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Thursday, 21 May 2015 00:00


Greetings in the Jupiter day, the Thor-day, the Royal Blue day of Archangel Gabriel and Michael ... both Blue with different tones.

       Yes ... there are many things we can say ...

       Some weeks ago ... when actors were 37 ... I, Giovanni count the number of pages of the Huge Bibliography ... which of course remain incomplete because each day, new books are added and actually we have 41 actors ... and first Edition was not released ... Second Edition is in perspective ... and the total number of pages is about 19,999 for 111 books.

       Please be sure 100% that Einstein Theory is wrong ... but like a Good Detective or Texas Ranger ... we need to find the Guilty ... so ... is not important to say ... 'Is Wrong' ... is important to propose a new Solution for the Cosmos ... like I am doing and I did yesterday.

    100 years ago ... we have Hitler ... good or bad is not problem. This time we have Lord Jesus ... I prefer Lord Jesus ... I apologize for my Irony, which the Lords like Saint Germain, Beloved Jesus and the Archangels will approve.

     Now ... there are many things we can say ...

     I will say Three things:

  1. Matter and Anti-Matter.
  2. The Harmonic Bach-Keplerian Universe.
  3. The Dimensions have Feeling.


    Like, I Giovanni understand people (The Scientific Community) likes I speak about these concepts ... I must comment that I need also other things ... like speak about Shakespeare and English, publish books about Alchemy, about Medicine ... and the Brain ... etc ... Of Course about a New Mathematics ... and Musical Chemistry.

     A Key concept with Geometry and Music is that ... Geometry is Number in Space ... and Music is Number in Time.

     High School students ... of Mathematics or Physics or Chemistry ... need to study Music ... how to Play and how to Compose Music ... is ABC of Science.

     Now ... let us begin ...

     1. Matter and Anti-Matter.

          I can comment that Matter is not as you suppose ... and when we say Matter ... we Mind: Physics. But Biology, the cell ... and Its Cytology ... Medicine and Its Organs, Chemistry and Its Molecules ... all is Matter.

           Now there are a component ... Science is Missing and can help significantly to the Arena of Unite East with West  ...

           In fact ... Dear Friends ... there are No Two Gardens ... or 133 Nations representing Bliss ... There are One Mind, and One Planet ...

There are ONE TRUTH.

           I love to explain you the Why ... Why happens things ... Why we leave the Garden? ... In the Garden there were no Lazy people lying and sleeping ... Anyone is active.

           The reason we lost the Garden was because a War ... and the Fall of Men ... from a book of Metaphysics ... dictated by the Great Divine Director ...

The first 'fall', then, was one of ethics and morals; for it was in man's concept that through mastery of nature he would be able to circumvent God, thus giving him power over God-substance, that the original fall came about. Did not the serpent boast, "Ye shall be as gods"? (Gen 3:5) When the ethic of man falls, when ideals and patterns of humility typified in the words "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge"' (Prov 1:7) are denied preeminence in consciousness, it is ever so easy for individuals to feel that they are a law unto themselves.

      I propose my book,

    One of the few ... that comment about the War between Lemuria and Atlantis ... than cause the Fall of one and then the other continent ... to get the reset of the Noah Flood.

    What I said about Anti-matter ? ... Nothing yet.

     From the Frank Close Book ... 'Antimatter' ... we read,

A ‘kiloton of TNT’ corresponds to 4 million million (4.2 × 1012) joules (4 ‘TeraJoules’). A joule is a measure of energy, proportional to mass and to the square of speed; one joule is the kinetic energy of one kilogram moving at a speed of one metre per second.

A gram is one thousandth of a kilogram: 10−3 kg. The speed of light is 300,000 km/s or 3 × 108 metres/s. Now E = mc2 so for 1 gram we get E = 10−3 × 9 × 1016 kgm2/s 2 giving a total of 9 × 1013 joules or 90 ‘TeraJoules’. As 4.2 TeraJoules corresponds to a kiloton of TNT, then 90 Terajoules corresponds to 21.4 kiloton. That is the energy trapped within a gram of antimatter. This same amount is also trapped within a gram of matter, so we need only make half a gram of antimatter in order to be equally destructive as the Hiroshima bomb. This assumes however that you could liberate all of the energy at once.

    Now Anti-Matter and Matter ... or more exactly ... A Particle and an Anti-Particle joins to produce Light. The Anti-particle is like the Female or Negative Charge that encapsulate the Male or Positive ... to produce Light.

      Light ... is not only on the Sun and the Stars. There are also Photons in the Cells ... and the Extas in the electron (about 1 Million per electron) can engine the so-called 'Enlightenment' in Man.

      A Buddha, a Jesus Christ, a Saint Germain, a Saint Francis of Assisi, or of Paola ... have full control of Its Light by His Mind ... Of course there were also Female Saints and Perfect Beings like Mother Mary or Quan Yin.

      Therefore ... Antimatter and its control ... can solve Energy problems in Definitive Mode.

      Paul Dirac was and is the Key Figure ... for its results and efforts.


    Second Point is the: The Harmonic Bach-Keplerian Universe.

    May be you know ... I am working on a Book titled,

     I recently discover that Both: Francis Bacon writing Shakespeare and Johann Sebastian Bach composing its Music, both adopt the same: Number-Alphabet ... a kind of Hebrew Gematria, A=1, B=2, ... but Z=24 ... which he use to compose its Well Temperated Clavier, called 'The 48' where he use the Phi or Golden Ratio.

      Now ... while you may do not know ... Bach can be called Mathematician while he was recognize like a Great Composer and Johannes Kepler like a good Musician while he was Astronomer, Astrologer and Mathematician.

      Both know the other disciple and both discipline.

      Kepler has been honored by all ... but not for the Rational Musical Universe he design and perfect ... No one use, no one accept ... no one use.

      Kepler in his Harmonice Mundi, or The Harmony of the World ... composed by many books explains perfectly in Modern terms (1600) ... how Plato did in its Timaeus and the Platonic Solids.

       Now ... Just to be more precise ...

       Today we have many Theories ... regarding Graphs ... and Lattice ... but the key point of the Sacred Geometry proposed by Egyptians is missing.

        Few ... may be three people in the Planet ... have a good understanding of the Math behind the Giza Pyramid.

        ... Music is Missing ...

        Modern scientists speak about Fractals ... and its simple Formula ... but they design a Chaotic Universe ... The Lord is missing ... What Universe can be? ...

        ... an Einstenian slow Universe with a single Big Bang ... and no more effort to find one previous and many news ... Very Inharmonic ... will say Bach.

    3. Dimensions have feeling.

       While Modern Scientist ... because touch Matter and live in 3D ... consider the Universe is 3D ... or just Matter.

       Now ... We have by example 6D ... the Dimension of Sacred Geometry were both ... the Dark Side ... border the Light to propose the form ... which will arrive with the Love of 5D ... under the Highway of Time ... in 4D ... to us ... finally in 3D.

       In fact, an Historical building like the Athenian Parthenon ... is still up ...

           and is up ... representing Greece ...

         Is important to learn the feeling of Dimensions and Travel in Time ... There are people that can help if you begin your Journey ...

         Walter Russell ... almost catch the dimensions ...

         He spoke about Dimensions of Color, of Sound ... of Love ... in its book ... 

    but while its effort remains perfect ... and still unknown ... and he explains many facts Science are not admitting like more elements than the simple Squared Periodic Table.

    ... For example ... Where the Sun ... comes from? ... and the Planets? ... All the planets arrive like they are now? ... No. Earth was the last ... still the number 13 ...

    These words has been written to inspire Hope ... for the New Time.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.


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