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    One of the reasons because I design a Complete Course for Mathematics, from High-School to University and still more, to Master level, it is not only because I want that the youth of the World get smart, not only because I love that they wear the Mathematical suit of the abstract reason, and then discard it, but also because I want to solve, the material that was not included in the days when I was a Student of Mathematics, at both sides of Atlantic Ocean, in South America, specially at UCV as well in Italy, in the University of Rome, La Sapienza as well my favorite, The University of Bologna, where I got my Italian degree.

   Of course, I want not speak bad about my teachers. No. Instead, I want to offer a complete degree. While in South America, the (or my; today is still lower the content) degree is incomplete in the Study of Physics (I study only Mechanics. Nothing else), in Italy it is incomplete in the "Pure" or Ancient approach. In neither of the cases, in no one of these degree I study "The Galois Theory" or "The Theory of Probability". It is not important the reason. May be it was in both cases, an optional examination I reject, or not included, etc.

   Thus, you may wonder to ask me, What is the "good and complete" degree in Mathematics?

   I can tell you that a degree in Mathematics MUST include a Strong Introduction to ALL PHYSICS, still Chemistry if possible. And therefore, Thermodynamics, and not only Mechanics and Electro-Magnetism and when I speak about Electro-Magnetism, it must explained also from Chemistry, not only from Maxwell Equations.

    It is also important in exams like "Complex Analysis" to figure out the Applications to Engineering and Physics, as well, and not only concentrate efforts in "The Riemann Zeta Function". Of course a serious degree in Math, must include a Course in "Theory of Numbers".

    My efforts in the design of a degree in Mathematics are available at:


   Of course I did not include the NECESSARY examinations in Physics (because it is the Math Course). The NECESSARY examinations in Physics are here,


  Before to lead you to the lesson of The Theory of Probability, I will give you, two comments. I design my degree in Mathematics from the examinations offered by "L'Ecole Polytechinque" in France. Evariste Galois try two times to access that "Ecole" without be accepted. However, he got the happiness to be the Founder of Abstract Algebra thanks to his Theory of Cyclic Groups.

   The second and last comment is that "The Solution" to have GOOD MATHEMATICS, resides in the Mathematical knowledge in High-School, or before the University. If the youth have good Mathematics, the step in the University, or College, or "Ecole" will be more easy.

  For this reason, I choose the French School of Mathematics, also because is the first and the best and also because they solve this problem offering GOOD Mathematics, from High-School in French, and an IRON Examination to access the Ecole, or University.

 Just to be clear, I choose the ITALIAN School of Physics, because this is the first and the best one, in all the World.

 Now, the lesson of the Theory of Probability.

 This lesson comes from a small article titled "Probability Tutorial Using Dice" written by Bill McNeill from Washington University. (7 pages including our cover).

 I consider it very simple and at the same time very complete to a first approach to this subject. I cannot be but be sincere ... commenting the source.

 You can read it, here,


Giovanni A. Orlando


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