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The Fifth Dimension ...


Greetings in the Moon-day ... the day of Lord Jesus ...

    Like you ... in the Past I have doubts about Past Lives ... until you read your Akashic Records ... and until you 'begin' to travel in the Universe ... you do not understand the Universe ... or What is ... Do you suppose is outside ... in the Stars.

     But ... I can ... with your permission affirm the following statement:

   Theorem: The Einsteinian Dimensions are inside us.

    I have ... purchased many books in the direction of Physics as well in New Age ... but probably they are useless. In fact, like Modern Philosopher ... we can catch the Wisdom ... without Sideral Ship or expensive Cyclotrons to catch ... Humm ... The so-called ... particle of God.

    No. God is inside and ... I have traveled and understand better what Dimensions are.

    Dimensions are like Shades of the Mind ... like veils ... which are of Energy ... may be Time Energy (Fourth Dimension) and at different speeds with different Mathematics.

    Therefore ... if The Dimensions are ... dimensions of the Mind ... and are inside us. We are the Universe.

    We do not need to go to other places ... we need ... simply sit and travel ... Travel in the Universe.

    I say ... Einsteinian ... to honor Professor Einstein for its Introduction ... but honestly the dimensions always existed ... Of Course its 'Relativity' Theory ... is but a condensation of mistakes ... over mistake ... like the Speed of Light a constant ... What is the Speed of a Though? ... It is about 100,000 c ... where c is 300,000 Km/s (Using the American Notation 1/10=0.1 and 100x10=1,000).

    It is complex to explain ... but I see ... the return back ... from High Dimensions to 3D ... Honestly was a Wonderful travel.

     I want now ... to cite some books ... to help me ... to take you to me ... in my understanding.

     If you prefer ... You can translate this ... like 'I did a Galactic Travel ... remember some latest passages ... and I understand I am traveling in my Mind'.

      I will cite ... quickly three books.

     From the 'Alchemy of Nine Dimensions' ... of Barbara Hand Clow ...

     Of Course dimensions are ... Infinite.

     From the Pleiaidian Agenda ... Chapter 1.

Earth is Alcyone's laboratory, Alcyone is Earth's library, and Maya is running the schedule so that nobody is late. If all this seems too much, remember playing with your Tinker Toys as a child, and remember how they taught you that everything is organized in central spools that are connected by little wooden rods. Realize that everything we are telling you already exists within your cellular memory. Each electron is light within molecules within the cells in your body. You actually are more light than solid. The distance from one molecule to another in your body is as great as the distance from one galaxy to another. You have worlds and universes within your body!   

Alcyone quickened Earth with Pleiadian love vibrations at Zero Point through the Sirian expansion triggered by, the incarnation of Christ, a human carrying the intelligence of nine dimensions simultaneously. Christ implanted the Pleiadian love vibration, and that vibration quickened Earth until 1987, when, at Harmonic Convergence, these 9D seeds were released all over Earth. These seeds became flowers in each body that would release this essence into Gaia. Gaia will release each human who becomes the Sacred Tree into the Milky Way Galaxy, like a child blowing on seeding dandelions.

    I, Giovanni speaks: To have 9 dimensions simultaneously is equivalent to be: Multi-dimensional and therefore a Master Alchemist.

    From my Saint Germain on Alchemy:


146 The planetary veins and arteries conveying the tireless energy of the Eternal One from place to place upon the spinning globe of the world, 147 the blue dome of the sky with the golden sun disk to warm and revivify mankind, 148 the silent night with the crystal moon and diadems of stars like unto the Pleiades —149 all of these are flooded with a sense of unity which pervades all things. 150 Nowhere is unity felt with greater meaning than in the depths of the heart of the individual who is in complete attunement with God and his own I AM Presence, 151 the individualized identity of the perfection of the Creator himself.

152 That body of historical error composed of myriad carnal events and human misqualifications is changed now by the alchemical fires of spiritual regeneration, 153 and in its place the wholeness of the Real Being of man stands forth. He is no longer a part: he is the all of creation!



Giovanni A. Orlando

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