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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 17:07


Greetings in the day of Love ... the Love is Pink ... or Rose ... not Red, not Blue ...

     When Love is Blue it is Protective. When Love is Yellow is not Love ... but the awareness to know and to protect the Ones you Love.

     What is the Color for Science? ... Would be Blue ... like the Will and the Power ... and Knowledge is Power.

     You can change the course of Your Life, the life of Others ... and the Entire World ... if you have Wisdom and Knowledge and this is Power.

      Therefore Science may be Blue. Science may be also Violet because you can Transform anything you please and Give Freedom to the Ones you want to rise ...

       Science may be Green ... because you can Heal and give Abundance.

       Science may be also Pink ... because the Love is the Glue of Atoms and Electrons ...

       Science Of course is Yellow the Color of Wisdom ... and this is the more appropriate Color ...

       My wish to-day is to speak about Roger Bacon ... but under a New Light ...

       May be you know ... but probably not ...

       In a World that does not believe in Reincarnation introduced by Giordano Bruno ... I Giovanni wants to tell you ... that Roger Bacon was the One who was Francis Bacon ... as well Colombo ... and he is always ...

Ascended Master Saint Germain

     Therefore in England he was both ... A Saint ... Saint Alban ... a Writer and man of State ... who wrote the Shakespearian Plays like Francis Bacon ... a Priest (or Magician) who found Camelot ... like Merlin ... as well a Scientific-Monk ... called Roger Bacon.

Please note the same Surname ... 'Bacon' like Roger and Francis ... and nothing is casual in this Universe.

Roger Bacon in the Century XIII was Saint Germain whit the Gift of Prophecy, Alchemy and Science and lived from 1220-1292.

Bacon (Roger)  was a Priest from the Saint Francis Order ... was philosopher, educator and reformator and the one who introduce the Scientific Experiments.

He work on Optics and works on lenses, the telescope ... pushing the ideas for the microscope, the Elevator and the Vapor Machines in the Sea or on Land.

He was a Precursor of Julie Verne in the century XIII!

Like for Francis Bacon who lived a Martyrdom ... as well for Saint Alban ... both Saint Germain ... Roger Bacon was jailed for 14 years ... because accused of Heresy ...

 A special attention lead us that also Colombo was jailed ... after he return to Spain ... after he 'discover' America.

 Roger Bacon in one occasion ... say ...

 I believe that the humanity will accept like axiom for my conduct the principle by which I have given my life: the right to investigate. It is the creed of the free men, the opportunity to test, this privilege to commit errors, the value of experiments with the new thing. We, the scientists of the human spirit, will experiment, we will experiment, and continue experimenting. Throughout centuries of tests and errors, happening through anguishes of investigation [...], we will experiment with laws and customs, with systems monetary and governments, until we find our true course, until we find the Majesty of our own orbit as the planets have found hers then [...] and, finally we will move together in the harmony of our spheres under the great impulse of a unique creation, one, unit, a system, and draw.


Roger Bacon was the type of Person ... like the Lemurian or Atlantis Scientific-Priests.

      In them ... rise ... both ... the Love for the Science and the Love for God ... very difficult to find in nowadays.

      Some Scientist ... are Just Catholic ... and they believe in the Pope. They believe in the Words of the Priests ... but not the Catholic Priests neither the Pope have a bit of Idea ... how Lord Jesus ... realize his miracles.

     They don't know how Lord Jesus walk on the Waters ... or Heal the Persons. They have no idea.

      A Scientist instead ... loves to investigate ... and discover and repeat ...

      The Mastery is not only in Science. The Mastery is not only in the Word ... the Sacred Word ... or the Number.

       The Mastery is to realize God within ... to let the God within Blow, Rise ... That is the Mystery of Mastery ...

        I will end these my words with some Words that belong to Kryon ... released in my coming book, 'The Secret of Andes'.

... more you learn about Science, more you discover God.


        In fact ... Kryon define itself ... like the Angel of the Magnetic Service.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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