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Monday, 04 July 2011 17:07


Greetings ... in the Moon-day of the Will of God ...

    I am looking to push you to understand that The Einstein Theory is wrong.

    The String Theory ... speaks about "strings" like an energetic low level in the atomic composition. Just to be clear and quick.

        String Theory speaks about Dimensions ... and here we have ... many String Theories. One of the most wide speaks about 26 dimensions.

        If The Theory of Einstein is wrong ... what of the String Theories is correct? ...

        I will tell you what is the missing point ... the missing point is MIND ... Because Mind produce MATTER.

        Can I prove it? ... I can't prove it.

        If I was able to prove ... this means that my Mind will produce Matter ... like Fishes, Loaves, Gold ... or anything I please ... still a house.

        Two centuries ago Maxwell did the job ... but his job was changed and manipulated. Tesla did ... but don't get the Nobel Prize instead Einstein Theory move ahead ...

        This time Humankind will have the correct Theory ... including the mind that is Dimension 12D ... Take for granted.

         5D is the dimension of Love ... can we measure love? ... Too much ... Nothing ... Unlimited ...

         6D is where are created the Geometric Patterns that define the forms in 3D.

         7D is where is the dimension of Line of Communication of Pure Thought ...

   Stay in touch,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. It is clear ONE Book is not sufficient ... at a first sight ....


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