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Examples of Multiplication ... Loaves and Fishes, Water ... This is a lesson of Physics, but with a Spiritual Strength.


Greetings in the day of the Lord ... the Sun-day ...

       And ... like I comment in my 'Introduction to FTHumanEvolutionCourse' I begin to study Alchemy ... following Saint Germain because my need for money, or to produce wealth.

         But the need is outrageously different ... but always sacred, always magic.

         The Words of Mary Magdalene are perfect to express this necessity, the Father plan and my efforts.

     In fact, she say in the book, 'The Magdalen Manuscript' at page 58 ...

     "I would like to speak to the term magic at this time.

     The reason the term magic is used to refers to the transformation of the individual human into a God. This is indeed magic. It is symbolized by the God Horus, part man, part hawk, and thought the practices of alchemy, is raised to the status of the High God Horus, meaning that one has attained the most elevated states of consciousness"


      God Anu also want to learn Alchemy from the Sirians ... like Saint Germain, because they want to transmute their metallic body ... but he explains that the result of Alchemy is to become Multi-dimensional.

        Once you are multi-dimensional you can dominate matter, and it regards lower dimensions as well lower dimensions 1D, Core Earth and 2D where the elemental dwells.


      Yesterday I understand a very important concept translation into Italian, the 'Introduction' of Sanat Kumara. The lesson was very simple and very important.

       If we ask for a book ... you or me ... we need to reverse what we receive. Therefore, reviving and giving are very important keys.

          It is necessary ... to give ... to later ... receive.

          And this is because I am offering these words here.


         How Nature reproduce water? ... This is because in High School we study that Water is a renewable resource. Honestly also Petroleum is ... in fact Lord Jesus transform Water into Wine ... and Wine is Alcohol.

              This happens in Cana Weeding, its own Weeding when he realize his first 'miracle' ... Saint Germain knows each plate and were capable to describe each dish and fork. There are a possibility that the material were precipitated, or materialized.

        Now the point. Many people ... like Leonardo Da Vinci, or Walter Russell were able to master in several field. In fact, they are called 'PolyMath' ... they can sculpt, paint, compose music in the piano and of course play the piano ... etc.

         Francis Bacon was also one of these persons, in fact he (secretly) wrote the Shakespearian Plays in code, with a beauty and perfection ... that shine still today.

           Well, friends, Now I leave you to the words of Philosopher and Polymath,





"Think not thou of doing great works in my name. Go thou to thy neighbor. Think thou of thy neighbor alone. One seed sufficeth not for a meadow but out of one seed cometh a sheaf of ten."

Message of The Divine Iliad

 The entirety of this message is for the uplift of man to a higher stage of his evolving. As I have told you many times, man progresses in cycles of approxi­mately twenty-five hundred years.

Messen­gers appear at the beginning of these cycles to bring new knowledge to man. These messen­gers are prepared by God with that knowledge by being taken behind the scenes, behind the illusions of matter in the universe, for the purpose of uplifting man one notch higher. This one notch higher is a dangerous period in man's evolution. He is threatened with self-destruction because of his having advanced too far into the sensed side of life and not sufficiently far into the spiritual side.


A tremendous spiritual awakening is due here now. This new age and this spiritual awaken­ing must be based upon a greater comprehen­sion of man, of his universe, and of his relation to God so that he may recollect more of his inheritance than he has ever known, and make use of it concentratively in order to offset the seeds of fear, hatred, greed, selfishness, em­pire-building, and all the old order of things that we still have. Therefore every man should have power—and that is the subject for to­night: POWER.

But, first. I always like to give you a few little gems from The Divine Iliad which is the direct word of God given to you through me: 


"When man thinketh of body of man alone, denying Me in him, then is man's image man's, not Mine and man's, for the pattern of My rhythmic balanced image within man may not be seen by him; nor may the glory of My Light be seen in him, nor known by him.


"When man thinketh Me, through knowing Me, then is he patterned by My image, and I am he.


"When man so thinketh, then may My balanced rhythmic image be seen in him; then, also, may the glory of My Light be seen in him and be known by him.


" When man so thinketh, then is man's Balance absolute.

 "When man so thinketh, then hath he all power that I, thy Father-Mother, Thinker of Creation, hath.

"Seek ye, therefore, what ye will in Me and ye shall find it.


"Desire what ye will and, behold, it standeth before thee. Throughout the aeons it has been thine without thy knowing, e 'en though thou hast but just asked for it.


"Sit thou not and ask, acting not, for unless thou reach out for thy desire, it shall not walk thy way to thee unaided by thy strong arms.


"Behold, I am within all things, cen­tering them. And I am without all things con­trolling them, but I am not those things which I center and control.


"Behold in Me the fulcrum of My changing un universe which but manifests change, though I change not, nor move.


"For I am Rest. In Me alone is Balance.
"He who would find power must know that he extends from Rest in Me and I am he.
"He who would find Rest must return to Me, be Me, be fulcrum of his own power. "

From: The Divine Iliad


In those words is the secret of every man's power. It is the secret of my power. Ask what ye will and ye will receive; desire what ye will and you will receive. "But sit ye not and ask, acting not, for thy desire will not come to thee unaided by thine own strong arms. "


Work Must Be Performed

to Express Power


One must desire and then work, and not wish and affirm and say, '"God will do it all; I won't do anything; I don't need to." God does not unfold the oak from the seed without the elec­tric interchange of the two sides of the sun and the earth. Work must be performed in order to express power, but the power that we express is not in the body. The power that we express is in the still fulcrum of God centering every man—the one Light of God which centers everyone and every creating thing.


In that still fulcrum of rest is all the power. The action which extends from it is the expression of power, and that is what we mean by Creation.

There is in this universe only Creator and Creation. Creation extends as two lights from the one still Light, just as two children on a see-­saw—which extends from the still fulcrum from which they borrow their power—express creative action from that still fulcrum of Light.


Many, many people ask me to explain the secret of power which I have expressed through action in my life. It is not easy. I know the long, long years of planning to be what I am. I know the action and the work of any man who has achieved—such as a Paderewski or an Edison—the long, long years of expressing through action the inspiration that they draw from the Source of all things which centers them in the Spirit. But to explain that is not so easy.

Accumulate Power in Yourself

A man in one of our great business concerns, one day, asked me to tell him what was the matter with him. Why was it that life was so casual and so superficial? Why was it that he, who occupied a fine position and received a fine salary, was not the kind of man he would like to be?


"That's a very simple question to answer," I said. "You give concentrated attention year after year to a machine that you are working upon, a marvelous machine, hours and hours a day, until you have gotten that machine to do marvelous things. It sells for a lot of money. It is almost human. Perhaps it is more than human in its accuracy, in its ability to tabulate all sorts of things. The census that used to take so many years to get a report on can now be summed up by that machine in a few weeks. (He was one of the principal workers on it.) But you don't give that concentrated attention to yourself. You, who are manifesting God's Intelligence, are putting it all into the machine and neglecting to put any of it in yourself. Your personality is a 'wise-cracking' person­ality. Everybody likes you, yes, but you are superficial. There is no depth to you. You like jazz and dancing. You don't care for sym­phony, you say. You don't care for fine litera­ture. You have made yourself into that kind of man, and you know it. You have never accu­mulated power in yourself."

Now, the difference between that man and every great man that I have ever known is that the great man pays great attention to the design of himself instead of a machine. He gives concentrated attention to himself and to the perfection of every detail of the Spirit-man in him.


How Nature Multiplies Its Power


Let me tell you how Nature multiplies its power, and perhaps you will then better under­stand how man can multiply his power indefi­nitely. You will also understand, then, how I multiply my power as many times as I choose. Our friend, Glenn Clark,[1] said I have lived five lives in one. I have been known as the most versatile man in America, and such names as that, simply because of what I am going to explain to you tonight, and you can do exactly the same thing for yourself.

Every man can multiply himself indefinitely if he follows the principles laid down by Nature.

This is an electric universe and every expres­sion of action, or motion, in it is an electric expression. And every one of them is either a dissipating expression or an accumulating one. You accumulate power or dissipate it in every single action in Nature.


The step-up transformer that the electrical laboratory uses is a very good example. You take an electric wire and string it along straight for ten miles, then pass a current of electricity through that wire and in every foot or so along that wire something is happening in the invis­ible universe around it, which you cannot see but you can know.


You can take a magnet and hold it near that wire and by tests that you can make, you will find that there are little loops of electric current going around the wire at inter­vals. The scientists call them "loops of force"; and all along that ten miles of wire the current is the same and remains the same. It does not change by dissipation or accumulation until you curve it. The minute you curve it, and you curve those miles of wire into circles, then those loops of force are no longer parallel with each other. They are radial. The outer part of the loop of force is farther away from its center than the inner part because radially they come together at a point the moment you make that turn in the wire.


Now, the more turns you make in that wire, and the more electricity that has to go around and around and around the coils of wire, the more those loops of force come together and multiply the power of that current. So that same wire that had a current of power running through it of nominal voltage, when those loops of force are coiled and concentrated toward one common center they multiply that voltage hundreds or even thousands of times. That is what we call "stepping up" energy.

Nature does exactly the same thing. God winds up the electric current around a still point of Omnipresent Light which we call the center of gravity. God desires to extend His idea from the One Light into expression in two, so He winds the "electric coils" around and around and around the still point and produces a sun, an earth, a solar system. In­stead of being coils of wire they are spheres, but it is the same thing. It is light, light concentrated in the direction of the still center and dissipated in the other direction.


Now, let us go back to the coil of wire. We have made, say, one hundred turns in that coil of wire. Let's make a thousand turns in it. We have multiplied it again. Let us make ten thousand turns in it. Now all those loops of force meet together in the middle, and there is an incandescent light there, an incandescent light and heat and concentrated electric power that is absolutely motionless at the center, forceful and positive as it gathers toward the center, and dissipated as it goes away from the center. The center of gravity in our earth is a good example. Our sun is a good example. That is what Nature does.


All The Power That Man Has

Is In His Knowing


Now what does man do? The still center of man is the Kingdom of God, the still Light. And around that still Light is the coil, or a series of coils that we call "man," his knowing and thinking. There is no expression of power there, whatsoever, other than the power ex­pressed in matter itself until man knows and thinks. All the power that man has is in his knowing. And all of it is expressed only by his thinking.


Now man is manifesting God on earth and he wishes to manifest Him with power, creative power and creative expression. So if man gives the attention to himself that the inventor I just spoke to you about gives to the machine that he is inventing, and if he is aware of the Source of power centering him and of God from whom he draws all power then he, him­self, multiplies himself in exactly the same way that Nature does.


The more concentrated the "coils" of his thinking are in expressing his knowing, the more power he has to express it and the more awareness he has in him of the Source of power that he is expressing.


Let us go into a day of work and see why a weakness, a dissipation of power, may be there, or an accumulation of it according to what we have done during the day.


To me the night is sacred. All my life I have summed up my day and asked myself what I have done during the day that multiplied my power or dissipated it. It might be a word spoken unkindly about a friend, someone's feelings hurt, an unwise action of my own, or neglect of an opportunity not taken. I would take a careful check of the entire day just as a machinist or an inventor would take check of his machine so that the next day that he worked upon the machine it would be so much better.


So I always check up on my day before I enter the sacred portals of night. Then I enter the sacred portals of night with the desire written upon my heart, written into the pulse-beat of the universe, as to what my next day should be. I ask and I desire the answer in my conscious­ness in the night, and it always comes. I would always have the answer. And the next day, in the morning, I did exactly the same thing before entering the sacred portals of the day, and recollected the answers to the questions I had asked of God during the night, and envi­sioned them, and had a half hour or an hour or more of intense ecstasy in that communion which made things so clear that were not clear the night before. It corrected the mistakes of the day before, making every defeat a stepping stone to a success for the day rather than to a defeat or to a loss or dissipation of power or energy. Then all day I worked at whatever it was, sculpting or painting or whatever task was set before me that I had chosen to do. I worked with full awareness and realization of the Kingdom of God around which I had wound the "coils" of desire and pulled them tighter. They were multiplied in the direction of the center.

Fix Your Eyes Upon The Heavens


Concentrated energy flowed toward the center —the center of Light, the center of Power— and it remained there so long as my eyes were fixed upon the heavens, so long as the eyes of the Spirit worked with the eyes of the body in creating my sculptural works, God with me, working with me, companion with me. Hours went by like minutes, intense joy in that feel­ing of multiplying power. And whenever I have been in that mood, knowing God in me, everything I did was a masterpiece. It couldn't be otherwise. But if I worked unknowingly, losing for a moment that ecstasy, being care­less or casual, I knew that what I was doing at the time was not enduring, and I would wipe out hours of work, go to the door, symbolically kick Walter Russell out and let God in again.


Or I might sit at the piano for five minutes and find inspiration that way. And God would come back again, and the "coils" would tighten, the electric current would concentrate more and more.


Our dealings with our fellow men are a part of our life, of everybody's life. Whatever we do with respect to our neighbor, if it is not in harmony with that ecstasy of feeling that is within us, it will hold down our work, it will destroy whatever one is doing and it will be impossible to bring it back until one restores one's harmony and balanced feeling with re­spect to it, even in little things.


A salesman once said to me, "Goodness sake, I haven't had any sales today. I'm going out and sell that 'old gink' a bill of goods."


"You had better not go," I advised. "You will not sell him."




"You have destroyed all that makes it possible for you to make that sale through the very expression that you have just made, 'that old gink'. You are going to perform an action which is manifesting your Creator. It is an action benefitting you; it has to benefit him, too. It cannot benefit you or him unless you and he are one. You must know what he wants.


You must then give him the thing that he requires and you must get the sale all signed on the dotted line before you leave here. You can only do that by making all of the elements of that sale right before you start. And a prime essential in one of those elements is to love that man that you are dealing with. He is part of your transaction. If I painted a picture with the attitude that you have in going to make that sale, it wouldn't be much of a picture. And your sale will not be much of a sale. You will not make it. You had better not go."


He said, "You know, Russell, I think you've got something there."


And he was serious because I had talked to groups of salesmen for such a long time. He thanked me for the criticism, saying:

"That was a good thing pulling me up like that. Now let's get together, shall we? How do I get into this right attitude?"


And when he had gotten into the right attitude, as I made it clear to him, he went out and made the sale. He could do it then because he had concentrated his power to a center, and then released it logically. And the logical thing had to happen. The effect always must follow the cause, and any idea that a man has, if it is set up properly as to cause, will consummate prop­erly as to effect of cause.

An Example in Nature Power Under Control


Let me illustrate by an example in Nature. One chemist, for example, might accumulate a tremendous volume of gasses and elements into a small package the size of an acorn. We'll call that a bullet. That is power multiplied in exactly the same way as the step-up trans­former multiplies electric power—a large vol­ume of space collected into a small volume of space; taken from the condition of rest and expansion and put into a condition of fast motion and contraction within a small space, and enclosed in a proper tube with a little cap that can be exploded.


Now, then, the trigger is pulled, the cap ex­plodes, and all of that immense volume that has been accumulated and put into that little "bullet" explodes and dissipates into space in a fraction of a second. We call that an explo­sion. Well, ninety-nine out of a hundred people do just that thing most of the time, carefully and painstakingly accumulating one thing af­ter another, accumulating power from time and space and distances and elements into a small package, and then by some unwise act, some act of intolerance, impatience, dishon­esty, or unfair dealings with one's neighbor, explode it all at once. Gone!

Let's take another example: A tremendous volume again is concentrated into a little pack­age, but this time it is an acorn, the size of a bullet but it is an acorn. Now there is power under control. It cannot possibly be exploded by a cap. It is put into the ground and slowly it unfolds its patterns. The manifestation of its purpose unfolds unto the heavens, and for one hundred years it grows, grows, grows into the manifestation of one of the ideas of God. It comes into being and unfolds its power. We call that growth. There is no difference, what­soever, between the explosion of the bullet and the growth of the acorn except in time. A series of explosions—the one explosion divided into many but explosions just the same. A hundred-year explosion under control instead of a one-second explosion not under control.


Every Person Has To Know Himself.


Now, every person has to be absolutely under control, and the only way he can be under control is to know himself, know the Source of himself, and be one with the Source of himself. He has to have all the qualities of the Source of himself and draw upon those qualities for power and knowledge, and truth and law and balance, and the orderliness of every proce­dure in Nature.


Then he unfolds in the orderliness of that procedure under control—unfolds with love, balance, tolerance, and lack of any ill feeling in one's heart which would make it impossible for one to say a thing against one's neighbor.


Love in one's heart for one's work is manifest­ing God; pride for worthiness to be able to manifest God. Those are the things that men should do to accumulate power and energy by constantly multiplying those "coils" around that central Kingdom of God within one.


One night in New York, Dr. Clark was asked to pray in Calvary Church. And he recited the Lord's Prayer. "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come... " I stopped there; he went on. I most always stop there because I know what that means. I wish you knew what it means as I do. Jesus, when he said that, did not say it for the people of his day; he said it for the people who were to come that would know what he meant more than the people of his day.


The Kingdom is the Light, and all mankind is searching for the Light, and eventually all mankind will find the Light. And that prayer simply means ". . . come the day when all men will know the Kingdom of God within them."


That day is two or three thousand years or so nearer to the goal. There are thousands and thousands of people now with more of an awareness of that Light in them, the Light of the Kingdom.


And the more they are aware of the Light of the Kingdom in them, the more they can concentrate their power toward it and multiply the "coils" of their thinking—which is an expression of their knowing—and sur­round themselves with such a dynamo of power that they are creations of God's creations and are insulated from everything that should not touch them. That power insulates one from that which should be shut out.


I can walk through the ugliest of slums and see beauty. Think of the beauty that a Beethoven or Wagner or Rachmaninoff sees with the eyes of the Spirit and hears through the ears of the Spirit as he gets moods and rhythms from the chirping of insects or just the mood of the moon, or haze, or sometimes even of flowing rivers or streams. They hear those rhythms with the ears of the body, and they reinterpret them with the ears of the Spirit into inspired messages from the holy of holies within them.


Everything a Man Does Should Enrich the Whole Human Race


The power that they have multiplied within themselves, they give out. To multiply one's power one must divide that power, divide it and radiate it and give it out to the whole world. For everything that man does to manifest God should enrich the whole human race.


And if at any time one seriously considers that proposi­tion he should ask himself, "Am I at this moment doing something that will enrich the whole race?" Just as one drop of water raises the whole ocean, so does one beautiful thought from anybody uplift the whole race.


Rachmaninoff divides himself and gives him­self to the whole of humanity for its uplift, and by so doing he multiplies himself by that "coil" coming ever tighter, ever tighter, ever, ever stepping up the transformer of power; ever, ever insulating himself from the dissipation of power, ever safeguarding himself from out­side influences until he can forget his body and live wholly in the inspiration of communion between himself and his centering God.


That is my answer to you as to how I have multiplied my powers. You can do what I have done. Everyone can do what I have done by thinking what you know into creative expres­sion and multiplying your thinking and your knowing by your awareness of God centering you, and realizing the holiness of it and of your wonderful opportunity in life to manifest the Creator. There is nothing in the world greater that a man can do. And to be worthy of doing it should be the greatest ambition of every man.


I give these thoughts for your consideration. I sincerely trust you will give deep consider­ation to them for the multiplication of power by awareness of the Light within you, by being fulcrum of your own power, by using that fulcrum of the Kingdom of God within you for your own expression of power.



This is but a thought universe, an electric record of the thinking of Mind. The reality of you is not in your body. The only interest you should have in your body is the mental interest in building it into the kind of body you would like it to be to manifest you. You build your own body in the image of your Self.


Whatever your Self is, your body will be. Whatever your thoughts are, your body will record, whether balanced or unbal­anced, good or bad, sickness or health, misery or supreme happiness. The eter­nal you is a glorious illumined, divine being. Do you know your Self as that? To the extent that you do know your Self as a glorious, transcendent being, your body will manifest that glory in every cell of it. It cannot help doing so. Electric recordings of thoughts in matter are automatic. It is Law. It never errs.


Forget your body, therefore. Your body will automatically be what your thoughts are. Build a beautiful, healthful, sound, vital body by thinking transcendent thoughts and putting those thoughts into action for the good of your neighbor and the world. Put Mind first, body last. Live in an ecstatic mental reality and make your body conform to the balanced rhythms of ecstasy.


Remember this—never for a moment forget it—that Mind controls motion and desire of Mind furnishes the power to motivate motion. The troubles of man arise from the fact that matter and motion control him. His inability to recognize the fact that the sensations caused by the motion of matter will dominate him and lead him toward a selfish, greedy life of seek­ing unreal possessions whereas a mental exist­ence will dominate those sensations to his everlasting glory.


No matter how little any man has to give, it will return to him multiplied unto his own glory.  

That is the Law.

You must work knowingly with God knowing that God is working with you—giving you exactly what you are able to give back equally from moment to moment and not more, but

setting no limitations on what He will give. God lets you set those limitations which may be bounded or unbounded, or be as great or small as your desire is great or small.

[1] ''The Man Who Tapped-The Secrets Of The Universe by Glenn Clark. University of Science and Philosophy, Swannanoa. Waynesboro. Virginia,. 22980



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