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Why Steven Weinberg is now a Secondary Actor in Our Book about Einstein Theory? ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando (Corrected now re-included) PDF Print E-mail
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Greetings in the Jupiter-day ... the day of the King ... the day of the Queen ...

    And Professor and Nobel Prize Steven Weinberg has dedicated many years of research and study to the 'Laws of Nature' ... called 'Physics'.

    ... But many are ... the 'mistakes' ... I, Giovanni ... 'Book Director' of the my Book consider both ... Professor Einstein and Professor Weinberg have committed.

   In fact, Nobel Prize Professor Weinberg does not belong to Book Cover ...


   The Honorable Truth is and always be ... The Highest Triumph of Man ... but the Truth is not always appreciated or loved in the same measure as Heaven do.

   Heaven? ... Well Heaven is the Highest Place of Truth, without any doubt.

   Professor Steven Weinberg ... a Great Scientist ... have spoken and published the following facts:

  • He publish a book called 'The First Three Minutes' ... we suppose regarding the established 'One Big Bang' ... but this is a mistake. Is a mistake to consider ONE Explosion ... because there were Greatest Explosions ... to create Greater Universes and this is ONE ... One Universe, and there were many explosions to create Many Universes ... The Lord ... is not a teenager that consider the first kiss or sexual bliss the Only and Absolute One ... ever. There are multiples ... or everything ... Multiples Suns, Multiples Planets, Multiples Galaxies ... Multiples Dimensions ... and Multiple Universes ... as well ... Of Course Multiple Kisses and Multiple Bliss. Let me point out here that ... The Universe is also 'Poly-Theist' ... while the Lord ... or Freudian Monotheist is ... not a mistake ... but not complete explained ... In Fact ... All is the Lord ... but as soon release a Life ... may be an Elohim, may be a Lord like Lord Jesus, or Saint Francis ... or an Archangel ... like the first Archon Gabriel or his Brothers Archangel Michael and Raphael ... or a Minor Archangel like Antares or Jophiel ... each time ... each one of this 'Life' have its own and personal Consciousness ... Therefore both thesis are valid ... the Monotheist ... as well the Polytheist.

  • In the book, 'Dreams of the Final Theory' ... he consider and propose War to Philosophy ... In fact, Chapter 7 is titled: Against Philosophy. It is like suppose that ... all the Sacred Philosophy of Plato, Pythagoras ... as well Lord Jesus (another Philosopher) ... can be declared Insane ... But Insanity and the Fraud is in Modern Science ... in Modern Physics ... which is (Opps) in complete Bankrupt ... because trying to encapsulate the Ocean or this Universe into static Equations ... like Static was the Cosmological Model of Einstein or the Plat and Empty Space of 'De Sitter' Model ... a Blasphemy over a Blasphemy. That is ... As well very incongruent ... with Zero Idea of the 'Final Theory' ...  which is to consider and include the Mind ... The Mind of God, the Mind of Man ... and the Multiverse and the Infiniteverse.


    Why the Universe expand? ... What are the Black Holes? ... What is Time? ... What is Electricity? ... No one have full explained these facts ... and the ideas remain like Wild Horses into a small corral  ... ready to broke the stable ... which is of course ... un-stable.

      Noble Prize Steven Weinberg remains a Great Scientist. Noble Prize Albert Einstein remain a Great Scientist ... but who tell you ... Modern Science ... solve the Problems of Man? ...

      Who tell you Capitalism ... enrich man? .. How many millionaire (people with 1 (One) Million dollar in their bank account) are in Capitalist Countries? ... 300 Million? ... 200 Million? ... 10 Million people? ... I will tell you ... the Millionaire are very few.

     The same is valid for Physics ... that do not explains Nature ...

     A latest statement ...


1 The most important key we can release to the alchemist at this stage of his development is found in these words of Jesus: 2 "Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein." (Luke 18:17)

3 All of the pristine beauties of nature 4 the ethereal highlights whose gentle glow can be sensed by the budding spiritual faculties of the children of God 5 hold as their essential content the sweet creative longing of a child. 

I do not wish to disabuse the minds of the children of men who have held such high and mighty opinions of the Masters of cosmos 7 of any false glamour with which they have clothed our office under the Godhead, almost as a gilding of the cosmic lily.

   --  Nature Yields to the Childlike Mind: 1-6. 


   Therefore ... No Scientist ... No One ... will explain you Nature ... and Good Physics ... without the key of Knowledge a Child have ...

   Nature require Gentle Man ... as Children ... at the Mature point to conquer She ... Of Course for perpetual and continuous Bliss ... Not one big Explosion.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando
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