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Sunday, 15 March 2015 17:20


Greetings in the Sun-day of the Lord ... because there are a God ... and is Holy, Sacred, Perfect ... Beyond Time and Space.

    Now ... I like to introduce in each article the day and its quality ... because my FT Lunar Calendar ... and my efforts to live each day with Its Color and Its Quality.

    The characteristic of today is ... Yellow ... and is the day of the Lord.


    Now, some people will say ... Who is this Giovanni A. Orlando ... that have no Cyclotron, no access to Hubble Telescope (Well, I have a modest Telescope ...Smile) to speak about so much Physics? ... What is the Source of his Information? ...

    Well ... first of all ... I have two degree ... both are in Math ... from both sides of Atlantean/Atlantic Ocean ... Of Course, this do not let me ... special. Many have such studies.

    So what? ... Well, I can say ... I AM an Old Soul.

    What means? ...

    Before to speak about me ... I prefer to speak about events and reactions.


    If you read ... the Plato speeches, or the Buddhist Texts, or the Hindu Texts like the Bhagavad Gita, you always will see a dialog between two ... Master and Pupil ... Why? ...

     I have matured this concept .. because this offer a measure of the distance ... between 'How must be' (Above) and 'How is' (Below).

     Now ... I say we will speak about Events ...

     Let me tell you that No one book ... you will read ... will include the 'New Science' ... because is New.

     The Events ... are many and regards ... 'Special Information' ... that then become ... 'Your Information' and this Special Information comes ... from many directions ...

     In the times of the Old ... the times of the Hebrew Prophets ... and we can speak about 39,000 years back ... Many arrive in the World ... We can read records about Lao Tzu, Confucius, Krisna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad ... and his Pupils ... Sometimes ... they were alone ... like John the Baptist.

    Now ... what have special these persons? ... Well, is easy ... They were like an Advanced Radio-Person ... They ... like Inspired Musicians ... or Inspired Painters ... or Sculptors ... or Writers ... produce Art and spoke.

    Honestly this is a Gift ... everyone has ... at certain Level.

    Between these many ... and is a question of ... 'Like the God Music' ... there are one ... Entity (or Angel) called Kryon (of the Magnetic Service) that spoke about Pi Rational, Black Holes and White Holes. High Physics ...

      I prefer Phi (φ) ... instead of Pi (π) ... but do not say a Word ...

      Have you ever wondered the origin of Μu letter in Greek Alphabet ? ...

    Some will say ... Well, there are many people ... may be Millions that listen Kryon teachings ... Including Scientists ... What makes you Special? ...

     ... An Old Soul is someone who ... know the Story ... What Story? ... The Story. Smile


    Unfortunately ... Some have considered the Universe ... Material.

    This means ... have dimensions ... or Rooms ... and Filed with Space.

    I, say ... Unfortunately because ... this is wrong. The Universe is a Time ... filled with Times.

    There are no (places? ... is space) in the Universe, without Time. It is Time that create Space.

    (We can say that a Time is Place where is located a Consciousness ... This give temporary Credit to the concept of Dimension ... 4D, Fourth Dimension ... the Highway of Time ... 5D ... Unconditional Love ... 6D ... Sacred Geometry ... 7D Highway of Light ... )

    There are ... Infinite Nirvanas ... or Dimensions.

     According to Buddhism or Eastern Philosophies ... The Soul moves back and forward ... getting Space (a Body) and Time (His Lifetime).

     Kryon have said that each time this happens the Soul feel some pain ... I say this is because 3D is like a Wall of Consciousness, where the Soul must enter ... and enters.

     Also at the moment where enter ... there is possible that exist Other Parts of the same Soul ...

     Therefore may be ... The Part ... which play the Part of Elvis Presley ... on Earth ... singing wonderful songs ... do not feel the presence of another Part of the same Soul ... when arrive in another place of the Planet ... and this happens ... all the Times.

“There are hundred and thousand of the same soul at both sides of the veil”

                                                            -- Kryon.

   This give a new look to Sciences and Religions.


     The previous concepts ... are a Basis for an Introduction.

      Now ... If you accept The existence of Kryon ... You will doubt about Einstein Theory and ponder the Question ... 'Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?'



     Now ... There are simple concepts like Baby Birth and Death ... Ascension and Reincarnation which are simple transfers of the Soul from High Times ... to 3D, The Dimension of Linear Time and Linear Space ... and Return.

     I will propose a question with No Answer: Where is Kryon? ... Where It comes from? ...

     I do not tell you still ... What is an Old Soul ... The Old Souls ... and there are Millions ... are the Souls who first arrive in this Galaxy ... They are Old ... because they have Lived ... many times in many places ... Of Course they arrive from other Galaxy ... I prefer do not push too much on Sunday Night ... Smile ... but only to motive ... Highest Elegant Solutions, like a Mathematician do.

     Now ... I instead will tell you that there are Places with the Fashion of the 5D ... and 4D ... here inside Earth.

     They simply are there and vibrate at a speed not perceptible for Our Eyes ... They see us ... and they are able to low the speed of their frequency ... and high their frequency again.

     Lord Jesus resurrection ... Opps ... was the Re-Synchronization. From some perspective he permit Its Matter go away and Let Its Ka Energy return ... and slowly in more than three days ... three days to let it become visible ... he materialize and lower Its Body again.

     I just give an idea about Materialization or ... Tele-trasport (Ala Star-Trek) ... from Ideas ... from 4D (the Mind) ... to the Hands (3D).

     ... Not bad ... for a Sun-day ...

    Now ... let me explain ... the concepts about White ... and Black Hole ... and there are some Scientists and Scholars ... not full know, that also mature these concepts ... in Perfect Truth ... He is Itzhak Bentov.


     Now ... Kryon say ... (of course we need to prove what Kryon say ...)

There’s a difference between the galaxy and the solar system - a big difference. Newton, listen up. At the middle of a solar system is ordinary mass. No matter how big or how small the sun is in any solar system, it represents ordinary, consistent mass. When you get into the giant systems such as galaxies, that’s where the magic is, and that’s where the discoveries are. Years ago, we told you what was in the middle of each galaxy that would cause the rotation, even before it was notated in science. We said there is something in the middle that is interdimensional - a black hole. Some years ago, we then gave you the rest of the story; we said there are twins in the middle of each galaxy. There are two quantum attributes. One that you call a black hole, and one you cannot see that is its twin. They are a push/pull system of interdimensional energy. They represent the missing piece of the named forces of the Universe and the energy that surges back and forth.

Now, stay with me [mainly said for Lee]. I’m going to give you some pictures in your mind for this. Let me tell you what happens when you have this kind of interdimensional energy in the center of anything. Newton’s law no longer applies, since the center is not ordinary mass. This interdimensional energy has a cohesion to it. It creates a flat, rotating galaxy because of this cohesion. There’s a whole set of laws that must be developed for a strong and a weak interdimensional force. These are the last two, and now you have the six. You have gravity, you have electromagnetics, you have strong and weak nuclear, and now you have number five and number six, which are strong and weak interdimensional force.

New Information about the center of the galaxies

Every galaxy has a push/pull system at its center. This is a twin energy system, but you only are aware of one. You’re convinced it’s invisible, and it’s a black hole. No light escapes, but you think it’s singular - one thing. How 3D of you! [Laughter] It is not one thing. Instead, it’s a beautiful, double eye of a needle. Now listen. When you start mapping the Universe and you see how the galaxies are really laid out, you already know they’re not random. Isn’t that interesting? Wasn’t what you called The Big Bang supposed to be something that randomly distributed everything from almost nothing? So why is there a pattern? This is the beautiful part, dear Human Being. There is a pattern in the seeming chaos of the interdimensional event that the Big Bang was. As we have told you before, your Big Bang was really a big, interdimensional collision with another interdimensional force. Interdimensionality seems to be chaos with a hidden pattern.

Picture with me for a moment a giant needle and thread, two of them. One goes into the black hole and one comes out of it. These threads are interdimensional strings of force that connect themselves to the other galaxies, weaving in and out of their centers, which are all double-eyed black holes. A push and a pull - an interdimensional force of which you are not aware of yet, threading the galaxies one to another and to another. Now, picture in your mind that quilt work having a symmetry and a purpose. If you could look down the middle of it, into the middle of the Universe from a certain angle, you would even have the symmetry of a mandala. The galaxies are shaped beautifully together in an elegant dance. The symmetry makes sense, and it’s base-12. We challenge you to find this. And those seeming threads that go in and out of those galaxies’ centers with this new force I have just described are a lattice. It’s a lattice with symmetry and purpose...  the cosmic lattice [as originally defined by Kryon many years ago]. It has beauty. And it’s the missing energy of the Universe, as seen by those who are looking for it. The dark matter that everyone looks for is not in the empty spaces between things. It’s in the strings of the interdimensional force between galaxies, purposely put there. Oh, it’s a wonderful system. You want the dark matter to make 3D sense, but it can’t. It deals with the two interdimensional forces of the Universe that are quantum, and therefore out of time and out of the preview of your 3D formulas.

The next big discovery...  quantum sight

OK, there is one more. I want to give you this hint. Again, this information is in the ethers. That is to say that it is available for discovery and imminent. Humans must discover these things on their own, but we give hints. When the discoveries happen, you’ll know you heard it here first. [Kryon smile]

This is technical. Don’t worry, my partner. I’ll give you the picture. For years, astronomers have been putting special lenses on telescopes in order to give them different kinds of views of the Universe beyond normal light. The collection of ordinary light is passé for real astronomy. They now wish to collect radiation. They wish to have the spectrometry so that they can have an analysis of what things are made of. They like to measure the coming and the going of the speed of objects so they will have red shift or blue shift to know if objects are advancing or retreating from the observer. For years, they have been putting special lenses on their telescopes so they can analyze what common light cannot show them. Most of you are not even aware that many of the telescopes of the planet don’t even let you look through them anymore! It’s all about computer-controlled collection of what is hidden in the light, or what is available through other measuring methods. They know how hot things are, what they are made of, where they are going and their trajectory anomalies.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone on Earth came up with an interdimensional astronomical lens? And if they did, what would they see? They would see exactly what I’ve described. First, they would be able to see the twin black holes that appear to be one. An interdimensional lens is looking at gravity and time, and the warping of them into patterns.

If you were looking at the Universe with this lens, you’d see how the twins relate to each other, the pulse of them, and you’d see the strands connecting the galaxies very clearly. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? It would explain the missing energy, wouldn’t it? It would give the scientists the reason to increase the four forces to six! And...  it’s doable.

Now I’m going to tell you what it looks like...  almost. (Kryon smile) Number one hint: You cannot put it on the lens. It must go as close as it can to the receiving device. In the case of an optical telescope, that is the mirror. In the case of a digital telescope, that is its digital eyeball. That is to say that this lens cannot go anywhere but the focal plane. That will be meaningful to those who build telescopes. It must go there where the focus is collected. Hint two: This lens is not physical. This lens is plasma. The plasma is held together by incredibly strong magnetics. Oh, and it’s very cold. And those are the hints.

And when you develop it and when you turn it on and work out the adjustments to the magnetics that allow the plasma coherence, you will have the next step in astronomy - a revolution and a revelation. Physics will change; your reality will change; and I will tell you why. This is the last point I make in science before I close. I’ll tell you why. When you look at interdimensional things, one of the unexpected things you’re going to see is life! Life sticks out, because of life-force. You can look into a galaxy and the stars that glow [using the filter] will have life around them! How about that one? And everybody can get scared. [Laughter] It’s inevitable, you know? That is our science channel.

   Therefore ... We will see the Dimensions ... and what today is Invisible ...

   Please do not worry about ...

   ... Next time ... I will spoke a little ... about ... 'The Big Bang was not the Only Bang ... This happens all the Time ...'


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. In the times of Lemuria ... one of the first Seven Continents ... the Lemurians neither have access to Telescope, nor Computers ... but they have a complete Look about the Galaxy ... Well, The Maya are more Modern ... and give us ... the Mayan Calendar ... Humm ...

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