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Greetings in the day of Mother Mary, the day of the Abbess of the Aquarian Age ... the Regent ... the Saint Woman ... Mary. And Mary, comes from Ma-Ra, and Ma-Ra means Mother of the Sun, while Sa-Ra (Sarah), which was the name of the daughter of Lord Jesus means Children of the Sun. The Sun is Ra.

    I, Giovanni (John, Johannes, Johann) must confess that I begin to work on this Music of Gravitation ... about six years ago ... when I discover that is a somehow music ... which will let to levitate matter ...

    These concepts are not new ... like someone can draw ... but very old ... as Old ... like the Garden of Eden.

    In fact, like explained in the 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ...'

there were many Eden times ... and we can count 

1.   Lemuria, from 4,500,000 up to 100.000 years ago.

2.   Older Arabia, 70,000 years ago. Saint Germain was the ruler there, until the people prefer the bargain instead the adoration to the Lord. In those days, where today is the Gobi desert the weather was like tropical and wealthy like Amazonia.

3.   Atlantis, Atlantis was founded by Lemurian and fall 10.400 years ago, exactly in 8,392 BC.

4.  Paititi or "El Dorado" in Amazonia, is contemporary to Atlantis and when Atlantis fall under the sea, South America shift and still today a part remains almost under water. 

5.   Egypt, may be considered also a Golden Age with the Presence of the Gods like Anu, Anubis, and the adoration to Ra and An-Ra. The Egyptian people are the survivors of Atlantis after the fall, 10,400 years ago, where Thoth, who was Saint Germain founded the Dynasty of Pharaoh, teaching the people the Sacred Science, Alchemy. Therefore the Pharaoh, is the Highest Priest, but also the Wise King, resuming the Blue Royal Power, the Yellow Wisdom and the Lovely Pink Ray. The Man with this Highest level become the Pharaoh. The Gods where also present on Earth. They are called the Nethers. The Pharaoh also need to have its KA flowing in his body and feeling it. The KA is the Chinese, Chi and the Japanese Ki. The Latest Pharaoh with an active Ka, was Amenhotep IV, also called, Ikhanathon, the Pharaoh that challenge Moses. He lose its KA, because that KA was stolen by a Serpent, a member of the Serpent race, the same who mate with women as explained in Genesis. From that date, the Power hold in the hands of the Hebrew, when Lord Jesus arrived two thousand years ago to fix things. But Jesus fail not. He was simply sacrificed. He engage a process, through the Eucharist creating a Temporal Wave which result will arose only now, with the entering of the planet in the Photon Band, and his death create a permanent Column of Light, that arrives until the Father. Their plan is the definitive removal of the Serpent race and their heirs from the planet, and is in act. 

6.   Greece, may be considered the last Golden Age before the division between Sparta and Athens (Athina, who owe the name to Palas Athena Goddess). It comes from 7,000 years ago until the arrival of the Roman Empire. It is contemporary to Egypt, and involve in full Southern Italy and the Mediterranean, and cities like, (Ischia), Kymai (Cuma) in Campania, and the cities of Rhegion (Reggio), Zancle (Messina), and Kroton (Crotone), in 710 a.c.

      And now we are approaching a New Golden Age. (after the clean up ...)


   How can be this ... 'Music of Gravitation' ... ? ...

   The key person is Johannes Kepler ... which not only were an astronomer, but also an astrologer as well a Cosmologist ... exactly like Galileo ... like Newton ... like Einstein ... like Stephen Hawking ... who propose a Theory of Everything ...

    ... There are ... Humm ... a Music ... and Harmony ... which eliminate Gravity in Matter!

    ... In a recent (as well unexpected) Conference ... here in Italy, like the Second Meeting for Italian (Anti-Einstein) Professor Marco Todeschini ... I express the clear fact, that all ... the personages ... or actors ... of my book ... Newton, Einstein, Kepler, Wheeler, Pythagoras, Plato, Hubbard, Keely, Tesla, Todeschini, Russell, Blavatsky, Leadbeater as well Galileo ... including many second actors ... all them are failed ...

   Why they have failed? ... Well, if a Rich person ... also with enough quantity of money ... suffer ... and fear to lose its money ... is unhappy ... well, that person also wealthy is not really wealthy or happy.

     In fact, a Happy person have no problems. These persons with no problems are called 'Masters' ... because they have Dominion over Matter, and therefore over Gravity ... the first person I can consider like an example ... is Master Jesus ...

   In fact, he walk ... over Water.

   And its walk ... is connected with Cosmic Rays, as well with a perfect understanding of Gravitation and Magnetism ... an Understanding we do not have.

    The Success ... is when ... everyone can enjoy the results of the 'Music of Gravitation'.

     Lord Jesus walk on the Galilee Sea ... at Will ... therefore ... like Saint Francis ... they float on Air. Saint Germain was able to ... tele-transport ... to other places ...

      Is not complex ... to begin speaking about Physics and enter in Religiosity ... because the Dominion ... is the problem to solve ... The Dominion of the Natural Forces ... are the missing point in Physics ... as well in Religions ... because while we have many Scientists and many Religions ... few are the Masters.


     The Music of Gravitation ... is connected with the Lost harmonic relations (which are musical and were introduced by Kepler) ... in the Book V of its Harmony of the World ... which by some or many remains a curiosity ... while instead is ... by Kepler ... the boldest and most ingenious ever proposed.

      Much must be made ... specially an understanding of Music ... as well a New Galactic Mathematics ... which is connected with the Platonic Solids, and the Golden Mean ...

    If we are able to rise ... a stone of Iron ... or Silver ... like Surf

Well ... in that day ... we will be successfully.



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