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Friday, 13 August 2010 14:37


    This new lesson is a "status-of-development" in the realization of the product: FTHumanEvolutionCourse for Mathematics.

    The goal of FTHumanEvolutionCourse for Mathematics is not only to teach, fortify, expand and clarify the necessary concepts for Mathematics for High School up to an University level, but also to standardize the teaching of Mathematics, to be more homogeneous.

     Of course we consider "stupid" the not-Orthodox approach that some people did in Twenty Century, like William (Bill) Gates and/or Linus Torvalds. Both great mind ... but without the sufficient knowledge and wisdom. However, I express my personal thanks to these"lucky" persons. These people are BAD examples for the youth because invite them to have everything without the necessary effort. Similar "lucky" and rich without study ... will NOT work with the New Energy.

      In my modest words, those persons need to back to School for additional training.

      These necessary words are dedicated specially to those students in High School that when is time to play chess, they are number #1, when is time to play Basketball, they are #1 ... but when is the time to go and sit down for a chemistry class ... they do something else.

       They need to study. Are you hearing me?

       What future will have a country with Bad Students that go to Governmental charges? ... Not really a Good Future.

       To design a product to teach all the Mathematics is necessary to have the appropriate experience.

       I consider the actual state of teaching of Mathematics really "inoffensive". People need to know the Mathematical Disciplines.

        Because I got a degree (two), one at each side of Atlantic Ocean, and enter in Science Faculty at the young age of sixteen, I consider my career like a student ... a model.

        It is well-know that the Best School of Mathematics has its root in France ... Geniality French Mathematicians had designed the Napoleon École ... updating them to offer the best training from the age of 3-years old to 16-years old, when the student will enter in the École and/or University.

       Reading the document, Jean-Luc Dorier - Mathematics in French Education from, http://www.cfem.asso.fr/syseden.html

         I can understand that a great and well-designed Proposal of Mathematical Studies may lead the youth to a great level of understanding and also to a better Government, because the teaching involve not only the Minster of Education but also other Ministers like Agriculture and Culture, as well others.

        Education is the very key for a Good Government and a High Level of Life-Style, with few delinquents and zero drug usage.

        The following graph offer a comparative view between the US and or European-non-French and the French approach.


       I consider important for those who have interest in discover the Great Level of Mathematics in France to read the document above.

       Basically, it is designed (but not only) in the following table,

  • Primary School
    • Nursery School - (3 years) - Age 3-6
    • Elementary School - (5 years) - Age 6-11
  • Lower Secondary Education (Collège) - Age 11-15 (In Italy there are only three years called "Le Medie")
  • Upper Secondary (Lycèe), it may be of three different types:
    • Lycèe d'Einseignement General et Technologique
    • Lycèe Professionelle CAP-BEP
    • Lycèe Professionelle BEP + Baccalaureat

       Most countries had adopted the French names "College" or "Liceo" ... Sometimes also the programs but the result are very different.  

       We all ... have a debt with France for their wonderful school of Mathematics. 

       No more additional information is provided here.

       You can read the FreeKits at:


       It is important to said that the FTHumanEvolutionCourse for Physics is based on the Italian School of Physics, considered modestly the best School of Physics of the World.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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