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Thursday, 05 May 2011 16:32


Greetings in the day of Thor, that is also Jupiter and this is because it is called Thurs-day, Thor-day.

    I, Giovanni to-day open the Landau-Lifshitz - Vol 02 - The Classical Theory of Fields, in Italian that I use in the Italian degree in Mathematics ... just to take a look on the Einstein Equation that describe the particle in a Gravitational Field.

    You, know I claim that Einstein Theory is wrong from several points of view, 1) there are Field, or Ether and Einstein say No. I, Giovanni say, "Yes". 2) Einstein formula claims that the speed of Light is constant, I, Giovanni claim that is variable ... like the human humor ...etc.

    Browsing the book, and more fresh books like Hyperspace by Michio Kaku ... I reach the "SuperString Theory" that actually offers a wide range of 26 dimensions ... based on Bosons ... it is just a ... string ...

    In fact in plain English ... strings are the minimal expression in Physics ... In fact, we have,

Levels of magnification:
1. Macroscopic level – Matter
2. Molecular level
3. Atomic level – Protons, neutrons, and electrons
4. Subatomic level – Electron
5. Subatomic level – Quarks
6. String level

    While originally the String theory consider 10 Dimensions ... They call (Space-Time Dimensions) but the term is incorrect ... Physical Dimensions will be more precise, because Space-Time is a 3D Characteristic. Just in 4D ... we have Time and over 4 ... there are Time ... but Space is constructed ...

    Interesting ... Don't you?

    Physicist Michio Kaku explains that just adding one dimension and touching dimension five, or the fifth dimension ... equations must be re-written. (See HyperSpace page ix).

    This open a door to introduce the Kaluza-Klein Theory that is the Einstein Theory extended to 5th dimension ...

     In fact,

As opposed to 4-dimensional gravity, which is what we see and describe using Einstein's insight that gravity is the result of spacetime curvature, Nordstrom, Kaluza and Klein wrote down a theory of 5-dimensional gravity. To make sense of this radical proposal, Klein suggested that the extra spatial dimension was "compactified". What does this mean? It means that he curled up the 5th dimension on a circle, a circle so microscopically small that it is not directly observed in everyday physics. The remarkable result of Nordstrom, Kaluza and Klein was that their theory of 5-dimensional gravity unified 4-dimensional gravity with 4-dimensional electromagnetism. However our knowledge of the physics laws that describe elementary particles and their interactions was, at that time, neither experimentally nor theoretically advanced enough to be able to make something of this idea.

    Now, let me add something new for you ...

    One of the best "apprentice" of Professor Wheeler, called Hugh Everett III introduce the idea of "Parallel World" ... but Professor Wheeler reject that model because require too much Metaphysics.

     And this is the point here.

     I, Giovanni am full sure about the Parallel Universe that moves or travel or is collateral to us.

     I, like both ... an independent Scientist, a Writer and a Practical Mystical ... can confirm that I did and do prayers calling My image in the Parallel World to help me ... Jajaja ... Is not cool?" ... It is ...

     We are living like in a mental World ... A designed World made by a Mind (A Cosmic Mind that is an Elohim who dwells in the Dimension 12) ... and we ... that are spirit ... and like phonograph needles

... inspecting this 3D-space-time ... but always living also in other dimensions ... and of course we are made of Matter ... but Reality is not like we see or feel.

Reality is but an idea in the Mind of God ... and our atoms ... are nothing but "strings" in the sense of the SuperString Theory ... or information ... from the Center of the Universes ... where God dwells ... until the Black Hole in this Galaxy where by Friction ... time is produced ... and time produce space ... expanding this Mental Universe ...

Therefore our concepts of "Reality", "Matter", "Mind" (Still Mind) are wrong.

Learning to be Multi-dimensionally is our very Homework in this experience or travel called "Life experience", and is complex ... but not too much.

The experiment is still more complex than you suppose because is not a mix made by a single race from one place or from one Universe ... with a congruent behavior ... we are the result of multiple, and multiple mix ... from the dwellers of the Universe in 4D, in 5D ... under the training of Master of 7D and 9D ... but still frustrated by the Lord of Darkness from 6D and tutored by those in 7D.

Physicists are just start studying the dimensions ... but they don't consider yet ... there are people in that dimensions ???!!! ... Our Fathers.

We ... are the very well amalgamated result of all that Mix ... Still the Prime Creator, "El Shaddai" is into our DNA,

What amazing perfection we are in each molecule of our being ... Honestly ... blessed we are ...

We are in the very path to understand ... "What we are" ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Exercise for my colleagues, because they hold the scepter of String Theory, I am a simple apprentice of the Ascended Masters ... trying to JOIN the Modern Science to the Teachings of the Lords ... the questions is:  If there are Multiple Dimensions and Parallel Worlds ... who create all this? ... If we can prove that Sirius is dwelling in 7D and the Pleiades in 5D ... and there are people there ... What are we doing here in 3D?

The answer to the second questions is above. Thanks!


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