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Saturday, 09 October 2010 05:00

Greetings ... in this very Saturn-day of the Violet Flame of Diplomacy and Freedom,

      Yesterday, I receive a wonderful book written by the hands of Prize Nobel (1950),

Bertrand Russell ... Nobel Prize in 1950.

       I purchase this wonderful book, which title is: Bertrand Russell - Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, and because I found this morning on the Web, I am offering to you for free download,

      Philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote that book in the jail ... In Chapter 2 he introduce the concept of number ... and lead us to the book,

       Russell basically introduce the idea of number like a set. More exactly, Frege defines numbers as extensions of concepts.

       Russell discover a Paradox ... and then it formalize his effort in Principia Mathematica. I, Giovanni honestly advice to read Vol I (I look the index and honestly no mathematician must graduate without read at least Vol 1).

      I don't disagree with this definition ... but I have my definition of number. (See below).

      You can download the Bertrand Russell Books at:

                http://www.futuretg.com/FTHumanEvolutionCourse/FTFreeLearningKits/01-MA-Mathematics/018-MA18-OP01-History of Mathematics and Oeuvres/Betrand Russell/

     Let me start my explanation: How numbers born ... like we use actually? ... They comes from the Arabians and the connection regards the angles.

     Please note that Zero 0 ... does not have angles. 1 has 1 angle, 2 two angles ... 9 nine angles.

      Now arrives the better part. Pythagoras in him School at Crotona (Calabria in Italy) define number as follows:

Number is both the form and essence of Creation

      That's all.

       Please note that he say also the form and I will explain shortly why, but before let me open a parenthesis to express my opinion, and is not modest. It is multi-dimensional.

       My definition of number is the following:

Number is an abstraction of the Universal

       You will going to ask. What is the Universal. The Universal is not the Universe (No, señor).

       When Guru Sai-Baba materialize a ring or food. When Saint Germain materialize a entire set of plates, forks and cups ... and then the food. When Lord Jesus, produce loaves and fishes (Matthew 15:36) ... well my friends ... they are getting these blessing things ... from the Universal.

       I am just a would-be alchemist ... but that is the path ... that is. May be I AM a bad student ... however, I continue to do my efforts.

       Now, let me speak about dimensions.

       The Center of the Earth is represented by Dimension 1. Then from the Dimension 1, the center of the planet until the surface we has our Beloved Elementals, which compoud the matter.

        And also our bodies are composed by elementals ... and they has consciousness. The elementals of our body respond to the "Body Elemental" which is the ruler of the body functions and sliehoute. If you has a good silhoute ... this means you have a good relation with your Body elemental. If you has a bad Silhouette you, and you are fat, or look old, or look bad ... this is represented by the relation you have with the Body Elemental.

       You can speak with your Body elemental ... and he (it) will listen you. Start saying "Thanks" ... for old the efforts it do to balance and control your body.

       What dimension do you suppose has an atom? ... An electron? ... They belong to dimension 1. And matter is composed by 2D beings.

       The roots of a tree or a beautiful rose are composed also by 2D elementals. In my book, "The Book of Apocalypse explained ...", I include a Prayer to free Elementals.

       Part of the process of Materialization is to speak with the elementals ... that conform the matter and ... materialize what you wants. Alchemist do that ... because they are FULL Multi-dimensional ...

       And so, they create matter from high dimensions (greater than 3D: 4D, 5D, 6D ... 9D) and lower dimensions (less than 3: 2D, 1D) ... into 3D! ... our dimension.

       Well, after all this important explanation ... I will include the Pythagorean representation for number ...

      The Monad ... or God ... is represented by the One.

      The Monad is Divine ... and is God inside us. Ask your Monad ... to show you the path to it. This is #1.

      The Dyad in some schools like the Pytagorean School propose (by Anatolius) ... the following figure:

        I got this image from the book, "The Theology of Numbers" ... (as commented we will re-publish in Forgotten Science collection. We will include strange preface and comments). This is #2.

        Some people prefer to choose the following figure for number 2,


        Pythagoras also confirm my previous statement about dimensions. He say, 1 is God and 2 is Matter.

        For us, Father-Mother God is 1. Because we are both Children of the "One" and children of Mother Earth, who is represented by Dimension 1, Gravity.

        Now, I Giovanni will continue with the numbers.

          This is the Triad who is represented by a Triangle, and represents #3.

          However my friends, when we start to study Geometry we never hear about 2 is Matter and 1 is God, and Triangles ... where this is something to stress High School teenagers.

          Four is of course Earth ... the square of Earth ... and this is represented by #4. The Cube is one of the Platonic figures.

          This is the Tetrad.

            If you like these matters, I consider "prudent" (and fundamental) to read the words of Plotinus - Enneads (Vol 5) when he speak on Numbers.

            Let me continue with the Pentad ... who I love and is represented by the Star of King David.

            This is the Pentad ... and represent #5.

             For me, Giovanni ... this is the symbol of Wisdom!

            The number 6, is represented by the Hexad who is the first perfect number. A number is perfect is the sum of the divisor (excluding the number) is equals the number. So, 6 = 1+2+3.

             The Hexad is:

              You know very well that this symbol is represented in the Hebrew flag and very popular in Israel and Jerusalem.

               Another of my favorite is the Heptad,

               This is the representation for 7 ... It is called also Sirius Star ... and leads to Sirius Constellation in the 7D (Seventh Dimension).

            The number 8, is represented by the Octad

             If you unite the edges of the most internal triangles, you will get,

              This is very popular in Islamic tradition. Also Professor David Bohm in the Implicate Order explain it.

              The Square may represent in accord to the words of Lord Meru and the Ninety Degree Shift ... from left to right

                There are a lot of Literature about the Octad too.

                Instead to sit down Hebrew and Muslim and discuss and learn each other ... they prefer to split Jerusalem in pieces ... Oh, Lord. Oh, Monad.

                The Nine is presented by the Ennead,

                The figure to represent the number 9 (#9) is the Ennead,

                 In Egypt the Ennead also represent another thing. The First Nine Gods ...

           And so we arrive to 10 (Decad) which the Pythagorean call ... Universe or Heaven.

           For you ... the Decad ...


              Because I did not find it, I construct ...

              It is clear that Pythagoras reach the Perfection ... and help over 2,000 people to express a high level of life style. This is was (and is) the ultimate goal for the Pythagorean school. Not only teach and not only form better minds ... but changes the cities, and change the civilization for better.

             And they did ... The Crotona School of Pythagoras touch and imprint Light to the entire Greece and all the Mediterranean Area. I, actually live close to that School, about 300 kilometers. Because I know that these records are still there ... I am planning to visit the city ... some day.

             Let me conclude with two important statements.

             The first ... is that is clear that Pythagoras representation are connected one-to-one to the Ten Dimensions ... from the Center of Earth to the Volcanic Zone ... in 2D ... to 3D ... to 4D time, to 5D Love, to 6D Geometric Shapes ... to 7D in Sirius ... to 8D Galactic Highways ... to 9D ... the Conclusive Dimension ... and ten where is encapsulated this Universe ... but there are still dimensions ...

              Angel Kryon dwells in the Dimension Eleven ... and he (it if you prefer) speak about The Dozenal System ... like a better system of Life.

              It is clear that this base system ... the system base 12 (Duodecimal) is better.

              We have Twelve Lunar Cycles. We have Twelve Months and Twelve Hours of Light and Twelve Hours of Night ... represented in our clock.

              Please note that, some numbers will be more easy to express.

  • 12 = 0.6
  • 13 = 0.4
  • 14 = 0.3
  • 16 = 0.2
  • 18 = 0.16
  • 19 = 0.14

             Please note that in Base 12, "1/3" and "1/6" has finite expression ... not infinite.

             Please also note that the fraction can be expressed exactly (terminates) if and only if all the prime factors of its denominator are also prime factors of the base. Thus, in base-ten (= 2×5) system, fractions whose denominators are made up solely of multiples of 2 and 5 terminate: 18 = 1(2×2×2), 120 = 1(2×2×5) and 1500 = 1(2×2×5×5×5) can be expressed exactly as 0.125, 0.05 and 0.002 respectively. 13 and 17, however, recur (0.333... and 0.142857142857...). In the duodecimal (= 2×2×3) system, 18 is exact; 120 and 1500 recur because they include 5 as a factor; 13 is exact; and 17 recurs, just as it does in decimal.

             Angel Kryon ... say the "Π is not a rational number (has a finite expression) in base-12". He say this in this speech,


             I, Giovanni are working to understand this phrase and I will publish my results, in my book, "An Introduction to Mathematics".


              Of course, I will do my best ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I consider also important to read the book: Daniel Tammet - Born on a Blue Day.

        Daniel has special features in him brain and he see Numbers like colors and shapes. I will read it ... tomorrow I think. Thanks!

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