits and heal the World. May be you wonder, Giovanni I cannot understand you. I, Giovanni say, let me repeat the very words of Saint Germain

The greatest angels who keep the way of the Tree of Life can­not deny those who have reunited with the wholly innocent mind of God access to Eden. How can they, then, deny it to the Divine Alchemist in man, who in honor reaches forth to take the fruit of the Tree of Life that he may indeed live forever?

This is the Treasure Map ... and understand the map ... is your Homework, dear readers.

The Bing Bang never was ... Angel Kryon say in:

(Click to hear the speech)

Like I comment almost two years ago, "The Bing Bang never was ... " ... Angel Kryon at the moment 14':42'' ...

"The Bing Bang never was. It is a three dimensional explanation of a interdimensional attribute. Universes are created all the time thought interdimensional shifts. When a dimension literally collide with another you will get all the attributes that you describe as the Big Bang.

Therefore ... you not only to resurrect books from great Americans (US) or Italian Scientist ... No. It is not sufficient. 

You need to hear the message from the angels ... and connect all together ... to update and correct modern Science, for the Real Science and the Real meaning.

Yes ... there are dimensions where we are COLORS ... Why not the Dimension 15 D? ... like commented by PolyMath Walter Russell?

Yes ... there are dimensions when we are SOUND ... and

Yes ... the Universe reply to me ... to open the door and take back another fruit from the Tree of Life ...

How do you suppose the Universe ... show me the path ... Easy:

  • At first I got the exact page on the Russell book.
  • Second, Lord Meru ... speaks in very clear words ... about the Dimension we don't know. (Check this speech).

This is the way ... Universe speak unto people ... this is the most easy and immediate way. There are more precise messages ... and those who walk in Path to take the hand of the Higher Self ... will hear the voice of the Angels.

Understand these messages are what you nee to learn.

Please let me more clear with my "colleagues" Scientists.

Do discover the secrets of Nature ... you need to be very Humble. The first law who I got at the age of sixteen ... may be offensive to your ego.

The first Law is this: "You will INVENT NOTHING" ... Why? ... Easy! ... Because there were other thousand or millions of people who discover these before you, eons ago.

However, be proud. You will re-discover.

It is NOT EASY to Walk the Path to the Tree of Life. Not easy. Saint Germain say ... it is "The Perfect Secret".

Now, let me finish ... and give you a hand.

If you my friend ... suppose that "The Bing Bang was the Beginning of the Universe", I, Giovanni will wonder. What Universe? ... This?

If you say, Yes! ... I, Giovanni will say ... there are more than one Universe and Uni-verse means One-verse ...

The Dahl Universe is another Universe ... from where we come. I will NOT insist in this matter, right now.

However, if you suppose you say, "The Bing Bang was the Beginning of Time", I, Giovanni will say. You wrong.

Time exist before this Universe was created!

The second part of this homework is to wonder what was before the so-called Bing Bang? ... Another Universe ... and another ... and Another.

Let please consider Eternity. And consider this Universe ... FINITE. Multi-dimensional but Finite. Then consider the parallel Universe to this ... and consider a path from ONE Universe to another.

Time and Space are linear only in 3D. Not in 4D ... or in >5D.

In 5D ... Time is like a Pool ... all happens simultaneously  ... and so also on Earth.

Adolph Hitler is still alive in the year 1491. Adam and Eve are still alive ... the same Mohammad.

We can move from a time-coordinate to another.

To do that we need to master the Ninety-Degree state.

I will offer a complete chapter on the coming book, "The Secret of the Andes" - Second Edition.

Thanks for now,

Giovanni A. Orlando.



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