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Monday, 18 January 2010 08:19

 Our Galaxy ... The Milky Way Galaxy ...

Hi Again,

    This is the second lessons about Physics and Astronomy today. This time we will speak about why the Galaxy rotates in a some wonderful and fascinating way, holding all the stars, suns and solar systems  together.

    Can we go to our Galaxy ... and look it to move it so slowly? Can we go there starting from our mind? What is the speed of our thought? ... 


 Lecture 1  Physics with an Attitude

Some words from the Kryon's speech:

  • ... Can you get to the place where there is no transition between your speaking and the Higher Self speaking. 
  • I want to take you a place in your mind. It's real!
  • Every single star sings a song.
  • Silence for you, is a symphony for me.
  • I AM Quantum.
  • The two figures on the page are scientist also (this regards the two cartoons, a 2D cartoons Henry and Mary stick figures written on a paper called ) have two laws for Physics.
    It is all they needed and work just like fine. You have four, because you are in another dimension (we are in 3D. Right?) And they work just fine.
    How many laws of Physics (mechanics) are there really if you are in 2D, 2 or 4?
    The answer should be obvious is really 4, it is there.
    Let me ask you this, a 3D creature that you are, if I told there were six.How many really are for you?
  • ... You have four laws now: Newtonian if your wish, Euclidean if you wish, Einsteinian if you wish.
  • The twins are in the middle of every Galaxy.
  • You assume that the Gravity in a Black Hole ...
  • What happens in the center of your Galaxy, is beautiful.


The Four laws are: Newtonian Mechanics, Einstenian Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and the Laws of Thermodynamics, in a classical fashion, or in a Digital fascion, we have: The Four Laws (check: DP )

I           Information is Conserved.
II          The fundamental process of Nature must be a Computation Universal process.
III        The state of any physical system must have a Digital representation.
IV        The only kind of change is that caused by a Digital Informational Process.


 Gaithersburg, Maryland Saturday, November 7th 2009.

So, for a Multi-dimensional being we are like 3D-cartoons ... alive.This is my comment and don't want to be offensive. But these teachings are really "High Teaching", "High Physics".

It confirms that there are NO a Black Hole in the Center of the Galaxy.


 Lecture 2  Getting Trough the 3D Bias

Some words from the speech:

  • Looking the instruction from the Spirit, differently.
  • Look why you exist.
  • Becoming quantum is something that have no steps.
  • You are singular, not many. One name, not many.
  • There are many realities. 3D is just one!
  • There must be one Truth, you said. Oh, really!?
  • There are many ones, many singularities.
    Nothing you have studied in the Physics that are you so proud of it,
     works in the Quantum state. Nothing!
    The quantum state has its own rules, and they are variable. And this is where is gets so confusing.
  • The Universe was created in less than a second, at a speed higher than the speed of Light.
  • Quantum in the Core you are.
  • What the Light is?
  • Who is the Creator? Where is the Creator? Why I AM so alone?
  • How you start to become Quantum? Kryon, I want it.
  • Your Consciousness can moves mountains. Your Consciousness creates the Shift.
  • Your Consciousness is powerful.
  • Consciousness meet cells. cells meets Consciousness. Please have fun.
  • Spirit does not see your time, like you do.
  • There are a linear BIAS inside of your Metaphysics.
  • Each number has a singular kind of energy.
  • Are you ready to activate your DNA to a Quantum state?
Toronto, Canada Saturday, November 21th 2009.

What is a BIAS? Bias is a term used to describe a tendency or preference towards a particular perspective, ideology or result, when the tendency interferes with the ability to be impartial, unprejudiced, or objective.[1]. In other words, bias is generally seen as a 'one-sided' perspective.

Kryon explains that there are a BIAS in Metaphysics, as well in Physics. Enjoy!

 Lecture 3 Getting Trough the 3D Bias - Part II

Some words from the speech:

  • Explain the Unexplainable
  • Your reality only looks forward
  • The train of reality is moving faster now.
  • You look on the mirror and see one.
  • Singular you feel you are.
  • This message is for metaphysics. This message is for Lightworkers.
  • Do you humanity discover the "one", and after some years discover the "two"?
  • Music and Art are always Quantum
  • How's the rock knows who you are?
  • ... She is the mother of all stones. And the planet has memory!
  • What is your astrological sign? ... including all your lifetimes
  • Becoming Quantum is just Thinking differently is touch the face of the Creator
     in your cellular structures.
  • Try to give a small smile a little (when you look on the mirror).
  • Try to congratulate with yourself to be here.
  • Try see the enormous group that you represent in the Universe.


Laguna Hills, California Sunday, November 29th 2009.

Of course I will do better than this.

Thanks for now,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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