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Greetings in the Mars-day ... the day of the Love of God ...

    And 'Homer' say ...

'Heaven and earth were divided into three parts,

and each of us was to have an equal share.'

                                                                                      -- Homer, Iliad 15, 189.

   Now we can consider ... Society divided intro Three Categories.

  1. Those who consider that Business must be a type of Enslavement ... and that the 'client' must pay 'a rent', may be Mental or financial. We can count Oil Companies, Energy Companies, Governments and others ... still Techno companies as well Web companies ... I prefer of course not have names. In some cases they are dangerous because toxic, they can destroy others. These 'people' consider is NOT possible to run a Business ... or to propose Freedom.
  2. The Second type of Persons ... instead consider that Business can be Beneficial and that High Profits can be produced, offering Freedom to others. John Keely was one of these persons ... Also we at Future Technologies belong to this Category.
  3. The Third Type are those who have no idea ... about their enslavement and believe that they must Pay ... some 'Tribute' to the People of Type 1. If some people from Type 2 arrives ... in Old Times ... People of Type 1 ... do anything possible to obstacle these Type-2 people forcing them to 'Hard days'. Type 3 people consider the New ... a possible form of enslavement or a New Rent ... and also them attack the 'Type-2 Entrepreneurs' ... with double attack to establish benefits ... for the Entire World.

   If you say ... or comment ... 'Do you know some day will be possible to drive a Car powered by Water' ... Some employ of the Type-1 company will say ... 'How we will do?' ... 'They will provoke our bankrupt' ... What they do not see ... is that he or she is a double slave ... Slave of the Salary ... and Slave or dependent of Oil ... Oil for Cars, Oil for Airplanes ... Oil for Everything.

     Can Water ... power a Car? ... The answer is 'Yes!' ... If you ask How? ... I will necessarily ask Money as well a very Quiet Place for many months ... far from the World disturbance.

     If you believe in John Keely research ... that split and vaporize Water ... producing High Pressure from an Aether Vapour ... You will believe also in the Water-Powered Car.

    There are many people who has worked on this research. I will comment one ... and he is Daniel Dingel from Philippines Islands.


  Before you begin to ponder some comment ... I want to recall another person who transform Water in Benzine ... Guido Franch ... (Do you remember Lord Jesus when at Cana Weeding transform Water into Wine? ... Well, now you have more examples ...)

   These are two persons like Keely ... declared Fraud ... in most cases go to Jail ... because Type-1 people so prefer and consider dangerous for their 'Business'.

    Honestly in the years to come the World is ascending to High Dimensions ... and the Power of Type-1 people is falling because in High Planes of Consciousness some 'tricks' or 'lies' ... not of Franch or Dingel ... but those who oppose to them have no Space ... Have no Time ... Have no Voice ... Have no Power and the Truth will be revealed ... because keep People in Ignorance is a form of 'Bad Business' ... simply because these people suppose that there are No other form of Business ... These Type-1 people consider The World is poor ... Brothers need to fight for food and water ... and Money.

    Type-2 people instead believe in the Abundant Garden for everyone ... where everyone can have what wants, deserve and Abundantly.

10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:

I am come that they might have life,

and that they might have it more abundantly.

  -- John 10:10

   This is the difference.

    In past ages ... before the Flood 13,000 years ago ... in Times of Brotherhood ... there were no litigation, or 'Bad Business'.

    In fact, the Fall of Lemuria, or the Land of Mu ... and Atlantis ... is the Fall of Man, and the expulsion of the Garden.

    I, Giovanni ... have committed to increase the Consciousness of the Planetary Mind ... and have Faith in the Lord and its Abundance ... because this was the reason Keely fail ...

    Therefore was the Planetary Mind that fail ... not him, not Daniel who pass away some years ago.

     It is ... up to us ... to unlock the 'Free Energy of the Garden'.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Lord Maitreya say ... 'There are not Blessings ... Blessings born as soon you Bless others'.
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