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Tuesday, 26 June 2012 07:10

Can we catch time ... and expand it ... to create Space? ...


Greetings in the day of the Blood ... the day of the Strength ... the day of Love ...

     And the Panorama for 2012 ... is QUITE PERFECT SIMILAR ... to the Panorama of 1912 ...

     A New Science is approaching to replace Einstein Theory ... as well a New World War is planned, exactly like 100 years ago.

     But there are many differences ... in both perspectives.

     Before to place my point ... let me say ... that the World don't need a Theory ... like Einstein Theory. No.

    In a place ... or status level where some people own over than 5,000 Euros for Electricity and Energy ... Have ABSOLUTE NOT SENSE ... Theories ... but a Real Application of the Science to IMPROVE DAILY LIFE ...

      In a Place where ... I have no idea ... if 'some people' will charge me (or us) to watch the Sun-Shine SUN ... because that is what they do ... Charge ... Charge ... and Charge ... Charge for Watching TV and they have about 50 channels ... Invoices for Water for 200 Euros ... etc etc ... It is MAD WORLD ...

    We don't need Theories ... but the Real Application of Physics in Our Life.

    There are NO NECESSITY OF WAR ... Because there are ... DIRECT LINE FROM EINSTEIN ... to President Roosevelt to the Manhattan Project ... to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A Direct Line.

   I have no idea if Professor Einstein need to pay Euro +5,000 for Energy ... but because he comment ... 

  "If one studies too zealously, one easily loses his pants"
                                                                                                       -- Albert Einstein

   May be ... he got similar problems ... The Problem is the difference between someone who belong to a University and have a Salary and someone that have no Salary ... and need to play and do everything by himself ... 'O Lord ... let me claim for your Mercy ...' ... And Let Lord will say ... 'Well ... The Universe is Just!" ... but remain complex I say.


   Job say ...

Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail,
Which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war?
By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the east wind upon the earth?
Who hath divided a watercourse for the overflowing of waters, or a way for the lightning of thunder;
To cause it to rain on the earth, where no man is; on the wilderness, wherein there is no man;
    -- Job 38: 22-26.

    And not ... people have not yet entered in the treasures of the snow. You can built with snow, but not with Water.

    And this open a Path to ... String Sounds ... then to Light and to Colors ... and a range of Colors ... from red to orange to ... yellow ... green ... blue ... indigo ... violet.

    Then we got Pure Light touching White ... more augmentation gives a gray thence still more augmentation extinguish Light ... replacing it with electricity.

     (Here is necessary to comment that Electricity and Magnetism are two faces of the same coin.)

     Now this ever increase voltage can be contained on and on until the realm of vital or physic force is obtained.

     Therefore we got the Mind ... and the Mind creates everything ... In fact the Universe is Finite ... but expanding.

     Now ... where is Time ... where is Space ... where is Gravity.

     Huummmm ...

     Matter is freeze electricity and Time is like Entanglement connection ... from atom to atom ... at rates of up to 2,000 miles in a one-hundredth of a second.

     Thought-waves which creates a body of sound must unwind their accumulation.


    The Force of Gravity will not be commented here ... but Time can be manipulated ... mentally speaking to produce Space and so it is ...

     Time is like a Corridor ... between the Stars ... Honestly it is Unreal ... and this is the reason because it does not end.

     However if we feel cold and take a Plaid ... and get comfort ... but are sensations (cool and warm) ... and so is time.

     Colors does not exist ... but we see them because the brain ... and from Physics we touch Medicine.

     The Brain is a transducer of information. Time is one of this information. Space is another. Gravitation is still another.

     In fact a good intent was made in 1908 by British Scientist: "J. M. E. McTaggart" when he publish the Paper:

The Unreality of Time

     But Hitler has more money ... Ask me not when the Money comes from? ... In fact they have too much, but the Justice of the World ... is simple.

    The Princes of the Shadows that arrive long time ago ... arrive for some-like of invitation. Therefore, people has everything that the Universe ... or Conscious Universe ... choose. Nothing else.

    The Second World War ... was a drama and the fall of Consciousness still down ... but ... but ...

     (I can tell you don't worry. I can tell you be worried ... but I say 'But' ... because I cannot change your mind. While the Pope visit Earthquake populations ... to give comfort ... and nothing else ... and applaud him ... Well 'How stupid they are?' ... I say ... When we have Einstein Theory ... and need to pay 900 Euros to prepare Food ... or 500 for Electricity ... What can I expect).

    While I almost can assure you about NO WAR ... I say Almost ... no one think to explain Lord Jesus miracles.

     I will say a Word from Saint Germain (who was Joseph and therefore Jesus's mentor as well Merlin in Camelot).

     He say,

1 Void is unfruitful energy.
2 The alchemist must develop a sense of the value of time and space and the opportunity to manipulate both.
3 Freedom is won by quest and conquest, but mainly by the conquest of the finite self True mastery of the finite comes through the in drawing love, the compelling, almost magnetic heart call of the soul to its Divine Source.
4 Only the great inflow of the cosmic light of God can release the soul from the imprisoning shadows of its human creation.
5 Summon, then, the purity of purpose which will make your creative design good;
6 relentlessly challenge the base elements which arise like hobgoblins to disturb and try the plan you have begun; then patiently evolve your God-design--the purpose of your alchemical experiment.
7The true science of the Spirit is more exact than mundane measures can yet determine.
8 Therefore, know thy Self as the white stone or elixir from whence all thy creation must proceed in orderly fashion.
9 If the key ideas are not created from within thee who art the alchemist, then the whole act is either hapless or an imitation of the work of another.
10 Now, if it be God thou wouldst imitate, then Well done! may truly be spoken of thee;
11 but if the vanity of mankind, then piteous let thy consciousness remain.
12 The True Self of man, from whence cometh every goodly design, is worthy to be consulted as to what it is desirable to create.


 Therefore the game is in your hands. The Transformation of Time in Space remains in you.

 I cannot add a final word from Serapis Bey (who was Leonidas in Sparta, Amenhotep III).

  He say,

Take the time in your point. Catch it, Dilute it and make it yours. Thus, the space be your friend in it.
Take a time. Tell to it, what you desire, so that succeed with you.

   Therefore also Time has consciousness. I know is complex.

Fare Well.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


PS. In fact ... if they shut the Gas ... and then with the Gas down send an invoice for Euro 900. How you will call them? ... If in these conditions you pay more than 500 Euros of Electricity ... in very cold winter ... and you got the same amount for Spring ... with a Warm Weather ... How you will call them? ... They do not live or work in behalf of their Customers ... They want only you give their money ... so they can invest and Perforate ... some STUPID LAND ... in the Death Sea or Red Sea ... and create a Multimillionaire Facility and make a Party ... When you and me ... need to pay the party, the facility you don't request ... and after a while they will send a new invoice for 1,200 Euros. It is a Just World. Is it? ...

PPS. If those in Power will continue to love to violate their children ... their woman and enslave everyone like their parents ... This World has end. If Otherwise ... they will understand that there are a God ... well ... a good chance we have to walk in the Future ... in a Future never designed, never dreamed ... but of an outrageous happiness, technology and bliss.

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