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Friday, 06 May 2011 09:25


Greetings in the Venus day of Purity ...

    Are we innocent people? ... Yes we are innocent people.

    Each time I see someone that say "I arrive. I know everything" ... I smile ... smile. Einstein was one of these persons and Einstein Challengers ... too.

    Look my question ... Can we reject Einstein Theory as is ...or we can extend it? ...

    Let me tell you what I love the Theory of Relativity of Einstein ... but unfortunately for you it is wrong in severe mode. Still the formula are wrong.

    It is like to build a castle and one day you discover that the sand below is not stable. Pisa's Torre is a Great Example ... it is a Tower (a Castle) ... but inclined ... Galileo Galilei did several experiments ... possible only because that inclination.

The same is the Einstein Theory ... a Castle but inclined ...

What are the Einstein mistakes? ... There are a lot.

1. He say there are NO Eather ... and there are ... It is multi-dimensional arrives from the Center of the Galaxy where TIME is produced.

2. He say the Speed of Light is a constant in the Universe. This is a STUPIDITY ...

3. It does not consider Multi-Dimensionality.

4. The Lorentz Formulaes comes from a reverse hypothesis.

5. What means Relative? ... A Science? ... A Science must be exact, not relative. Or you beleive me, or not. Or you love your children, or not. Or you love your wife or you betray she. No way.

6. There are not only 4 forces in the Universe ... (gravity, electro-magnetism, nuclear strong and nuclear waek) there are still another two ... and these two forces are multi-dimensional.

7. Oliver Heaviside resume in bad mode the James Clerk Maxwell formulae ... and what this means ... you are working on Unstable Sands.

8. Entanglement neither Quantum Entanglement are considered.

9. Oh my God ... Do you want I continue ... Some of my affirmation cannot be proved immediately ... because doing that ... not only the Einstein Theory crash ... and will crash ... but a New Physics will born ... and I cannot do this ... in few days.

So, please play not attention to,

There are Theory that will explains ALL the Physics ... I can still add that Different Universes have Different Laws ... but this is another chapter.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. You will go to apologize me ... but "Einstein Speed of Light is constant, Bin Laden was the only responsible for Sept 11, Jesus did no sex with Mary Magdalene, Al Quaeda is the only enemy of United States and the Catholic Church are all Saints ... belong to set of Fallacies and mistrusts ... that soon you will forget". Blessed you are.

PS. I Giovanni still consider that we need to study the Einstein Theory for a while including the tensors and the nomenclature ... we cannot start to work on a new "Theory" ... without to watch the Practice.

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