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Thursday, 12 September 2013 13:35

An Image from Star Wars ... Humm ... Just Fantasy? ... Just Sci-Fiction ... or the coming Science?


Greetings in the Thor-day ... the day of Jupiter ... the Thor-day.

     And you need to study ... many, many books ... from different latitudes ... like United States, or Italy ... in different times to get a strong opinion and to challenge Professor Einstein ... but ... let us speak about ...

Gravity, Anti-Gravity, Electromagnetism ...

   Professor James Maxwell ... succeeded in unifying magnetism and electricity ... in 1865 and he publish its results in the paper, 'A Dynamic Theory of the Electromagnetic Field'' ... then he Publish its Two Volume Treatise one on Electricity and the Second on Magnetism.

     The First Edition (actually there are a Third Edition in Bookstores) ... The First Edition included the original quaternion-like equations that were removed from the Second Edition ... and this is an historical mistake which ... force a delay of the Einstein 4D (Forth Dimension).

     Italian Professor Marco Todeschini in his pamphlet, 'Einstein o Todeschini, Qual'è la Chiave dell'Universo?' ... at page 21, expose that he, (Todeschini) unites the Electromagnetic and Gravitational in 1936, in his 'Teorie della Apparenze'. 

     (I own all three books including his Pscibiofisica ... while this does not means ... I have read the books ... They are very expensive as well impossible to find in simple terms)

      Professor Todeschini ... just to introduce him like an Actor ... and he is a Main Actor in my book, 'Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?' ...

     Professor Marco Todeschini (who works like Professor of Physics in Bologna) ... say ...

    -- Group of Men from the Press: 'Then, you do not share the general admiration for Einstein?'
    -- Professor Todeschini:    'I, admire him more than any other, but for a single reason and quite different. Because him with a Wrong Theory, Useless, has been let others Glorify him in all the World, like an Idol'

     In fact, I Giovanni ... need to study in depth ... the Todeschini works ... and also in the case he is perfect right ... and is ... His Theory need to be evolved ... and extended to the Dimensions ... which ... according to my actual understanding ... he do not consider.

     In fact, Today Scientists ... do not consider the First Dimension (1D) ... which is a Multi-dimensional entity ... connected with Gravity.

     There are many aspects ... and each aspect must be solved ... and full solved ... not delayed. This is round that will take some years, less than ten years, working full time.

      Professor and Ex-US Army Lt. Thomas Bearden ... in his books like 'Energy from the Vacuum' or 'AIDS' ... explains many of the developments and the 'secret' behind ... electrogravitation.

     In fact, we can read from



 (Click to read the chapter on Thomas Bearden website ...)

   The rule is, when the two EM vectors interact so as to form a zero EM resultant, then the EM energy represented in each of the two vectors has been converted into a special form of 5-space gravitational potential, one that is not bleeding-off in the fifth dimension (electromagnetically), but one which will gradually produce a 3-gravity potential in a mass's atomic nuclei as a function of time, the individual element, permeability and absorption factors of those nuclei, etc.
     Therefore in our mathematical theory we ought to have a scalar component remaining when two EM vectors interact to form an EM vector zero resultant.  That scalar component represents what is happening in the 5-potential, that will only bleed into 3-gravity.
     With exploration of this phenomenology in the laboratory, one can work out the functions, constants, coefficients, and parameters which specify how the "5-G to 3-G and vice versa" component works in conjunction with mass, motion, and other fields.

     That's the magic secret of electrogravitation.

     It was captured inherently by the quaternion theory of Maxwell published during the American Civil War!
     After Maxwell's death, when the scalar portion of the quaternion was discarded (by Oliver Heaviside) to form "modern" EM theory, that also discarded the unified field interaction between electromagnetics and gravitation.


     Yes ... the 'Limbo' is not a Caribbean dance ... humm. The Limbo is a Void state of Mind ... and there are parked Electromagnetism and Gravity ... 

     I am doing ... some miraculous efforts to resurrect these subjects to the Physics of the New Age, the 21th Physics ... I hope to be successful

     Then I will invite you ... in my personal Island ... a City on the Clouds ... Humm ... Please smile ...

     Do you want to visit me? ... May be we become a Sky High ... a High School in the Sky ... Humm ... May be we move everyday ...

     Star War ... Cities in the Sky ... will be Step 2 ...

     Jajajajajaja ... Have a nice day,


Giovanni A. Orlando.


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