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81 The Incongruence of the concept of 'Infinity' in Mathematics and Economy by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 885
82 What is the relation between the Platonic Solids and the Sixth Dimension (6D) Administrator 1140
83 Annunciando un Nuovo Volume: I Solidi di Platone e La Divina Proporzione applicati alla Matematica, Fisica, Chimica, Biologia, Medicina, Musica, Architettura e Astronomologia ... Administrator 896
84 Editorial #207: ... So you want to have a New Science ? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1157
85 The Tetractus, the TenFold ... Pythagoras, Galileo and Kepler in the 21th Century ... Administrator 1851
86 Rediscovering Pythagorean Arithmancy ... Administrator 1007
87 FTHumanEvolutionCourse for Mathematics will include the Perestroika by Mikhail S. Gorbachev Administrator 1090
88 Leonardo, La Divina Proporzione e la Nuova Matematica da Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1108
89 An Introduction to "Fractal Precision" from the coming book, An Introduction to Quantum Mathematics (Daft) by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 921
90 An example about the Mechanical consequences of Empirical Mathematics vs the Conscious examples of Quantum Mathematics by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 958
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