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Thursday, 07 June 2012 08:22

Einstein Field Theory ...


Greetings in the day of the King. The Thor day ... the Blue-Sky day of the planet Jupiter ...

   And I want to spend some words ... speaking about the panorama we have regarding Einstein Theory and its Equation.

   And like someone that arrive to a place ... and give a Gift ... to get back a Welcome ... so those who attend the guest, may say ...  'Well ... we got a gift' ... 'He must be a good person' ...

    My first gift is ...

If we conquer the First Dimension ... we will conquer Gravity.

    And it is an honest Great Gift.

    But please wonder we have not yet control under the Gravitational force. We have ... no idea ... "My colleagues" and the Scientific Community have no idea about Gravitation, and how to conquer.

   Of Course I don't work for an University ... may be my Under-development University ... and Of course I don't visit any Library ... but I have my own ... Library.

    I am self financed ... and honest. Because if I conquer the Gravity ... I will get what I deserve. Not before ... but like a covenant ... with a final prize. No result, no prize. This means Honesty.


    Like Professor and Prize Nobel Ilya Prigogine explains ... Einstein most profound contribution was to associate Gravitation with the curvature of Space Time.

     And how is that? ... Well ... It is easy ... to understand why Professor Prigogine say that ... and this is because Einstein ... Field Equation.

   The Gravitation is described by the Metric Tensor guv ... The Space-Time Curvature is described by Ruv and Tuv ... the rest, C, G and Λ are constants.

    To solve this equation you need to read by example a 732 page book, like,

Stephani H., et al. Exact solutions of Einstein's field equations

    In some sense is a kind of Magic ... like Freddy Mercury explains ... and is.

    Professor Einstein reject the Euclidean Geometry, adopting the Non-euclidean Geometry ... but he does not figure exactly the concept of Dimension or Time.

    In 4D ... Time has a High Frequency with respect to our actual ... evolving 3D. In 5D ... is still faster ... etc.

    And these dimensions are ... tending to the Mental Plane and they are connected by the Etheric Plane. A Plane that Professor Einstein claims does not exist.

     The Einstein Field Equations are based on some concepts that are NOT clear ... but let us move forward a little bit.

     We can solve or give a statement ... about Einstein Results.

      There are many, many errors ... and many many persons have dedicated many many years on this subject.

     The best book to describe the actual Panorama of Cosmology is ...

Steven Weinberg - Gravitation and cosmology principles

      In fact, at page 470 the Standard model of Cosmology is introduced. This speaks about the Einstein Field Equations.

     However, what is really interesting are the Other Models introduced at page 640 ... like the Friedman Model or the Lemaitre Model or the 'de Sitter' model ...

    In fact, like Professor Prigogine explains at page 176 of his book, 'The End of Certainty' ... Alexander Friedman and Georges-Henri Lemaître proved that Einstein's universe was so unstable, the smallest fluctuation would destroy it.

    In fact, Professor Einstein add the Λ after Edwin Powell Hubble prove that the Universe is expanding.

   In each case ... like a lost boyscout in Arizona dessert ... looking to find Las Vegas tuning a radio ... Scientists tune the variables of Einstein Field Equations ... considering Universes with Variable Gravity ... expanding as well non-cosmological.

    Two are the facts. 1. We are speaking in theoretical terms. 2. These are Old concepts where the eyes are NOT following the ball in the game.

    The concept of distance is straightforward.

    In fact, from my inspiration I consider the norm of Lp spaces ... and the book,

Alexander Pankov - Travelling Waves And Periodic Oscillations in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Lattices

     they consider l2 ... the space of sequences ... and its norm to begin to describe the Motion in 1D, the first dimension.

     I repeat ... if we conquer the first dimension ... we will conquer gravity, because 1D is the Gravity of the Planet.

     Honestly I know what I am looking for ... I am looking for two additional forces different from gravity or Electromagnetism ...

   In fact, actually we have,

    Therefore ... the Einstein Field Theory ... is like the chocolate cake ... made by a Good Apprentice of Chef ... created under the Pressure of a stressing boss ... the Scientific Community.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


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