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Sunday, 15 September 2013 08:15

John Archibald Wheeler


The Geometrodynamics of Prof. John Archibald Wheeler

Greetings ... Greetings in the Sun-day ... the day of the Sun, the day of the Lord.

     And to Honor the Truth ... is to Honor the Lord.

     It is not feasible ... likely or correct ... To say, 'EinsteinTheory is ... Wrong and Incomplete' ... we need to reject it. This is the New Theory.

     Considering strongly ... that Scientists are a Priesthood ... like Religious are a Priesthood too ... Humm ... In Science (like in Religion) things ... must be proved. Proved!

      If the World ... dedicate ... about 100 years on Einstein Theory ... and consider Professor Albert Einstein a (Rock) ... A Scientist Star, we need to prove ... that its results are wrong.

       If in Mathematics ... working with an Empirical Mathematics, which is incongruent ... somehow illogical ... as proved or Incomplete ... producing Open Problems ... Unsolved ... and we can solve these Problems ... Well, the Solution is Plausible.


Expected Volume 1 and 2 in 'High Physics, High Math, Cosmology and the Theory of Everything'.


      To-day ... normal people with reduced expertise on Computer and Internet ... has no problems ... to locate and download Books from the Web ... Humm.

       If instead the 'White Hacker' is a Linux expert ... which has a developed ability to browse, locate ... with multiple sources ... then ... a Good Afternoon and Night ... may be more profitable than ... days ... working ordering books ... some Out of Print ... or very expensive ... and wait for them to read and to digest.

      In fact, today we can locate ... specially ... on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, as well Computer Science ... tons of Books, in Electronic Format, PDF or DJVU. A certain expertise is necessary ... but easy developed.

         I, Giovanni (John) develop a small degree Thesis on the 'Twin Paradox' which is ... a standard example of Einstein Theory (example to be explained to students ... as well an example of the Inconsistency of the Theory ... ).

         With no discussion necessary on Sunday ... The point is that ... I use ... the book, which is DeFacto Standard ...

       This book is a 1215 page ... proposed by my adviser at the Università degli Studi di Bologna, in 1992, to write my small degree Thesis.

        In my small work ... I study the Twin Paradox and the Hyperbolic Motion, proposed at page 166 of Gravitation ... but you know there are NO TWIN PARADOX.

        There are NO PARADOX because ... It does not take 30,000 years ... at the Speed of Light to reach the Galactic Nucleus (Center of the Galaxy) ... It takes few hours ... still minutes.

      In fact, an idea is so fast that take no Time ... but I do not want to introduce these terms ... I want to speak about 'Geometrodynamics'.

          Was Professor Einstein to coin the term ... with intelligence. 

          There are a Magic wonderful book, titled, 'Geometrodynamics'

         This book ... which is the resume of ... several Speeches addressed by Professor Wheeler, in Italy at the 'Società Italiana di Fisica', is absolutely Wonderful.

           Professor Thomas Bearden, whom is a US retired ex-Official ... wrote and propose in its ... 'Energy from the Vacuum' ...

Energy Density of the Vacuum

The energy density of the vacuum potential is enormous, even mind-boggling.  While scientists have estimated that energy by various means, a reasonable calculation is given by Wheeler and Misner in their Geometrodynamics.  In that calculation, Wheeler and Misner apply the formalism of general relativity to the zero point energy of vacuum.  The fabric of space appears as a turbulent virtual plasma consisting of particles whose size is on the order of Planck's lengthsome 10 -33 cm. The energy density of the electric flux passing through each particle is enormous:  It is 1093 grams per cubic centimeter, expressed in mass units (i.e., the energy per cubic centimeter has been divided by c2).

And that's just using the spatial energy density (the decompressed or ordinary energy).  The energy density of the vacuum is appreciably greater than what physicists normally calculate, because they do not calculate the additional time-energy density portion of the vacuum stress.  If we also allow for the time-energy (the compressed energy), we restore that c2 division factor, producing on the order of 10110 grams per cubic centimeter, orin energy termson the order of 10127 joules per cubic centimeter.

          Therefore the Ether exist and is a Vacuum ... but honestly can be called a 'Plenum' ... and is NOT EMPTY ... Is in some sense Information ... like proposed by Professor Vlatko Vedral at Oxford.

      Is very interesting how ... Professor Wheeler propose some books into his 'Geometrodynamics' book leading us to ...

     which Author is ...

William Vallance Douglas Hodge

       whom ... is the person in one of the Seven Millennium Problems ... in fact, 'The Hodge Conjecture'.

     ... Humm seems that I need to do my Job in Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry ... It is my Job.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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