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Thursday, 12 August 2010 09:41

Greetings in the very day of Thor-day of Resurrection! ...

     I AM here with a question about Physics.

     Honestly there are three questions:

  • How we can prove that Sirius dwells in 7D (The Seventh Dimension)
  • How we can prove that Pleiades dwells in 5D (The Fifth Dimension)

  • and in general how we can figure out a Mathematical Theory to explain this fashion to figure out the entire Multi-dimensional Universe?

      We, here on Earth live in 3D (Third Dimension) ... and so we have Height, Width and Depth ... This regards the three necessary data connected with a cube.

      We can also need only Two quantities like Latitude and Longitude

       But like back to the point. Who we can figure out 7D?  5D?

       Professor Einstein draw for us a Theory that may lead us to understand that Time is the so-called 4D (4 Dimension).

       Several scholars had spoke about time and Einstein Unfinished Revolution. One is Paul Davis with the book, "About Time".

       Now, let me give my modest opinion about 5D and 7D.

       If 4D is time ... We need also to prove where time comes from. Time comes from the Center of the Galaxy ... and how arrive there? ... It arrive there because it comes from the Center of the Universe and the Universe ... It comes from the Earth of God.

      Do you see like God help us to explain Science? ... Of course this lead toward a Science with God.

      Thus now we have, H (Height), W (Width), D (Depth) ... and T (Time) ...

      But what about 5D? ... I will start with Love. Love may be understood like the 5D, and love is not only some glue but also wisdom and peace.

      Can we measure Love if this is the answer? ... May be ... May be not.

      What about 6D, 7D?

      What 6D=Forms that lead to ideas and 7D=Light that lead to Color and Music.

      Therefore I am giving you some hypothesis, Love=5D, GeoForms=6D and Light (Color+Music)=7D.

       Of course they are mere hypothesis and Metaphysics can help us.

       There are two books that may help us:

  • Cycles of Time: An Extraordinary New View of the Universe by Roger Penrose and

  • The Shape of Inner Space: String Theory and the Geometry of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions by Shing-Tung Yau and Steve Nadi.

Of course the Planetary solution to this New Science will solve any mistake on Einstein Theory, Quantum Enigma ... leading us to the New Science ... The Real Science.

Thanks for now,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Let me figure out for now more about 8D, 9D, 10D ... 8D like the Mind-Dimension, 9D=Harmony, 10D=Freedom.

What Mathematical theory completed buried ... and releasing books US$ 200 ... may help? ... What about Dimension Theory leading us with Topological Spaces and Topological Dimension or Lebesgue Dimension.

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