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Thursday, 13 January 2011 03:36


Greetings in the very day of Resurrection of Lord Sananda (who was Lord Jesus) and Lady Nada (who was Mary Magdalena) ...

    And honestly resurrection is what we need, because the dramatic status of Science and his teaching, specially in High School.

    Would be possible that High School students does not have an idea about the Kepler Laws? ... and they study Analytic Geometry, but not Euclid Elements, or if a book introduce to them ... they have no idea how to get the "Square Root of a Segment?" ... French Students ... know it!

  • High School Students must learn, Astronomy ... it is not necessary a degree in Astronomy to learn and Understand the Kepler Laws.
  • High School students must learn "Basic Programing", and because the word has different sense, I understand to program the BASIC Language, also called BASICA, by Bill Gates. FORTRAN is also good.
  • High School Students must study Differential and Integral Calculus, at the level of Richard Courant Vol I and II.
  • High School Students must study the Three Elements:
    • All the Euclid Elements ... that were written by Proclus and not only Euclid.
    • The Descartes Geometry that was an Appendix to him Discourse of the Method.
    • The David Hilbert "Grundlagen der Geometrie"
  • If they study a "decent" Algebra then they must read also the Klein book in the famous Program that join Groups to Geometries.
  • Yes, Galois Theory must also be included in High School ... but when the level of Drama ... disappears ...

   A Tech Gadget like iphone and iPad MUST be used to learn ... not like a Status symbol gadget ... these Gadgets were close to the Fall of a Technological Civilization ...

     If we speak about University Physics ... the drama become a Nightmare.

     Physics needs,

  • the necessary Science (Mathematics and Physics) that moves To-day Physics to High Physics.

                     if we got the High Physics ... we will have a new Life-Style more cheap ... and Free Energy will not be in Books ... but used daily.

  • there is necessary also a Physics (and the relative Mathematics) from To-day Physics to a Intermediate Physics, and this may be still more complex that previous statement.

                     Italian School of Physics is the best one ... but important books remains in the Limbo and most are only in Italian ...

  • With these two NEW columns in Physics ... both University and High School Curriculum will be completed changed.

      Mathematics in High School must be more close to the French School ... but French School needs more Disciplines like Computer Programing at Basic Level.

       Geometry in European Universities is very good ... specially in Italy ... but they does not have the "Beauty" like was well motivated by Professor Coxeter (Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter, H.S.M. Coxeter).

     What was the Mathematics of past century at University Level ... must become the High School Mathematics to-day ... but very variegated ... offering its complete range ... The Same Physics and Chemistry ... Add Salt ... and this Salt (not Pepper) is the use of Computer, but rudiments ... well at the end of High School Adobe Flex is also an excellent choice.

Stay tuned,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Governments need absolutely embrace Free Energy because the coming of Freeze Weather will request around 400% more Energy. Nuclear Plants are a very wrong idea ... and therefore the situations is Free Energy or Free Energy. However, the process of Build a device and to accommodate a Turbine that transform the Heat of the Earth ... about 4 miles down into Electric Power is not free. Free is the Energy of Mother Earth and Free and Illimited will be the Electric Power, the device and its construction is not free.

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