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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 07:48


Greetings ... in the very Pink Day of Love of God,

    And because this is the first time I speak in English about "The Pink Love of God", I cannot but tell you that there are another King ruling this office.

    Yes, there are another Chohan for the Pink Ray, another Maha Chohan ... and he is Master Kuthumi who dwells on planet AI on Sirius Constellation.

    He is Master Kuthumi,

     He was Saint Francis in Center Italy, Assisi as well Pythagoras in Southern Italy, Crotona. He was also Pharaoh Thutmose III. You can read more about him, reading the article, Where is Pythagoras ... today ? ...

      I, Giovanni need to confess that I love him very much, very much. I love him actually like Kuthumi (which name was him inheritance from him past life in Tibet, like Master K.H.). He was also Gaspar a teacher of Jesus, one of the Magi.

      Let me add that Lord Maitreya is the Planetary Christ and Lord Jesus is the Universal Christ. Lord Maitreya and Lord Jesus are Twins, and Maitreya generates Jesus.

      I need to add that Reality is not like you see and like we feel. Reality is different ... and soon we will see. Honestly we are as big and as long like the Universe ... but this is another chapter.

      Now, let back to Physics. I need to confess that when I study Mathematics in Venezuela from 1980 until 1986, when I got the degree ... my studies on Physics where not too much complete. This means that I study just Mechanics (Physics I) and nothing else. We use Holiday-Resnick ... a very popular book in US Colleges.

      When I comment to a Professor in Rome about that he say ... we in Italy use that book at High School. He was my teacher of Thermodynamics. I purchase him book, but then I also re-sale it. I don't know if was a good idea.

       In Italy I study Electromagnetism (and find difficulties) as well the Theory of Fields (and I love it), in the University of Bologna, with a Professor I really appreciate, Professor Cattani. I also realize "a small thesis" on the Hyperbolic Motion (important in Physics) really connected with the Theory of Relativity.

      At the University of Bologna, are necessary two small thesis and Big Degree Thesis.

      I, Giovanni can tell you that the level of Physics in Italy is really HIGH, excellent. I am honored to study in the same city and the same Faculty of Marconi, and Marco Todeschini and others. They are all GREAT GENIUS. They ... of course.

     Well, the question is pertinent and is the following,

Are there Star Gates?

      Of course there are Star Gates and the Physics of Star Gates is the same Physics of WormHoles.

      The first time I hear about Star Gates where from Master Adama of Telos in the book serie Telos, in Telos Volume 1. He, explains that Star Gates are the "normal passage" ... the "normal high-ways" to move in the Universe.

      God Meru explains that is we built a machine (a Flight Saucer) and we move across the Galaxies (he don't comment without to transverse a Star Gate, but I Giovanni add this ... without to take a Star Gate) ... will happens Nuclear Explosions, one after another.

      Therefore there are Star Gates and you need to use it!

     How do you suppose a "real" Flight Saucer will travel in the Universe? ... 10.5 Light-years far? ... It will use a Star Gate.

     They locate the "Star Gates" (plural) and move across them. Of course a Star Gate is a Time Machine or a Time Tunnel ...

     Please understand that in the Center of the Galaxy is from where time arrive to us ... and on Sirius on 7D ... there are a future or a time, more close to the center of the Galaxy (9D ... Dimension 9) than on Sirius 7D ... on the Pleiades stars like Maya star (5D) and on Earth.

     Therefore when some people arrive from Dimension 13D ... may be in their calendar year 77,011 (75,000 year far) ... and now you see that Time is a Distance (and we live in Time ... and Time produce Space) ... This is the so-called Space-Time continuum ... and is continuous ... there are no bugs.

     Professor David Bohm publish him results in "The Undivided Universe" ... and therefore we need to take a Star Gate to transverse these Great Distance in short time.

     Has been said by a medium, Raul Yepez that the Ummites in their last travel takes 72 hours to traverse 10.5 light-years.

     1 Light-year is 9.4605x1015 m, therefore 10.5 light-years will be, 99.33525 x 1015 m.

     Now what is the media of their "speed of travel"? ... Well, is the result of a division, and is

       99.33525 x 1015 m = 99.33525 x 1012 Km/72 hours = 1,37965625 x 1012 Km/h.

1,379,656.25 x 106 Km/h.

     If we consider the constant, (just like a constant, not like the speed of light ), we will have the Ummites touches velocities equivalent to,

1,379,656.25 x 106 Km/h = 1,379,656.25 x 109 m/h = 1,379,656.25 x 109 m/h x 1h/3600 s

383,23784222 x 109 m/s

383,23784222 x 109 m/s / 2,9979 x 108 m/s = 3832,3778422 c

    Therefore, the speed of Light is not only superable ... but a vehicle can touch speeds like 3800c !

Blessed you are,


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS: I suspect (I am sure but I have no proofs), that Governments has Flight Saucers and access Galactic Star-Gates, but they prefer to keep us under enslavement ... to force to pay their taxes as well to take Gold and Jewel mines ... for their purpose. They offer TV and take the Gold. Good business ... Don't you?

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