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Wednesday, 06 October 2010 17:00

Greetings in this very Green day of Mercury(Odin)-day of Healing,

    I come to your attention with an important question about Physics. Where the time comes from?

    For those who see difference between Religion and Science ... or to need new disciplines instead to join the Sciences in "a Science" course, this explanation may sound different or still strange. However, it is correct and may be more the Gnostic Religion offer a path of understanding between Religions, to explain the origin of time.

   The statement is: Times comes from the Center of the Galaxy  ... The Heart of God.

   ... and here in 3D ... we have ... linear time and linear Space ...

   Professor Einstein was great to open the eyes to the people about the Fourth Dimension which is Time.

   May time be a dimension? ... Of course, we (length, height, depth) and then we can add "time", like (x, y, z, t), where t stand for t.

   Of course we can travel in time like we travel in space. You will take this for granted and think ... like a very primary valid explanation will be using your thought ... You are where is your thought ... and this may be in another city ... or in another time ... of your past.

   How people read their Akashic records ... and see himself (or herself) in another previous time. How is possible that?

   This is possible because ... it is there ...

   If we (or you) park in time ... in the morning ... then you will park "IN THE NOW", in the present.

   Our past is behind ... literally but also really speaking.

   When I read my akashic records ... three of my past lives, the plastic chair where I was sited got an incredible electrostatic. This because my DNA was moved.

   Please understand that around us we emit an EMF (Electro-Magnetic-Field) and this is full equivalent to the spires of iron around a magnet.

   Our Future is in front of us ... literally but also really.

   To our right we has the place that is expecting us. And therefore we have a Destiny.

   And to the left we has the darkness we need to avoid to triumph in this life.

   Backing to the question ... from here to our Sun, to each one of the Pleiades star until to Alcyone and we got 5D ... to Sirius ... and we got 7D ... we travel in time ... also to our future.

   I had spoken about 4D (time), 5D and 7D ... the time delay from a place where "all is" in other words where "potential events are" to a place where we walk in our present and write it ... everyday ... and this is 3D ... linear space and time.

   Thus, we can travel in time. To our past. We can inspect the place where our future is waiting us, may be the 4D, 5D or still 7D.

   Saint Germain for example ... can be in several places in Our past ... at the same time. He can visit the century, XVII, XVIII, be in Arabia and be in several other places.

    Imagine the time like a spiral ... Imagine that in our Light in our crown ... arrives to the center of the Galaxy.

    Friends, I understand that these concepts are "complex" ... may be very complex ... but relax ... We have time ... to explain them better.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Professor Einstein introduce us 4D, the dimension of time and the concept of proper time. But there are no Twin paradox. If the twin travel to the center of the Galaxy ... he (or she) ... will back in time for lunch with him (or her) Twin. Thanks!

PPS. I will offer a method ... used by the Elohim and explained by Elohim Lord Mer ... in the coming book, "The Secret of the Andes".

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