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Thursday, 26 August 2010 17:07

Greetings my Friends and Math Lovers,

    Like I promise I want to give more information about Euler Partitio Numerorum.

    Honestly I am more interested to study and translate from Latin into English the Euler chapter that anything else. I just start today, but it also important to know the studies made by contemporaneous colleges that work in Modern Universities.

    The Universe send to me a re-call about a publication made by the American Mathematical Society in October 2007.

    If you click the image below you will reach the article titled, "

     In this AMS article appears a comment about Euler Chapter about Partitio Numerorum published in Introductio in Analysi Infinitorium. George Andrews speak about Euler's proof that any number may be written like the sum or difference of different powers of 3.

    So, we have 300 = 35+34-33+31.

    This is very interesting ... Also because in a small book which Spanish title is: El hombre que calculaba escrito en Bagdad in 1321 ... we got an exercise that any number may be written with 4 fours. 1 = 44/44, 2 = 4/4+4/4 ...

    Therefore, if we can transform the Euler formula to adopt 4 instead of 3, we can get a proof for this nice proposition.

     I want to end this small lesson/exercise. The exercise is to write the AMS article or any other article in the list:


     full dedicated to Leonhard Euler.

      I want to end this small lesson with two comments. The AMS article is SECURED. It is still secured that is impossible to get snapshot in the MS Windows Operating System. I got the detail formula on a Linux system. This is another proof that Linux have still a lot to offer in Desktop Environment.

      The second comment regards my "incredible" never stop love (or fever) for Mathematics, also close to have fifty years old (in 2013). I don't know if in Venezuela there are available a Classical like Introductio in Analysi Infinitorium. Probably there are a copy or more.

       I download the original copy from the Web, as well the English translation. There are also a German Translation. All this is possible today using the Web.

       I can tell you, that after my Venezuelan degree I discover a Library very incredible full of original books in French, German and other languages ... all Original works like Differential Algebra written by Kaplanski.

       I have no idea where that Library is today. May be the books where sent to the main University.

       The final comment regards why some people does not quit, or never quit and always look for research or results. This is a characteristic of White Skin people. Of course any human includes a copy of the original Matrix formed by Red-Skin (Love), Black-Skin (Strength), Yellow-Skin (Intelligence) and we White-Skin are those who never quit in the research for solutions.

Thanks very much,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. My strength, love or Fever for Mathematics is what is leading me to design FTHumanEvolutionCourse for Mathematics (as well others for other Disciplines) and today we can offer almost 2,500 books ... for free download ... at:  http://www.futuretg.com/FTHumanEvolutionCourse/FTFreeLearningKits/.

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