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Monday, 27 June 2016 07:55


Greetings ... in the Moon-day, the day of the Moon.

      As explained in the Introduction ... "Modern Science" have an incomplete understanding about "Time".

      First ... Time is Consciousness ... this means It can strike Back (return) ... not related to Past-Present-Future ... is like in a War ... the Cavalry return to battle after leave, like a Strategic idea in Battle.

       Now ... we have the idea that ... Time is Linear ... but this is a Mental Mistake. Time is around us ... and we have many "Potentials" like ... possible "Line Times" ... like Mental High ways we can take ... or not take ... they are "Possibilities".

    Professor Einstein was right when he spoke about "Proper Time" (Our Personal Time) ... but also a City have a Proper Time ... also a Country ... also the Planet which in numbers is 4.500.000.000 years old ... Have a Proper Time and (Destiny) ... with many up-and-downs.

    Now ... these "returns of Time" ... are really Strong and effective (and we cannot avoid ... and is Mathematics). It like a Boomerang ... In Spanish (is "Golpe") in English we can say "Strike" or simply "slap".

     Examples are on the News ...

  • UK prefer to be divided from EU? ... Is a Slap about All Wars ... They say ... "No more Wars, Please".
  • Spain go to vote? ... Is a Slap of the People about "Franco Dictatorship and all those who follows him ..." ... Spain say "No More, Franco".
  • Many Women in Italy become Mayor in many Cities? ... Italian Women say ... "No more only Men in Power, also Women".
  • The Victory of today, President Obama like a President? ... "No only White people like President ... also "African American"  is a Return of Time of all Waves of Time of Discrimination against Black People ... both Male and Female.
  • The "Wonderful" risk ... Madam Hilary Clinton become the First Female President of United States ... after she was the First Lady and ex-president Bill Clinton the first (Man?) ... Sorry is extremely funny ... Is (now serious) because all the low Polarity in Tones may be Humiliation she got years ago ... for ex-marital business. (Not our problem).


Time ... always return like a Curve ... This is extremely ... generally unpleasant ... but not necessarily ... for "resolution".

Everything and every moment correspond to an intent of "resolution" of Past Times ... Past Lives ... Past Moments ... etc.

... Do you imagine ... Don Giovanni returns to live ... How many disagreements ... he can live ... or suffer? ... Impressive. (Don't let me think about ... Please)

Still a Woman who ... was one of his Wives? ... many times. Just to say ... The Favorite repetitive Wive in many Lives between many Lives ... very interesting.

I, Giovanni (you will excuse ... I cannot prove) ... knows my Mother was My Mother ... many times ... at least six times, may be more.

Family members are like Unit ... still they were Brothers ... Mother-Son ... Husband-Wive ... etc ... May be your Brother was Your Son ... still Your Father ... and all this "one day" can be proved.

Now ... Because Time returns for resolution ... until is resolved ... then proceed ... together or divided ...

All The Time Lines of a Planet ... have the same necessity of resolution.

 Therefore ... This explains ...  

what is going on ... 'To be or not Be' ... "but we are ... but not too much ...  Doubt thou the stars are fire; but evidently ... Doubt a Briton is an European, and viceversa ...

Now ... Let us talk about KARMA ...

Karma is indeed the engine of Planetary fulfillment for Earth.

Some other words may be:

Currently, when you incarnate into the Earth plane each time, there is a brief rest where you meet and communicate with the whole, and plan for your next expression or lesson. Your plan is often determined directly by what happened during the last expression. You have called this karma. You form a contract, or plan on what will be learned and experienced as you begin the next expression. Quite often you incarnate only for a brief time, dying while a child, or being terminated early through illness or accident. This may seem cruel to you, or an illogical thing for you to agree to do, but it is appropriate and it is correct for the whole. The timing of when you again incarnate is determined by the lesson group around you, some still on Earth, and some not. Sometimes your incarnation is almost entirely for the expression of another, and is quick.

This would seem to indicate that there is some type of predestination at work. There is not. Believe it! This is much misunderstood. 

All incarnations are as clean slates with a purpose overlay (karma) and various "doors" of action offered during the cycle (contract plan). The karma may or may not be satisfied. If it is not, then there will be another opportunity through another expression (incarnation). An individual may or may not open any of the doors of action offered by the contract; it is up to the individual, and where her or his growth is at the time. All of this interrelates to the other entities around your expression. As a planetary group you have gone through many of the correct doors. You have done this collectively on your side of the veil, and it has resulted in an elevation of the whole. Again, you are to be congratulated. I can attest that this is not always the case in the universe. You had several opportunities to fail, and came through it well.


Elohim Mer ... spoke time ago and say "You have a Destiny". Recently Master Koot Hoomi say ... that ...

Coalescing around the spinal column are little portions of magnetic energy which I choose to call pieces of human destiny. As a man thinks, so is he. (Prov 23:7) As a man feels, so is he. As a man is, so goes his relationship with God, with purpose, and with the whole domain of life.

Now ... if the Destiny is ... to visit Rome for two days ... and you Suicide ... Would you go to Rome? ... Evidently No. If someone kill you? ... Evidently Neither.

From the Dark Proposal whom comes from Daemon ... "If they are Strong than you, You lose your Battle. If your Will is Stronger ... You are Fine".

Now ... How (then) was possible that Mother Mary ... saw her Future ... 100,000 years in the Future (which was to Live in Israel with Lord Jesus) ... in her first visit?  (Read Amorah Quan Yin, The Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution).

Also Mother Mary ... was the Mother of Lord Jesus ... many times ... also when he was King David (of Israel) ... in Egypt like Isis ... and she also had 'other' Son ... in Atlantis (I comment in this Website).

Now ... If Archangel Gabriel say a Word ... How we can prove such Word is correct? ... Only Living. Now, if he saw (The Future) ... so will be.

Disbelievers love to play against these "predictions".


In fact ... A Rich Man ... invite Nostradamus to his House ... The Man say to Nostradamus ... "I have two Pigs. One White Pig and One Black Pig. What Pig we will eat tonight". Nostradamus say ... The Black Pig ... Then dissimulating his smile ... "He call his servant and say ... Kill The White Pig and serve to us. In the Middle of the Dinner ... The Rich man (They are always the Rich, evidently) ... smiling say ... "You say was the Black ... but we are eating the White Pig" ... At this point ... the Servant say ... "Sorry, Sir ... You wrong. We are eating the Black Pig. The Servant explains ... The White Pig ... roll down a Hill and was very bad to be cook. So, I choose the other Pig".

Therefore ... Please do not worry about what is the Color of the Pig ... do not Worry about the Color of the Flag ... but keep your attention on ... "The Consciousness You want to conquer".



Another concept is "The Speed of Time" ... calculated accord the "Sub-Time" ... In fact ... Time has a Speed (incoherent with Modern Physics) ... and this Speed is Growing.

Too much of "Your Time" today.

Like say the Bible ...

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

-- Hebrews 13:8.

Thanks for your "Time".
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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