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61 The New Books written for Duodecimal and Quantum Mathematics would be better than actual decimal books ... by Giovanni A. Orlando (updated) Administrator 1412
62 Are there Irrationals in Heaven? ... Of Course not by Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 1139
63 The Adoption of a Duodecimal System can offer Million of Jobs ... Administrator 1123
64 Humm ... Can we adopt a New Numerical System? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1077
65 Theorem: In the Sacred Galactic The 'Impossibility' of Certain Classical Constructions become 'Possible'! Administrator 1095
66 Are there a connection between the Seven Planets and Seven Metals? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando (updated) Administrator 1025
67 How Old are the Platonic Solids? ... Administrator 998
68 What are the consequences of Prime Factorization adopting a New 'Galactic' Quantum Mathematic? Administrator 1013
69 Can be Pi (π) ... connected with Time? An Example of Quantum Mathemathics by Giovanni A. Orlando ... Administrator 964
70 The Universal Zero in the New Mathematics Administrator 1176
71 Surya ... The God of the Sun, the Classical Planets and a Prayer. Administrator 1082
72 Kryon, Napoleon and the Duodecimal System ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1178
73 The Incongruence of the concept of 'Infinity' in Mathematics and Economy by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 857
74 What is the relation between the Platonic Solids and the Sixth Dimension (6D) Administrator 1094
75 Annunciando un Nuovo Volume: I Solidi di Platone e La Divina Proporzione applicati alla Matematica, Fisica, Chimica, Biologia, Medicina, Musica, Architettura e Astronomologia ... Administrator 861
76 Editorial #207: ... So you want to have a New Science ? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1123
77 The Tetractus, the TenFold ... Pythagoras, Galileo and Kepler in the 21th Century ... Administrator 1799
78 Rediscovering Pythagorean Arithmancy ... Administrator 964
79 FTHumanEvolutionCourse for Mathematics will include the Perestroika by Mikhail S. Gorbachev Administrator 1041
80 Leonardo, La Divina Proporzione e la Nuova Matematica da Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1067
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