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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 13:25

Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge


Greetings again in the name of the Mercury ... the Winged Messenger.

     And is my pleasure to introduce ... Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge.

     And Shakespeare quote us ...

The fancy outwork nature: on each side her
Stood pretty dimpled boys, like smiling Cupids,
With divers-colour'd fans, whose wind did seem
To glow the delicate cheeks which they did cool,
And what they undid did.
-- The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra.

       In fact, I am so shocked by the great ideas and tone of Sir Oliver, that I include him, in the cover of my books (Not released yet).

       I must confess that I have made many advances that I will comment not ... yet, but in the book.

       But the music of Sir Lodge are very sweet to my hears because he ... like Walter Russell (post-Einstein) join the Music with the Ether.

        And the Aether is JUST ONE reason for my book.

        Like Professor Marco Todeschini (contemporaneous of Einstein) explains ... The Ether works very well.

        And I Giovanni can tell you ... that after two degrees in Mathematics ... I understand (or smell) that Science does not solve or not explains Nature.

         Physics does not solve, neither explains Reality. Don't.

         But Metaphysics ... works better and in fact ... What is the Orientalist explanation of Reality? ... Has been well figured by Fritjof Capra in 'The Tao of Physics'?

         Of Course ... but need still does have ... materialized ... the Panorama. When the World, materialize the Panorama, we will be ... in Eden.

          Let me say (or explain) that Eden is NOT a Place ... but a consequence of a The High State of Consciousness that lead to a Better Place.

          In fact, reality comes from inside ... but I want not to begin a discourse on the 'Philosophy of Life'.


         I consider Sir Oliver Lodge, very close to my scientific approach ... and of course he accept and wrote books about Ether.

         In his book, 'Ether and Reality' he explains ...

Apollonius of Tyana is said to have asked the Brahmins of what they supposed the Cosmos to be composed. "Of the five elements," came the reply. "How can there be a fifth" demanded Apollonius, "beside Water and Air and Earth and Fire?" "There is the Ether," replied the Brahmin, "which we must regard as the element of which the gods are made, for just as all mortal creatures inhale the air, so do immortal and divine natures inhale the Ether."

What you choose to call this unifying something is of no consequence. The Ancients sometimes spoke of the Ether, possibly as an addition to the usual four elements. Sir Isaac Newton adopted this term for the connecting medium of the whole universe. He believed the optical medium connects the particles together in a solid or a liquid, and the same medium connects the heavenly bodies together into systems and clusters and constellations and nebulae and Milky Way. All pieces of matter and all particles are connected together by the Ether and by nothing else. In it they move freely, and of it they may be composed. We must study the kind of connection between matter and the Ether (between manifested matter and the First Matter).

The particles emanating from the Ether are not independent of it; they are closely connected with it, and it is probable that they are formed out of it. They are not like grains of sand suspended in water (as our modern scientists believe); they seem more like minute crystals forming out of a mother liquor or supersaturated solution. Speculatively and intuitively we feel to be more in direct touch with the Ether than with matter. How we can act on matter is a mystery. How we are created and how we move our bodies, we do not know, yet we are apt to identify ourselves with our bodies.

        Then arrive Professor Einstein ... and the Wisdom of the World ... evaporates ... O Lord.


        Sir Lodge, also explains ... in a dissertation that was published on 'THE HIBBERT JOURNAL VOL. XVII. 1918-1919' under the title, 'ETHER, MATTER, AND THE SOUL' pag 254.

Light is known to be a vibration, a particular kind of vibration which is able to stimulate the nerve filaments embedded in the retina of the eye ; but what the thing is which is vibrating, the thing which really does transmit light through empty space about that we may popularly be said to know nothing: for it is a medium which does not appeal to our senses in any way. If we try to experiment upon the luminiferous medium, we fail. It is absolutely intangible and insensible, and yet it has properties of its own ; and one of its properties is the easy transmission, at a perfectly definite pace, of that strange tremor or vibration which we call light.

Do we know anything else about it ? Yes, essentially and really we know a great deal, but our knowledge has not yet been properly formulated. It would take too long to explain. Suffice it to say that we utilize the properties of the luminiferous medium not only when we send telegraphic messages or drive electric tram-cars, but also when we wind up our watches, or bend a bow, or fire an explosive yes, even when we raise a weight or bicycle downhill. The strength of materials depends upon it, and half the energy of all terrestrial activity exists not in sensible and ponderable matter, but in this subtle and elusive medium the medium which transmits light, and which is known as the ether of space.

Light is an affection of the ether. Light is to ether as sound is to matter. What about electricity and magnetism, then ? Are they related to the ether as heat is to matter ? Is electricity some peculiar affection of the ether of space ? So it had been thought. In various vague forms this idea must have been in the back of our minds.

Electricity seemed something immaterial and elusive, only becoming apparent when associated with ordinary matter.


   The most significant part is ...

Light is an affection of the ether. Light is to ether as sound is to matter.

    Walter Russell works intensely in the concept of Light. In fact, he wrote 'The Secret of Light'.

    Therefore ... Before Einstein ... the World was READY ... to the Peace of the World ... then, begin the World Wars (I and II) ...

     In fact, we can read on the Web,

On the eve of World War II, he helped alert President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Germany might be developing an atomic weapon, and recommended that the U.S. begin similar research; this eventually led to what would become the Manhattan Project.

     And I can tell you that Enrico Fermi belong to the Manhattan Project.

     Professor Einstein ... because close to President Roosevelt and the United States wins the War ... was pointed like the 'Scientific Winner' ... but the Job were made by many Italians ... like Levi-Civita (Absolute Calculus) and Enrico Fermi ... as well many Germans.

       ... This is because we have ... a Drama ... like Einstein Theory ... full of patches ... However, I will not judge but prove its weakness and inconsistency ... and do to that ... I need to offer a Solution ... like Attorney ... Perry Mason do ... on TV.

        Have no sense to say ... 'Hey ... is this your boy friend?' ... What choice!? ... If you say to a lover or partner ... there are no risks ... but if you say to your daughter ... Well ... you need to take a date with a Freud's Student. Don't you?


      Sir Oliver Lodge, represent for me a Great Scientist ... He also wrote about Relativity ... I am curious to discover his words.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. The 'Why Einstein Theory is wrong? ' Bibliography ... continue to growth ... I will have a Perry Mason surprise. Blessings.

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