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Monday, 09 August 2010 05:07


      In this very Moon-day of the Will of God I back to speak Mathematics and Physics. At 7:47am? Yep!

      I start to read those who like in Italy realize theories ... most real and useful than Einstein Theory. Most of them die without recognition. Seems the Universe is inviting me to honor them. Hey, don't look on Wikipedia, you will find nothing ... also because those who had the great idea to speak against Einstein, where removed by the nowadays Prince of Science, or simply by minor Professor of Physics. Why they remove Marco Todeschini comments and theories. They say, because it is not Modern Science. I will say them. Is actual Science modern? ... Where we after several millennium we cannot reach the Moon or Venus or Mars ... but with a "stupid" rockets? ... Or people die because not find a great medicine in local drugstore?

    What waste of time? ... Or there are people working to create deviations to these Great Minds? Professor Albert Einstein was a Great Mind ... but honestly seems more advertising on a fake science that real science that does not solve. Quantum Physics are in the Limbo ... and people die ... living almost like slaves.

    Only a couple of years ago, I suppose that the Theories were NEVER realized ... but I was wrong.The theories and comments were realized and published ... but they don't reach the masses. What reach the masses are only "probably futuristic illusions" ... full advertised but fictional movies ...

    Do you know what was accepted like the Speed of Light in the Century XVII? ... In the Century XVIII the speed of Light was considered Infinite.

   This is point number one.

   James Maxwell about Aeather were buried ... with the arrival of the Einstein Theory.

   Another important destruction was the "Perpetual Motion".

   What do you suppose keep Galaxies rotating, Planets rotating, Satellites rotating?

    Some Atheist Scientist may suppose that some day a planet will stop the orbit and this is because "Doubt and Fear" are Great in their mind.

    Atlantis sank under the Ocean because "Doubt and Fear".

    I will tell you what keep the Galaxies and planets ... rotating in perfect harmony. It is the Love of God!

    Some may suppose I am not right. But what is the Love of God? ... The Love is what let you join to your family, friends and the world ... including the Love for yourself and is that Love that lead you to search your Twin Flame, the Other You, polarized with another gender.

    Would the Love of God, may be defined like an ElectroMagnetic Force? May Gravitation and Magnetism be Twin Forces? Of course. May be we not yet wonder in Math or Physics terms, and why?

    They don't know. They also suppose that Black Holes exist and they suck the gravity. Not really. A Black Hole does not really exist, but there are a pole of attraction ... in the Galaxy. Too complicated in few words.

    But if the Einstein Theory of Relativity rise with the help of Mathematical Instruments like Differential Geometry, or Tensor Calculus, both with full support of Italian Mathematics like Severi, Segre and Bianchi for Mathematics and Ricci and Beppo Levi for the Tensorial Calculus, and is wrong ... is logical to suppose that we need a NEW MATHEMATICS.

     Honestly we need a Multi-Dimensional Mathematics to explain a Multi-Dimensional Universe.

     Of course the actual Mathematics may be used ... and extended to such New Mathematics and Science will have the right place in our life ... not in a High School or University book you don't open anymore.


Giovanni A. Orlando.





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