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Saturday, 21 March 2015 14:36

Lord Jesus paint by Akiane Kramarik


Greetings in the day of the Salt ... the Sabbath ...

    Now there are a movie ('In Time') ... which offer some interesting concepts about Time ... claiming that 'Time can be considered Currency' and the days you have to live until death can change (correct ... extended and reduced).

     That 'Time' is your longevity ... which regards Medicine and Lord Jesus heal people.

    ... In the Movie ... you can use days, months or years ... to purchase from a coffee until rent a Suite in a Good Hotel, or purchase a car ... etc.

    Now ... the day you finish 'your Time' ... You die ... and there are no doctors or medicine that can save you ... Of Course this latest part is Absurd. Lord Jesus resurrect people.

    Now ... I have commented recently that ... we include channelings from Lord Jesus in Our Books ... and Of Course he also spoke about High Physics (I am speaking about recent ... material dictated in recent years ... not material published in printed books ...)

   Archangel Gabriel ... say ...

'There are No Wisdom, Only someone beyond in the Path'.
   -- Archangel Gabriel.

   Now, because modestly I consider myself beyond the Writers of the Script of this movie ... while there are aspects connected with Time which are correct, like 'Personal Time' from Einstein Theory ... as well others like Cities or Places (Spaces) ordered according to Time-Wealth ... again correct ... So, is the Universe and this planet ... I am addressing my comments.

     Basically I propose to myself ... How are related ... Time with Longevity.

     I have spoken about Time and Wealth ... I have spoken about Time and Mayan Calendar (See: How are related Einstein Theory, the Mayan Calendar and Wealth? ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando)

    Time is connected with Wealth ... in a way no Bankers, or Financial Institutions suspect, Of course not either Scientist.

    Time ... or Time Lines are generated by the Brain. Now, these Time Lines ... are Multidimensional ... they begin with 4D ... Fourth Dimension but go beyond.

    ... This concept inspire me to prove that 'The Speed of Thought' is extremely High compared with the Speed of Time.

    The Speed of Thought is about 10,000 x c. Where c is the speed of Light.


    How is connected the Speed of Time with Longevity?.

    Please attention ... I do not say ... Time, but Speed of Time. This is a new concept. (Is you speak about Speed ... This is the rate of change of Space in Time. I say, the rate of change of Time ...)

     The Holy Bible say ...

3And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

     -- Genesis 6:3.

    In fact, Man (Man or Woman) are a construction of Matter and Spirit. (The citation about Spirit may invite some scientists about how is the Universe ... not Material)

    Now ... Man has been constructed with its Brain, Heart, Lungs, Circulatory and Nervous Apparatus to live 120 years.

    Most of these days (Catch the image in the Movie ...)

     Now ... This image show: 116 years, 39 months, 3 days and 23:20:11 hours:min:sec.

     At the moment of birth ... everyone has 120 years ... according to the Holy Bible.

     Lord Jesus say in a recent speech ...

         'Your days are counted, always. Never are uncounted ...
         My days are uncounted.
         Live like me ... uncountable ...
         and live the design of the unaccountability, to live Perfect.
         To have the Union with the Hyper-Eternal ...
          to live with the Reasoning of God
          and the Will of all Space'
            -- Jesus.

    Please note the phrase ... Will of Spaces ...


    From some days ... honestly many years ... in the design of my FTHumanEvolutionCourse ... I begin to ponder what is more important (like many philosophers of the Past) ... The Word ... or the Number.

      Pythagoras say ...

All things are fitting ordered according to the Nature of Numbers.
Numbers is the Eternal Essence;
God is number, number is God.
-- Pythagoras.

     The Holy bible say ...

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
-- John 1:1.

   Therefore God is both ... Word and Number.

    There are much more ... Word is Will ... this is what lie behind the concept ... while Number is not Will ... is Form and Essence.

    Lord Jesus have no Spaces to fill ... but have a Time with many times ... People litigate for Space ... Space to fill ... People beyond in the Path do not need Spaces, they live only Time.

     Our Time or Longevity can be increased beyond limits in the measure we are close to God (Spiritual, Priest like concept). Is the Time that creates the Space, personal or Planetary ... and Spaces have Will.

     The Will to built a House, the Built to repair a Car ... control the Will of Spaces ... means be in Balance with anything ... Wealth is a immediate result.



Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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