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Wednesday, 13 April 2011 06:00

Professor Albert Einstein touch dimension 10 ... but ... there are more ...

Greetings in the Green day of Healing ...

    And honestly Physics need Healing. The Einstein Theory does not only present mistakes but it is also incomplete.

    However, in the over 100 years ... Great Scientists are appeared and new solutions like String Theory are appeared.

    String Theory need still to be "standardized" and proved. This is the reason for the CERN experiment.

    I, Giovanni can confirm that according to my approach "String Theory is correct!" ... but must be "connected" with something like Physicists call "Quantum Gravity".

   Honestly "Quantum Gravity" is a pseudonymous to spread an area of research connected with Gravity and Quantum Theory. It is just an INTENT to figure out something greatest than this.

   But Honestly the word "Multi-Dimensional" is the right word ... that is missing.

   And there are Great Jobs made ... most people work on this matter (or subject) everywhere.

   We have L. Szabo who publish an article ... that motivate this actual article you are reading titled "Geometrodynamics in Multi-dimensional Unified Theory".

   Let me push a single question. How many dimensions are? Are there finite? Is the Universe finite or infinite? ...

   Relax, I will answer some of these questions.

   The Universe is FINITE, but is Multi-dimensional. I don't know how dimensions are there, but they are finite too.

   Understand these dimensions, get confidence with them is a "Homework" for any Scientist. It is a HomeWork, because work on it at Job is too few time.

   However, I see that this theory start to appears.

      Scientists have no confidence with Dimensions. The Dimension 12, 12D is the Dimension of the Mind. There are no Space, but Mind ... There dwells the Elohim. Who tell me that? ... Well, just an Elohim!

      12D is close to the other Universe, the Dahl Universe ... close to Andromeda Constellation.

      The 5D is the Dimension of Love and is located in Pleiades stars (Maya, Merope, Atl ...)

       7D is the Dimension of Order ... Light ... exactly ...

seventh dimension—lines of communication for pure thought. For Earth, the sev­enth dimension is the galactic information highways of light, the photon bands, that are guided by the Andromeda Galaxy.

sixth dimension—the lightbody form of the third-dimensional solid world. All physical objects are ideas that reside in the sixth-dimensional library, and through its thinking process, light geometrical forms are generated that create realities. For Earth, this realm is guided by the Sirius star system.

      There are people living there ... If you are a light Being ... you live in a Light place.

       On Sirius stars ... there are two important planets ...


    the Planet IA ... where El Morya dwells. He is the King of IA. There are also ...

    the Planet AI ... where Kuthumi (who is the Holy Spirit dwells) ... also Mother Mary dwells there, also Saint Germain dwells there.

    There lives the Immortals !!! they are Immortals ...

    But there are still more dimensions ... Dimension 13, 13D and also Dimensions ... 15D, 17D, 18D ... 23D ...

     I Giovanni star to have confidence with dimensions.

     Milky Galaxy dwells in 10D.

     We have also that,

ninth dimension—unitized reality that interweaves all of the most subtle frequen­cies. This plane of vibration is a library of all that exists in a realm; and for Earth, the ninth dimension is the Galactic Center that is guided by the Enochians.

    The Ninth Dimension is the Dimension where the Black Hole (Twins) generate time ...

   I want now to quit but before I want to give you some bibliography,

Authors like, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Lev Landau and more recently Shing-Tung Yau, Itzhak Bentov, Roger Penrose, Brian Greene, David Bohm are created excellent material for the Physics of the XXI Century like Michio Kaku explains in his books.

The more cool part of all this "understanding" is the it brings healing ... because DNA is nothing that Multi-dimensional connection with the Universes, Dimensions are their relative stars and dwellers. If you are healed ... if the World is healed ... there are "Peace in the World" ... that the Universe is nothing but this ... a place where dwells Immortality, Perfection and Wisdom ... in one word Light, like we are!

Blessed you are,


Giovanni A. Orlando

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