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Tuesday, 03 September 2013 15:55

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) and Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854 – 1934)


Greetings in the Pink day of the Love ... the Mars-day ... Humm

    And we are happy to have our Website up again ... after one month ... of ... financial service ... Jajaja.

    But because is ... the minimum you do not see ... this does not means we have not the maximum ...

    But let us speak about ... Einstein Theory ... The Interpretation of Reality ... the Atomic Bomb and the Truth of God.

    The Latest Book Cover ... is the following ... and we plan to include also Madam Blavatsky and Mr. Leadbeater. Honestly is not important to include immediately these great figures founders of the Theosophy ... because the book will not published this year. Best effort will be for December 2013 ... but is more probably we release it in January 2014.


    Recently ... I, Giovanni A. Orlando have worked to fix in profitable mode the Bibliography, which remains not public and will touch over 300 books ... and few articles.

     Honestly ... Einstein Theory is ... the Highest Level of Consciousness on the Planet ... and is ... weak ... and wrong. Is useless, as well Absurd ... However, remains a great result of Mental Logic ... based on an Empirical Physics ... which is Based on an Empirical Mathematics.

    This result, this book, 'Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?' is a milestone of research ... Just to say ... 'You mad, and you stupid to believe in Professor Einstein results' ... while I repeat ... remain the Highest Level.

    ... And if the best can do a she ... is a Kiss ... Hummm ... Better to change such she ... Wink

    Our Accumulative Bibliography ... ranges from:

  • The Physics of Greek Philosophers ... like Plato and Aristotle, as well the results of Great Pythagoras. And to-day, Mars-day, Tues-day, Thyr-day ... is the day of Master K. ... Master Kuthumi, who was Pytaghoras ... as well Magi Balthazar as well Saint Francis. I can comment that the concept of Time of Philosopher Aristotle is more precise that the mental castle, of Professor Einstein.
  • The Physics of Newton ... which is basically rudimentary ... but sufficient to launch a rocket on the Moon ... 
  • The Physics based on James Clerk Maxwell and their followers before Einstein. Here the panorama is very wonderful ... and enthusiastic ... we can cite ... Professor Hendrik Antoon Lorentz which was the Second Nobel Prize in Physics ... and who did an excellent work in his 'Theory of Electrons, and Its Applications to the Phenomena of Light and Radiant Heat'. We can cite by example Joseph Larmor - Aether and Matter as well the impressive and wonderful William George Hooper - Aether and Gravitation which lead us to the work of Dr. Prof. Harry Bateman - The mathematical analysis of electrical and optical wave-motion on the basis of Maxwell's equations as well others like Prof. Hertz, or Oliver Heaviside.
  • We have also now the Material of Professor Marco Todeschini who ... discover and measure the Aether in Italy in 1961, which unite three important Disciplines like 'Psychology, Biology and Physics' ... In fact, he coined the term 'Psicobiofisica' in Italian ... but its Greatest Work in 'La Teoria delle Apparenze'. Professor Todeschini risk to qualify for the Nobel Prize in Physics ... but today he do not appears neither in Wikipedia ... Hummm ...
  • While we include New Ager Giordano Bruno in the Cover ... we consider only the fact that ... when the Pope burn him in 1600 in Rome ... him death create a definitive division between Science and Religion ... which is a 'business' for the Dark Ones.
  • Most books from Channeling Material from the messages of the Angels and Archangels published by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet are used to guide the ideas ...
  • Professor George Gamov a Russian Scientist who move to United States, was a friend of Professor Einstein writing books about the Moon, the Sun, as well DNA which unite medicine and Physics.
  • The Philosophy and Science of PolyMath Walter Russell ... called the American Leonardo was very close to establish the New Age Science ... considering that few people play attention to him ... and another American is ...
  • New Ager L. Ron Hubbard ... the founder of Scientology ... which most advanced research ... offer an excellent understanding about to Travel in Time ... between other important subjects.
  • English Oliver Lodge ... was very close to unite in definite mode Matter and Mind.
  • Recently ... I have added the results of another American ... which for me represent one of the final goals ... and his name is John Forrest Keely, at the beginning of the 20th Century, from Philadelphia, popular in New York city and the New York Times ... for its Motor that at the end ... works ... but end with him last act.
  • From the beginning was included ... the Great Nikola Tesla ... which can be compared with John Keely ... and now we want to include the books ... of Madam Helena Blatavsky and her follower Charles Leadbeater.

      In fact ... I arrive to Leadbeater book ... from a book which belong to the Bibliography but I will not comment ... and from Leadbeater who speak about Chemistry, Vegetarism, Dreams and other planes of Consciousness ... logically I reach the founder of the Theosophy ... which was in some sense close to Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

      In fact, after the Mormons ... who few or no one play attention in United States ... Madam Blatavsky was the person, from Russia to rule the Office of the Messenger. This is a Holy Office ... assigned by the Hierarchy in the Heavens to speak in the name of the Lord.

      Then the Messenger was Godfre Ray King, who was George Washington as well King Richard Lionheart in England. In his later Life, he was a Writer. The same is valid for the persons who follow him in the Office of the Messenger and they were Mark L. Prophet and then him wife Elizabeth C. Prophet, all three Ascended. Today they are Ascended Masters, which respective Holy name is Beloved Godfre, Beloved Lanello, and Beloved Clare.

    ... In some sense ... Humm ... ALL them fail ...

    Unfortunately ... this is Truth. All them fail ... while all them did their best ... some die in Poverty like Tesla. Other considered a Fraud like Keely and others were used and betrayed ... like Madam Blavatsky.

     Today ... we have not a Science that resume in Peace all these concepts ... because ... most is called 'Metaphysics' ... and other is called 'Physics'. Aristotle speaks about this difference ... but while the Philosophical Metaphysics of Aristotle speak about God ... not Mathematics, not Physics and not Chemistry ... have a God in their Science and in their Order.

       Mathematics ... speaks about the concept of 'Infinite' ... and consider it ... like a number ... a numeric entity. Physics basically speaks about Stars, Galaxies ... Solar Systems ... but not God is includes ... Humm ... Chemistry in its rudimentary level ... does not consider ... who ... invent the Chemistry Elements.

      Therefore we have an Atheist Physics ... an Atheist Science ... and a Well Developed Religion or Religions ... Jainism, Buddishm, Christianism ... all ... 'ism(s)' ... that offer an Opinion ... a Vertical not Horizontal Opinion.

      Not a Catholic Priest ... not a Great Scientist ... have an idea how Lord Jesus ... perform its Miracles ... Hummm

      The 'Secret Doctrine' is ... and has been released like ... 'The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy'.

       Now ... The Secret ... and is an Angelic Message from Angel Kryon, which appears in my book ...

    is that ...

Let's start with magnetism and gravity. These are the two little-understood forces on the earth that are profoundly interdimensional. They're only understood by science within the context of what's observed and then built around the observations. Almost everything science does with magnetism and gravity is simply invention around a known force. A true understanding of them would allow the forces to be manipulated and controlled. Nothing like that has ever happened with either, and it won't until "mathematical interdimensional engines" are conceived and built.

    Therefore ... without the 'appropriate' Mathematics ... these forces cannot be ... understood or controlled.

     I, Giovanni am working on this Mathematics ... which I call 'Quantum Mathematics' ... in two approach ... 'Introductory' and 'Formal' ...

     ... Humm ... no one of these books will be released this year ...

     Humm ... Yes ... Someone what to repeat the War at the times of Einstein ... Hummm

The Universe is Just ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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