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We includes here the relative "wisdom pills" to the English Languages course, basically built around the Shakespearean plays and inedit works from the master.


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31 What words saith the Hamlet's Ghost to Thy Son? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 1074
32 Were the Shakespearian plays spoke about 'The Fallen Angels'? ... Administrator 1551
33 Enjoy ... Hamlet ... The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Administrator 1134
34 Enjoy ... 'Winter's Tales' by Will-I-AM Shake-speare Administrator 1267
35 Enjoy ... Twelfth Night by Will-I-AM Shake-speare Administrator 1127
36 What is the Mystical Meaning of English Word: "Door"? ... Yes "Door"! Administrator 1480
37 Enjoy "Anthony and Cleopatra" by Will-I-AM Shake-speare ... Administrator 1079
38 Enjoy the play "Romeo and Juliet" by Will-I-AM Shake-spare? Would be possible Shakespeare was Sicilian? Administrator 1255
39 Enjoy "Measure by Measure" by Will-I-AM Shake-speare ... Administrator 1114
40 The Art of Teaching English Language ... by Giovanni A. Orlando (updated) Administrator 1301
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