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Saturday, 14 August 2010 14:45

Greetings in this very quite Saturn-Violet day of Diplomacy and Wisdom,

       I AM here with Great news. Only two days ago I propose the question: How we can prove scientifically that Sirius dwell in the 7D? and still some days ago I spoke about a great Italian genius called Marco Todeschini, who was Ordinary Professor of Physics at the Università degli Studi di Bologna, when I got my Italian degree.

       In that lesson, I comment about the need of a New Mathematics (Editorial #29: We need a New Mathematics!).

       My friends ... the Universe reply ... yes the Universe reply ... and was a great reply.

       A similar Mathematics ... as well a Physics (like explained by Angel/Master Kryon) is available. Yes!

       It is not 100% developed ... and this is because we have this "inconsistent" world ... but has been made.

       Who made it? ... Well, the Great US American Scientist and Polymath Walter Russell.

         Walter Russell was an American Polymath. A Polymath is someone like Leonardo da Vinci, o Saint Germain who was capable to excel in Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Philosophy, Mathematics and Physics. He found the "University of Science and Philosophy".

         These are the Dimensions listed by Walter Russell, in the Book, "The Universal One":

  • The first Dimension is "Length".
  • The second Dimension is "Breadth".
  • The third Dimension is "thickness".
  • The fourth Dimension is "Time".
  • The Fifth, "sex" (I say "Love" and still consider that valid)
  • The sixth, "pressures" (I say geometry design, and still consider that valid)
  • The seventh, "potentials" (I say Light ... but I can review my statement)
  • The eighth, "temperature"
  • The ninth, "ionization"
  • The tenth, "crystallization"
  • The eleventh, "valence"
  • The twelfth, "axial rotation"
  • The thirteenth, "orbital revolution"
  • The fourteenth, "mass"
  • The fifteenth, "color" ... (and I was close)
  • The sixteenth, "plane"
  • The seventeenth, "tone"
  • The eighteenth, "elliptic"

We can "use" this information ... not get like granted ... study and investigate.

The Book, "The Universal One" ... was published in 1926. Marco Todeschini (don't look on Wikipedia ... the prince of Science remove him) publish the "Teoria delle Apparenze" ... in 1949.

Each one of these Scientist takes 30 years to write these books.

This information with books published by Raffaele Bendandi - Un Principio Fondamentale dell'Universo ... as well other like Roger Penrose (who believe in the Big Bang. I don't believe in the Bing Bang) ... may lead us to a new Science.

Of course, my friends ... these are theories ... ONLY WHEN WE CAN TOUCH WITH HANDS ... THESE FACTS ... WE WILL GOT REAL RESULTS.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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PPS. If you will name a book ... I probably read it.

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