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Greetings in the days of the Moon ... the White day of the Mirror ...

    And the Mirror ... is a God creation ...

    Light people ... reflect Light. Dark People don't reflect (Like Dracula on the Mirror) ... Rich people reflect Wealth ...

    Delinquents ... Liars ... reflect what they have ... Easy.

    In fact each one reflect what they have ... what they are.

    Why these words ... ? ... These words are a reflection of these times ... The end days ...

    Now the point is ... that Apocalypse was predicted ... Nostradamus predict ...

    Then some people smile and say ... 'He fail' ... I say ... He fail not.

    Because this lesson is a Mix of ... New Age Teaching and Physics ... I Will speak of both.

    From a Mystical Point of view ... Masters confirm that Future can be changed.

    An important message about the Four Horses and the Four Horseman is included in by book.

       In fact ... Serapis Bey ... (who was Leonidas) is 'taking care' of the Four Horses and the Four Horseman ... TO LET NOTHING HAPPENS ... and therefore changing the Future.

       Future can be changed!

       But what is the Physics behind? ... May Sound complex.

       Imagine that the Future is Wave ... coming ...

       Remain easy to understand that if we place a "Building in the middle of the Sea" ... The direction of the Wave will change.

        But Masters ... use other methods more complex.

        Before I continue ... let me explain what is an Ascended Master.

        An Ascended Master is someone that live on Earth ... and reach Ascension.

        Honestly ... We all ... comes from the Stars ... and 'incarnate' ... You and me ... everyone.

        Because we come from the stars (the Soul), Our Immortal Soul ... We are Masters before we born.

        The problem is that ... as soon the Soul incarnate and become a baby ... he begin to 'get disturbed' by the World.

         'Get Disturbed' ... means become Dirt. In fact a Baby is Clean and Pure when born (not Dirty like some people say)

        To return to the Lord ... they need to become Clean again ...

        This become clear when Master Jesus say ...

But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.

   -- Mark 10:14

     Nature Yields to the Childlike Mind

       -- Saint Germain.

    In fact Saint Germain explains that we can change the Future ...

    I will gift ... A Chapter ... from the Book 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ... ' (First and Second Edition) ... so you can clear about South America, Why the Crisis ? ... and how to solve ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. The application of the Violet Flame is not Madness. In Physics terms ... the Application of the Violet Flame is the Use of the MIND ... CALLING ... (TROUGH PRAYER ... TROUGH THE WORD) ... and in Conscious mode ... modify the Atom's Consciousness ... and therefore the Future ... Or the time direction in each one them.


3. Prophecies for the Aquarian Age by Saint Germain. 

The Mahabharata, an old Hindu text,
speaks of great battles, flying military cars and
arms outposts of massive destruction.
It seems something taken from Star Wars,
but it is not a vision of the future, but of the past.
Saint Germain. 


Welcome to the XXI Century!

Welcome to the Heart of Saint Germain!

and Welcome to my Heart!

I will tell you today a story and is a story about the people of South America that starts eons ago.

South America is a great land and full of life: from the amazing tropical jungles in Amazonia until the Pampas. The Andes are the longest mountain chain in the world symbolizes the aspirations and potentials of this continent. Their roof touches the skies of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela; and includes volcanoes that belong to the Ring of Fire.

The storytellers spoke about the first immigrants that arrive to this continent from Asia and they arrive to South America, around 20.000 years ago. The native cultures blow there thousands of years ago. After Columbus travels arrives the Spaniards and then the Portuguese bringing slaves from Africa. And in modern times, other Europeans had immigrated to these coasts.

Rewinding the historical passages of Latin-American history, we found with scenes of great civilizations from the Incas, the Azteca and the Maya. The Nazca pre-historic landing areas, the Peru pyramids, so mysterious as those in the antique Egypt, leading us to astonishment and perplexity.

Contemplating the old city of Cuzco, Mecca of the Andes and the sacred Inca sanctuary of Machu Pichu, we see the wars of liberation, the profiles of the South-American heroes, like San Martín, Bolivar, Miranda — and the faces of many others whose blood, sacrifice, efforts and creativity has constructed a civilization that a day can be the light of the world.

In the years that have passed from the independence of the European colonialism, South America has written remarkable chapters in its political history. Its town has experienced very diverse forms of government: of "strong men" and military juntas; of rights and lefts; and with the establishment of democratic republics.

In relatively short time, South America has obtained great profits in difficult circumstances: it has left his colonial past and it has abolished the slavery, it has been modernized and urbanized, and it has educated great percentage of his inhabitants.

Nowadays South America has serious economic, political and social problems: from the bad distribution of the wealth to the lack of education of the favored social classes less. But some political analysts see the sprouting of a new democratic ideology clearly South-American. And we cannot ignore the genius of Latin America, of which Bolivar spoke so eloquently, perfectly able to create political structures that lead to a culture of typical and vital freedom.

The Earth, crossroads in the galaxy  

Nevertheless, the search of the answers like: “who we are”, “from where we come” and “where we go takes us past to the distant”, beyond the calculation of the historians, from return to the lost continents of the Atlantis and of Lemuria, of return to the time at which beings of other worlds arrived at the Earth in spaceships.

The writings and objects from old civilizations like Sumer, Egypt, India and also in the Inca civilization give testimony of these distant planet visitors that arrived here about 500,000 years with a superior technology. These extraterrestrial ones were not benevolent, and, by means of the practice of genetic engineering and the instruction on the arts of war, they manipulated to which evolved in the Earth.

Between these visitors arrived the inhabitants from a planet called Maldek, comprised in our Solar System but that it was destroyed by warriors. What remains today of Maldek is the asteroid belt that there are between Mars and Jupiter. When the maldekians began to incarnate in the Earth, they brought with them an advanced science and a warrior nature.

The Mahabharata, an old Hindu text, speaks of great battles, flying military cars and arms outposts of massive destruction. It seems something taken from Star Wars, but it is not a vision of the future, but of the past.

The Earth has become at the moment crossroads within our galaxy and lodges very diverse evolutions: some beings have their origin here, whereas others come from other world systems; some are of the Light, others jeopardize with the Dark; some are men, others are fallen angels who have incarnated; and between all of them they are the light angels. Of Course is a complicated carpet.

Our mission we are waiting so long: Help Saint Germain to transform the Aquarian Age in a Golden Age.

Our history, however, is something more than a simple chronicle of the coming of those extraterrestrial ones. In Lemuria and the Atlantis there were great golden civilizations. Many of us we were there we were guided by advanced adept teachers and, we knew and we applied the laws of God, and enjoyed a quality of life superior to which we have at the present time.

The souls of many of which we are today here conserve certain memories of Lemuria and Atlantis. We have an inner knowledge of golden eras happened in which we played a certain role; and, sometimes, we remembered when, under the influence of the fallen angels, we betrayed our mentors.

This tradition, along with the abuse of technology, leads to the collapse of Lemuria more than 12,000 years ago. The only thing which remains of that continent is the Ring of Fire, which marks the limits of the Pacific Ocean throughout the western coast of South America and the Eastern coast of Asia. About thousand years later the Atlantis sank. Those that once were great continents, Lemuria and the Atlantis, now lie under the oceans; its triumphs and failures, covered by moving sands of the time.

Since then, the eras have been followed one after another, as if they walked like a chain dump. Civilizations have arisen that have prospered, soon they have decayed and finally they have disappeared. And the inhabitants of Lemuria and the Atlantis have reincarnated time and time again, making karma positive and karma negative throughout the way. Thus he is as nowadays many souls have been attracted towards the Américas.

After this great introduction is important to comment that those that form part of the people of South America are close to play their role in the scene of cosmic history. Our role consists to help Ascended Master Saint Germain to transform the era of Aquarius in new Golden Age. We are waiting several lives to play this role!

Note from the Author: I, Giovanni feel like Elizabeth Clare Prophet. And so, seems that I have the sensation to be here and there, everywhere, waiting that Saint Germain arrived in my life. Ad so we can answer questions: Where I have been in the last 10,000 years? Who I am? Where we come from? Where I go? This is exactly what we want to discover. So we continue with our self-discovered trip.

Our objective at the end of the era of Pisces: to make reality the Son of God inside us.

There are twelve astrological ages, and each one of them extends during a period of about 2,150 years. Their names come from the signs of the zodiac. The complete cycle of twelve ages takes around 25,800 years.

The arrival of a new age is related to the "precession of the equinoxes". Astronomy explains that the precession takes place by a slow inverse rotation that the Earth makes on its polar axis. By the form of rotation of the Earth, the point of the spring equinox is moved throughout the signs of the zodiac, indicating the era in which we were.

Nobody knows exactly when an era begins or finishes, but if we know that at the moment we are in the later days of the era of Pisces. Because of the precession, the eras follow one another in inverted order. Before the era of Pisces, we were in the era of Aries, previously in the era of Taurus and so on. In each era we are destined to assimilate an attribute of God and to express the positive aspects of the corresponding sign.

Frequently, the beginning of these times comes accompanied from the birth of avatar, that is to say, a Divine man, who personifies the spirit of the era that comes to inaugurate. The era of Pisces brought the knowledge of God in its aspect of Son, who was revealed to us through the personified Universal Christ in Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to show us how to manifest our personal Christhood and make reality the Son of God inside us. Jesus has been the forerunner of the Piscean age and the example of that in which we could and we must to us have turned. During the period of 2,150 years, only the saints have obtained such objective!

Aquarius will be a golden era, only if work for that.

The Aquarian Age brings us in its dawn the knowledge of God like the Saint Spirit and the Divine Mother. Aquarius can be an era of freedom, peace and illumination, can be a time of combined technological progress with a spiritual development and can be a time at which we break with the past and we obtain therefore the liberation.

Chananda, Head of the Council of the India of the Great White Brotherhood, affirm in 1962: "the era of Aquarius is destined to being an era of absolute cooperation between God and the ascended Masters, the ascended Masters and the man, and between all the people. The symbol of Aquarius —a water Bearer holding in Balance water containers— indicates harmonious service and abundant provision. This rhythmical spirit of cooperation must be the base of all relations, replacing the expired egoism".

Some believe that Aquarius will be a golden age anything happens. But this thesis excludes the free will, and the free will is our divine birthright. In 1995, the Promoted Ascended Master Lanto, who comes from the Taoist tradition, said: "Has been prophesied that a golden civilization will arise again in South America. But please don’t be superstitious. It will not happen unless you make it possible. It will not happen automatically ".

There are many reasons for it: in the first place, karma. When beginning the era of Aquarius, we can take advantage of karma positive which we have done during the Piscean age and in previous ages, but still must face to us the negative karma of Pisces. In addition, also we are confronting karma negative of the eras of Aries and Taurus and of all the previous eras, overcoming to us up to 25,800 years back. The weight of history is upon us; and it is a very very heavy karmic baggage.

The use of astrology to predict futures challenges

The astrology show us what happened in the past can return to happen, because it tell us when will back our positive karma and our negative karma. From the negative side of the balance, the cycles of incoming twelve years, as well of the next thirty and three years and of the next the two hundred years foretell wars, plagues, political tyranny, economic confusion, even the fall of continents.

But this does not necessarily have to happen. Roger Bacon, the first modern scientist, said that the intention of the study of the astrology is to avoid its negative omens. Bacon believe possible to avoid wars by means of the study of the astrology. He said that if the leaders of the Church had read the astrological warnings —as in the case of the 1264 comet, that announce the battles that exploded in all Europe—, could be avoided the wars of their time.

Saint Germain incarnate like Roger Bacon. He read the warning written in skies when she was Roger Bacon, and today returns to do. He brings a warning and a prophecy of the negative omens of Aquarius. Also he comes to say to us that we have the power to change the future and to do of the era of Aquarius a Golden era.

Pluto in Sagittarius: illumination or repression?

What is, then, which indicates the present astrology to us? Let us examine an important astrological cycle that it began recently. The Pluto transit in Sagittarius, of twelve years of duration, that end in the year 2008. During this cycle we can wait for transcendental changes in the religion and the government, in our values and beliefs, and our education and culture. The vision which we have about ourselves, of our world, the place who we occupied in the universe and of our relation with God will be transformed of spectacular way.

In the past transit of Pluto in Sagittarius we got the gold century of Pericles in Greece, as well the mission of Jesus Christ, the Italian Renaissance and the European Illuminism. It match with the introduction of the Buddhism in central China and of the Christianity in Saxony. It agreed with the first unification of China, and the codification of the law in the Roman Empire in the century VI and in Russia in century XI.

The adventure, the discoveries and the vision were high. The Portuguese arrived at India doubling the Cape of Good Hope. Roger Bacon predicted the invention of the steamer, the airplane and the television. In Paris was founded the Sorbona, and in Europe and Asia were built numerous cathedrals and temples.

This cycle also agreed with great religious conflicts. Jesus die on the cross and John the Baptist was decapitated. Roman emperor Diocletianus starts his well-known persecution against the Christians. In Athens, the school of philosophy of Plato was closed due to his denominated pagan ideas. In Persia, Mani was executed to proclaim that she was a prophet who received divine revelations. In Europe, German people were persecuted and called heretics and Martin Luther head the protestant revolution.

The Pluto cycle in Sagittarius also lead to wars: the war for the control of the Delphi Oracles, the Second War of the Peloponnesus, the Second Punic War and the War of Seven Years.

Now, what means this?

Along the next seven years we can see the rise of a new era of illumination and a new world-wide religion, but we have to anticipate a force that is against this progress: the repression of the religions and the new ideas. We could even see religious wars.

It may be a period of optimism and expansion: we could see advances in education and a greater appreciation for foreign cultures, but also we could see a full negation of that possibility that the people accede to a good education or see that it may be used to indoctrinate and to control. The information and the culture may break the borders as never before. We may experience enrichments; but it can lead to cultures in conflict like those have taken place in Bosnia, Rwanda and Middle Orient.

The persecution by ethnic reasons or the difference between classes could cause massive migrations, and that could cause unpredictable effects.  In many nations will be discussed how immigration would struggle. Some accepted refugees; others, no.

This cycle of seven years could even set the standard for the transformation of governments and still the nature of the government itself. It is probable that there are empires and groups of nations that grow and enter in conflict. In this process, they could be destroyed or to assume another configuration.

This one will be a period of political boiling like which preceded to the revolutions of American and French, as well. A new world order will take form. New powers will emerge. We will solve the enigma that has prevailed during most of century XX: It can be the enslaved world half free and half slave?

A political system of freedom or of tyranny and chaos will begin to arise. The political culture developed during this cycle began to crystallize forming the structure of dominant government who will settle down during journey of Pluto in Capricorn, a cycle of sixteen years between year 2008 and the 2024.

Uranus in Aquarius: impulse for the freedom, potential for the war

Another astrological cycle is the transit of Uranus (the planet of the freedom) in Aquarius (the sign of the freedom). Uranus remained in Aquarius until year 2003. During that time, other planets of slow movement united to him. The combination of these planets and the transit of Pluto in Sagittarius has much to do with the inauguration of the era of Aquarius.

These planets can offer an impulse of freedom, an important spirituality and a sense of brotherhood. We could find new solutions for the multitude of social problems that we must and demolish the barriers that separate us due to the religion, the race, the nationality, the class and sex.

But we must be cautious at the time of "fixing" the social order. The two last times that Uranus was in Aquarius were periods of war and revolution. There were revolutions and movements for independence in Europe and South America. The slavery was abolished in Mexico and the British Empire, and the movement to abolish it, got power in United States.

These events were transcendental, but they remain darkened in the pages of history for the two conflicts that caused million deaths and changed the course of history: the Russian Revolution and World War I.

Is dangerous that two cycles that foretell war, agree, especially when the nuclear proliferation start to accelerate and when Russia leaders are trying to reestablish the "good times" previous to the disintegration of the Soviet empire.

In the past transit of Uranus in Aquarius also has lead with great scientific discoveries and technological advances. Einstein, for example, formulates its general theory of relativity during this transit. Today we are on the verge of giving another great jump in the field of the technology.

Imagine a world without television nor computers, a world in which the man never had traveled to the moon or sent a satellite, a world where the man had not produced the fission of the atom or discovered the DNA, a world without Internet!

These scientific and technological advances have happened during the last complete revolution of Uranus. From this knowledge the next scientific revolution in microelectronics and microbiology is taken place, as well in computer science, the science of the information, military science and the technology of communications.

The scientific advances of these twelve years — and next the two hundred years — could improve much our quality of life. They could provide greater wealth and leisure, better health and greater longevity. They could help us to create a true revolution in the field of the education.

These new discoveries provided new powers to us. But we will need a proportional spiritual revolution to use these powers in judicious and appropriate form. In the course of our life, we will have to decide where to establish the limit.

The scientists already have made experiments of genetic engineering with animals incorporating to them human genes. They have caused that a human ear grows in the back of a mouse. It was indeed this type of genetic manipulation that causes the collapse of the Atlantis. The message is: The man does not have to play being God!

The technology is a sword of double edge. It can imprison with the same facility with which it can release.

We will use the new technology of communications to educate and to inform, or to control and to remove privacy from the people?

It will be allowed to procreate, or at least to be born, to those with defective genes?

We besides to confront a technological challenge, as well a social challenge. The scientific progress this on the verge of a permanent division in the society between those who understand technology and those that do not understand it. If this happens, the technological elite will control the wealth and the power. Those that have no access to the technology will become a permanent subclass. This is the perfect formula for the disaster.

During the transit of Uranus in Aquarius, we must change and grow, but we must avoid the anarchy and the revolutions similar to the Russian, who promised freedom but restore a tyranny and repressed the human spirit.

Saint Germain offer us a solution

It must consider that the negative karma of the planet has been stayed in stand-by conditions during thousands of years thanks to the light or divine conscience, of the saints of East and the West. But the end of the Piscean era is the signal of personal and planetary adjustment.

From the negative side, the astrological indicators of karma that are approximating to us show the darkness that could appear if we do anything. From the positive aspect, the astrology indicates that a potential exists for the manifestation of a golden era.

How an Age of illumination can be restored?

What we can do to defeat the Goddesses of the Hell?

I am introducing you Ascended Master Saint Germain, Chief of the Aquarian Age, eminence of XXI century. He offers us a solution for the ancient and complex karma. He offers a teaching and a new way of life for us. And still more important, he offers the gift of violet flame, a spiritual energy that when is used according to the laws of the alchemy, can get to erase karma.

Saint Germain is the Master Alchemist, but its solution is useful only applied. If we invoke the violet flame daily trough prayers, decrees and affirmations, we can literally dissolve the mountain of karma that harasses us. But we must do it quickly. Because once karma is crystallized, unless a divine intervention takes place, will be impossible to revert.

I strongly believe that against all the negative predictions, or astrological like astrological omens from Nostradamus or the prophecies of Lady Virgin Mary at Fátima or Medjugorje, we, the inhabitants of the Earth, trough our internal God, can make fail those prophecies.

Therefore, I Giovanni A. Orlando recommends the following things:

·    Create an altar in your home and go there each morning around 5am, to pray, when Angels are cleaning the atmosphere. You can recite the decrees at the end of the book.

·    Call the Angels of the Seven Flames and read and study the books of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Aurelia Louise Jones, Barbara Hand Clow, Amorah Quan Yin, Patricia Cori and listen the channeling of Kryon, Lord Meru, and the Seven Choans.

·    Recites your own orations to God, imploring divine intercession and transmutation, by means of the violet flame, of the karmic conditions of the problems that affects you, your family and the world.

The vision of the Archangel Zadkiel: Two futures

The Archangel Zadkiel who appears to George Washington is the Archangel of the seventh ray (or violet ray). He has given a vision of two alternative futures.

The first is a vision of America and all the continents covered with violet flame. "It is a future of hope and prosperity… of light and the inner path of the soul to reunite with God." Second it is a vision of military war and bloodshed in the United States and the World, a future that only be avoided by means of the divine intercession and our invocations to the violet flame.

Zadkiel talks about something more than to the mere repetition of wars like which we have suffered in the past. He talks about the "Great War" that will happen if we do not take the spiritual and material steps necessary to stop and avoid it before it arise.

Therefore, Archangel Zadkiel presents two opposed futures to us. We must choose: a the first or the second; a shining future or the decay towards the barbarism and the dark of the past.

Philosopher Jorge Santayana said: "Those that do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Although this is certain, even those that remember the past will repeat it if they do not use the violet flame.


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