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Monday, 12 May 2014 11:15

... Introducing the Six Forces in Physics ... visualized in the Human Body ...


Greetings in the Moon-day ... the day of the Mirror ... the day of the Crystal Ray ... the Twelve day ... and (12)10=(10)12.

      When Steven Weinberg wins the Nobel Prize in 1979 ... for its developments on 'Electoweak' Force ... the Physics of the 20th Century ... get some 'holy stable rest' ... establishing forces:

  1. Gravity,  (Newton and Einstein works on it ... I, Giovanni will tell you the problem is not solved)
  2. Electromagnetics,  (Maxwell works on it ... but he develop its Theory working on Quaternions, not vectors)
  3. Strong Nuclear ... (This is the Fission and Fission ... where the Genius of 20th like Fermi works ... to produce Atomic Bombs ... not to produce Cheap Electricity ...)
  4. Weak nuclear ... formally established by Steven Weinberg. Now, I will speak about another two:
  5. Strong Interdimensional ... Let me call it: Akasha (or Luminiferous Ether) and
  6. Weak Interdimensional force, let me call it: Prana.

   Therefore I am telling you ... there are another two forces ... one of them is the 19th Ether ... removed from Einstein Theory ... developed by James Clerk Maxwell ... confirmed by Marco Todeschini ... by Nikola Tesla ... by John Keely ... by 5,000 years of Vedic Indian Philosophy accepted like the Fifth Element as well Prana ... the Soul or Spirit made of Pure Light.

     Humm ... Let me begin.

     When ... Nikola Tesla ... publish its words in the Milwaukee Sentinel in July, 13th 1930 (My mom was almost born) ... He conjugate ... Prana and Akasha ... giving the exact meaning to each concept ... as well understanding the troubles in Physics ... inherited up to-day ... 2014.

    This is the famous article.

     Now ... my (12)10=(10)12 ... is not casual ... like is not Casual the Universe ... neither Chaotic. Seems that Stephen Hawkins ... got close to the concept of quantum cosmology ... speaking about ... infinite Universes and 'All Possible Universes' ... which are very close to my understanding.

     I want now ... speak about the Exta ... introduced some days ago ... in a very simple way.

     In a single ... Glass of Water ... What we have? ... Well, we have H2O. This means a molecule of 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 Atom of Oxygen.

     Now ... How many electrons has 1 Atom of Hydrogen? ... Well, 1 Electron. And an Atom of Oxygen? ... Well, 8.

     We have 1+8, 9 Electrons for each molecule of Water. How many Extas? ... Well, we have, 9x1,000,000= 9,000,000=(3,020,400)12.

     Note how smarter is to work on Duo-decimal ...

     In a Glass of Water we have:

  • Gravitational Forces. According to to-day Physics we have a Weight ... If a Glass of Water has 165 grams of weight, then subtracting the weight of the Glass from the weight of Water+Glass, we got about 226.79 grams, equivalent to half pound.
  • We have ... Of Course the Electro-magnetics ... know by Electrolysis ... as well we are able to produce some electricity from the Water

          There are many models of Water-clocks ... that produce the minimal electricity from simple Water:

      I consider not necessary to ... speak about the Electricity into a Magnet or the Magnetism into an Electric Current.

   Into the same Glass of Water we have ... Weak Nuclear Forces ... and Strong Nuclear Forces. John Keely works on these Strong Nuclear Forces ...

     Now ... if we speak about the Akasha ... we can say that Water was produced from Akasha ... also called 'Ether' also called 'The Universal'. We can produce ... anything from the Universal ... which is made of Extas.

     Our Soul ... which we can call: 'Prana' is ... What is Prana? ...

Prana is the universal principle of energy or force. It is the sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe, all the forces in nature and powers which are hidden in men and which lie everywhere around us. This prana remains in a subtle, motionless, unmanifested, undifferentiated state during the cosmic pralaya, dissolution. When the vibration is set up, prana moves and acts upon akasha, space, and brings forth the various forms. The macrocosm, brahmanda, and microcosm, pindanda, are combinations of prana and akasha.

All forces, all powers and prana spring from the fountain or common source, known as atman. Heat, light, electricity, magnetism are manifestations of prana. It may be in either a static or a dynamic state. It is found in all forms from the highest to the lowest, from the ant to the elephant, the unicellular amoebae to man, from the elementary forms of plant life to the developed forms of animal life.

    Please note the Word: Atman ... with Atom, as well A-ton The Egyptian God (The first God adored in Monotheism, by Ikhnaton).

    Therefore in a Glass of Water ... We have ... everything ... The Six Forces.

   Now ... if we visit at page 27 (as well 28) of Lev Landau, Evgenij Lifshitz - Vol 2. The Classical Theory of Fields ... we will recover popular Einstein Formula,

    ... but honestly ... it is E ≈ m c2+ m v2/2, which is the classical expression of Kinetic Energy.

   But ... is clear ... with all the 'Crisis' of Energy ... people (the World) have not unlock ... this Energy, this E. Don't you agree?

   If we now ... want to establish the Energy (in Prana grams, or Grams of Prana) ... available in a Glass of Water ...

   We can proceed as follows:

  • 1 Glass of Water has about 250 grams of Water (1/4 of a Liter ... which has 1000 grams).
  • Now, these 250 grams of Water has ... How many molecules? ...

   We need now to use the Atomic Weight ... Humm ... the Weight of an atom of ... a specific element.

   There are two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen for every H2O molecule, so the mass of H2O is: (from the Web) ...

mass of H2O = 2 (mass of H) + mass of O
mass of H2O = 2 ( 1.01 g ) + 16.00 g
mass of H2O = 2.02 g + 16.00 g
mass of H2O = 18.02 g

One mole of H2O is 6.022 x 1023 molecules of H2O (Avogadro's number ... Count Lorenzo Romano Avogadro).

X molecules of H2O = ( 6.022 x 1023 H2O molecules ) / ( mass of a mole H2O · mass of X molecules of H2O

Enter the values for the question:
X molecules of H2O = ( 6.022 x 1023 H2O molecules ) / ( 18.02g · 1 g )
X molecules of H2O = 3.35 x 1022 molecules/gram

There are 3.35 x 1022 H2O molecules in 1 g of H2O.

Now ... A Glass of Water has 250 grams of Water and therefore 250 x 3.35 x 1022 H2O molecules = 837.50 x 1022 H2O molecules.

Each molecule of H2O has 9 Electrons ... therefore we have that 250 grams of H2O have 7537.50 x 1022  electrons.

... In terms of Exta ... We have ... that these electrons represent 1022/106 = 10(22-6)= 10(16) extas.

1 Glass of Water of 250 grams of Water has ... 7537.50 x 1016  extas.

Now ... if 1 Gram of Prana (we can use gram) ... is 3 x 106 extas ...

We will have that ... the Grams of Prana in a Glass of Water are ... 2,512.5 x 1010 extas.

How much ... Energy? ... is this? ... 1 Electron Volt is ... 1.602176565×10−19 Joules ...

These 2515 x 1010 extas comes from 7,537.50 x 1022  electrons = 12,073.20 x 1012  Joules.

This offer an overview ... between extas and Energy expressed in Joules ...

1 exta = 4.80 x 10-2 Joules.

... If (from the Web ...) ... 1 Bull of 100 Watt will need 3.15 x 109 Joules ... therefore ... 1 Glass of Water can power 3832.76 x 103 ... light bulbs = 3,832,760 light bulbs of 1 Year ... Sounds good!


    There are a connection between 1 Ev (Electron Volt) and Cosmic Rays ... therefore we can have ... basically any quantity of Energy we require ... and we need ... from the Cosmos ...

    The Return of the Tesla Antenna? ... Sounds good!

    The consequences of this are enormous ... and please remember you can call ... The Extas ...


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando


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