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The Physical Atom inside any component of Matter ...


Greetings in the day of the King,  the day of the Queen ... the day of the Will of God ... the Blue Ray day.

     And to conquer the Atom ... we need to conquer the Electron and its Nucleus ... where resides Its Brain.

     Few people in the World ... know that the Electron has a Brain ... few thousand ... may be less know that Atom has consciousness and of course ... may be a dozen of people know about the Extas ...


      Honestly you cannot conquer the Atom ... you can work with it ... and let it be your friend ... because you are composed of Atoms and of Electrons and of Extas.

       Honestly the Path ... inside the Atom ... looking for Protons, Neutrons, Neutrino, Meson, Quarks ... that the Scientific Community is following ... is the Path to find ... the Monad ... the Pythagoras's Monad ... The One, or the first creator ...

    But they will find ... nothing ... and never will because this research requires a Sacredness they have no idea is required ... but of course ... I am not intentioned to offend anyone ... Anybody can drive a car ... but few can be a Formula 1 driver ...

     Now ... if we move to Economics ... again Bankers and experts in Economy will find severe problems ... using the actual and normal Mathematics ... which is Empirical and nonsense Math ... in the New Age ...

   Speaking about Mathematics ... Irrational begin to become useless and senseless ... with the appropriate understanding ... and neither key concepts like Zero or Infinity are clear.


     But like the necessary introduction of Quantum Mathematics is required  ... this lesson is about the Atom, the Exta and Physics.

      Charles Leadbeater explains in his Chakra ... that the Atom is Will of Solar Deity a certain Shape.

   In the Book of Love ... in the Divine Iliad (page 61 - Leather Edition) ... we can read ...

    11. “The bodies of man--and all things else--are but light waves of earth and sun, and suns are seed of all forms of My imagining.
     -- Walter Russell.

       Now, if we read the Communion in Book of Rest we have,


A Communion

1. I am in the Light
2. I know the Light
3. I am in the Spirit.
4. The doors of dimension have closed upon my body and shown me to be a living Light shining out of the darkness.
5. I know the Source of things beyond the extensions of things.
6. I am one with the essence of things beyond the motion of things.
7. I know my oneness with the One.
Page 9
8. God abideth in me. I know that I am He. I know God's kingdom of the Light.
9. I know my universality.
10. The consciousness of space is mine.
11. The Light of God's equilibrium is my guide. I know its balance, unextended, undivided. Out of its essence comes the Word and the Law to counsel me.
12. The language of Light is mine to know.
13. All that is, is Light.
14. Thou, my Father-Mother, hast commanded that I write down in words for man the meaning within Thy Light which is written upon my heart in waves of Thy inspired essence of meaning which I must interpret into man's words.
15. Guide Thou me, Thou Source of me, as I write words which shall be truly Thine, not mine alone, nor e'en Thine and mine.

    Then ... if we cite ... at page 89 ... of Book of Beauty ... (IV) we have ...

    12. When man knoweth the Light of Me in him naught can upset the balanced rhythms of My thinking in him which maketh the temple of his body to be beautiful and perfect.


    The Extas are in You ... and are your Body and your Life.

    May be you have activated your Exta ... may be not.

    It is ... the Speed of the Exta inside the Electrons ... that engine your Life and Sacredness.

    Someone evil ... violent ... that call Attorneys ... use Bombs ... never ever can be Friend of the Extas.

    ... The Extas are synonymous of God ... and were used by God to create the Universe and its dwellers, like you and me.

     ... The Art of the Exta ... is the Art of Perfect Happiness that ... let you manipulate the Fluid Aether which according to some recent Theories ... like Einstein Theory does not exist ... Humm...

      The Extas are the Highest School and the missing concept that Unite Spirituality and Science ... explains Light and ... give the Secret of Life ...


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando

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