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Tuesday, 04 October 2011 09:52


Greetings in the Pink-day of Love of the Holy Ghost,

     Reading and Browsing ... the magic book written in 1962 by Great Italian Scientist Guido Rossi - Cosmic Rays ... I get a confirmation and the right words to explain the Multidimensional Universe.

      Please ponder that this small article is simply an exercise of Will desiring to share with you. Full content will be explained in the book,

     This is my explanation ... The Universe and Reality are Cosmic-Ray showers ... composed by electrons, mesons ... neutrino and small particles.

     Until here ... nothing extremely new ... but what Scientists know not is that ...

these particles are alive and have its own consciousness.

     Yesterday, I got a flash and remember a book ... written by Great Gregg Braden - The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief that I plan to read ... not yet included in my long Bibliography. 

      Honestly my friends ... sorry for the word ... We Human have not that Theory. But there are a Theory or Practical view ... Its efficient, its wonderful and permit multidimensional travels.

   Time ago, I go to asleep and in some time ... I publish here ... I see the Milky Way Galaxy.Therefore, I move outside the Galaxy and see the Galaxy, like someone that watch a small town from the Hills above.

     Backing to the 'conscious electrons' ... I believe not that Mrs Braden has sufficient expertise in Physics ... probably neither me. Both are basically New Agers ...

       I neither suppose Great Professor Antonino Zicchichi has him DNA enough aligned to speak and complete his studies on the 43 Dimensions he claims to found!

      Not the first and not the second. The One who find and Guide the World in this Arena ... is someone who ... metaphorically ... eat the Fruits of the Tree of Life.

        Saint Germain saith ...

Why was the flaming sword placed at the east of Eden?6 Why was the continuity of exis­tence interrupted by death? Why did illness, warfare, and brutality flash forth and take hold in human consciousness? Why was anger sustained? Was it not because people have been afraid of loss—loss of self-respect, loss of individuality, loss of relativity? Actually, what have they to lose? Nothing but their fears, nothing but their nega­tives. For that which is tethered to reality can never be lost.


Let men learn to empty themselves com­pletely of their attachments to the earth; so shall they begin to enter into the childlike mind and spirit of creative innocence. The greatest angels who keep the way of the Tree of Life can­not deny those who have reunited with the wholly innocent mind of God access to Eden. How can they, then, deny it to the Divine Alchemist in man, who in honor reaches forth to take the fruit of the Tree of Life that he may indeed live forever?

 Therefore ... first the seeker and Would-be Alchemist need to empty himself (or herself) ... and acquire the right permission to enter in the Garden ... without that permission ... he can not.

   How Lord Jesus multiply the Loaves and the fishes? ...

    'Easy' (I, Giovanni am unable yet to do ...) ... He give an intent to materialize the foods!

   As soon we Master that 'Sacred Science' ... called Al-chemy ... All-Chemistry ... we have no necessity to purchase food. Saint Germain materialize for others ... plates, forks, glasses with food and fresh liquid. No. I am not hungry.

    Lord Jesus ... walk on the Sea of Galilee ... with Peter ... and Peter (El Morya) ... did! 

    Therefore, we don't need to Rocket ... We are the Rocket! ... We are Light.

    I consider that in less than 10 years we will have this Sacred Science well explained.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Therefore, there are a mode to unite and create! ... matter ... let these cosmic rays shower get and become matter in our Hands ... and why not get a Golden Ring like Sai Baba did? ...

Cosmic Rays where at the center of Nikola Tesla research but Mr Westinghouse get bad Humor ... when Great Tesla ... comment to him. "What ? ... Only an Antenna to catch Cosmic Rays? ... Too cheap. We need to sale only antennas? There are not too much business. Give me an idea to make money!"

And so we are paying Gas, Electricity and people need to be 'at work' instead to be 'on the beach!' ...

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