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     What is Quantum Entanglement?

     Well, before to answer what is Quantum Entanglement will be better to answer what is Entanglement.

     Entanglement is an atomic property ... DON'T YET UNDERSTOOD ... where two atoms in the Universe can communicate ... without to play attention about the distance in space and time.

     One atom may be on planet Earth ... one atom may be on Andromeda Galaxy. Are you figure out? ... I, know you did.

     Now, what about Quantum Entanglement? ... and the atoms of our Body?

     Would this lead to teleport ... a-la Star Trek? ...

     Yes ... it regards a Teleport ...

     Let me give you a secret ... and that is from angelic (or Master if you prefer) ... sources ...

     The secret I AM going to comment regards ...

Be in two places at the same time ...

     This is the secret. Let me give you another secret you probably know. There are an Angel in the door of the Tree of Life, and that Angel will offer you grant access ... only is you deserve.

     This means that only when a man ... a scientist ... is "accepted" ... he can learn that, and he will be accepted if the result of that research are for the world ... to be joy for everyone and not for a personal business.

     Let me add ... very important precursors ... all Saints.

     Saint Francis (San Francesco) was able to teleport. Jesus the Christ also was able when appears in what to-day is United States of America to the Nephite people like explained in the Book of Mormon.

     Father Pio (Padre Pio) was able to be in two places at the same time.

     Saint Germain did this very frequently ... in the last Century XVIII and XIX.

     John the Beloved also did ... because it visit Heaven at the same time he was on Earth. If you read the book, "The Book of Apocalypse explained ..." You will discover that also another person ... very unknown did ... recently.

    Well ... the lesson ends here!

    That's all ? ... Yes. I consider too much to say you that Teleport will be "standard mode" of transportation as soon Physics will be complete.

    Because the Great Scientist ... of last century like Tesla, or Einstein were unable to comment this ... I, Giovanni consider "enough" add my comments like now.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I want to add a note. John the Beloved and the person commented in my book need help to reach the High Council in 7D. And that is the point ... Generally those who know the path ... and is a galactic path can go and move easy. Saint Germain knows very well, like the Archangels. John the Beloved also need help in those days. The point is to use a machine and have an absolute control ... that machine is the Tele-transportation machine ... Do you like this XXI Century? ... I love it!

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