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Sunday, 10 April 2011 10:32


Greetings ... in the Sun-day,

    The Einstein Theory is wrong, because that theory ... claims that the Speed of Light is constant but is not constant, but variable.

    If the Speed of Light is variable ... this would means that if someone (or some people) planning to make an inter-stellar travel from Tau-Ceti ... or from Epsilon Eridanus ... both at 10.5 light years is "feasible"

More in detail ... planet Ummo is located close to the Epsilon Eridanus ... and is a planet with a diameter of 7800 Km. Lord Meru, claims that it is a cold planet.

This is both a sketch to a "further" attack to the Einstein Theory that included channeled material from Lord Meru and the Family of Light.


Let me clear ... let me introduce an example ...

Suppose you live in Italy and want to make an important trip for holidays to meet a person. But you never meet that person, and you don't know what behavior will have that person, that girl.

May be she "risk" and accept the appointment and meet you. May be she suppose you are mad, and she remains at home. Or still may be she prefer to make a trip, and when you take your airplane, she is in another airplane ... for her own business or just to "risk nothing" ... The question is: How much time do you will risk ... from your own time ... to meet she?

I, Giovanni can risk ... about two hours ... neither three. No. There are no love, madness or whispering from the angels capable to let me risk (or to risk ... important time) to me ... or any other person. There are no mad people ... time is money. You know!

Because is a risk ... there are 50% probabilities of success ... and of course you will arrange a great schedule ... with secure things to do and secure people to meet, like to attend to an important conference about the future of your country.

Of course ... I will risk my time ... because there are only one probably missing appointment in a long list of things to do.

Now, suppose that you live in another planet and constellation,  a planet called Ummo close to Tau Ceti ... around the Sun called, Epsilon Eridanus, 10.5 light-years from Earth.

Suppose that a remote planet 75,000 year back in the past ... called Earth are going to make an important Shift ... and Evolutionary Shift like never before and that several dramatic facts like Earthquakes, Tsunami, Fires, Floods, Vulcan explosions ... as well several population insurrections are happening in several places.

Now, how much time you will risk? ... if you live 10.5 lights-years far? ...

Because the people on the planet is living in the year 77,011 ... according to their calendar ... and therefore 75,000 far in the future ... the Ummites from planet Ummo are smarter ... the electrons in their body ... vibrates at speed really higher compared to Earthlings.

I repeat the question. How much time these Smart people ... will risk?

Will the Ummites take their trip ... if they have troubles? ... Of course, no. Will they take the trip if their phone will be disconnected and the Electric power too ... in their homes? ... Of course no. They are smarter ... They are logical.

How much time they will risk?

Would these "smart people" risk to travel 10.5 years ... to meet people they never meet, people that does not believe in Ovni or Extra-terrestrial life? ... Of course, no!

I, Giovanni say, "Neither Jesus will do, beleive me".

If the Einstein Theory of Relativity would be correct ... and the Ummites are 10.5 light-years ... then they are risking to travel 10.5 years! ... Right?

Friends ... do you will risk to travel 10 years to save another world? ... I say ... Sorry.

But they did ... and of course they don't risk 10.5 years ... they don't risk neither 1 year ... They risk just hours!

Just hours.

(Also Jesus ... risk hours)

How many hours ... and inter-galactic travel from a star, far as 10.5 Light-years will take?

Let me use my intuition ... I, Giovanni consider that it will take from 5 hours ... to 10 hours, depending of the weight of the Ship and the variable speed.

Of course they will not take the same time and neither the travel will be made at the same speed.

Listen, if you need to travel in your city ... from your home to another town ... Would you take always the same time? No!

Now, in an inter-galactic travel ... friends, there are really too many variables ... to consider ... Right?

Einstein Relativity is based on the Lorentz Transformation ...


like you see ... in these formulas ... the Speed of Light NEVER may be equal c, and neither may be higher than c.

Conclusion. The Lorentz Transformation in the Einstein Theory are wrong!

I, Giovanni have a good news. A Physicist contemporary of Professor Einstein, called "Marco Todeschini" release other formulas ... I ask you for Patience ...

Professor Todeschini was "supported" for a while ... not actually. Actually, Scientist are like Catholic Priests ... both say, "All the Religion (or Science) had been written".

This scientist apprentice called, Giovanni A. Orlando ... smile.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

Exercise. If an inter-galactic travel ... from a star far 10.5 light-years ... takes 5 hours. How is the maximum speed it reach?

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