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Friday, 23 April 2010 10:36


   This lesson/news is both a lesson a prime numbers as well mystical introduction of Mr. Daniel Tammet.

    After a epilepsy trouble, Daniel become to manifest a high level of "feeling" the numbers, specially prime numbers as well "pi" π and also the potential to be capable to learn a foreign language in a week.

    The documentary I present here is available at: YouTube.com called: Brainman/The Boy With The Incredible Brain


    After this I will answer the question: Is 8191 prime?

    Yes it is.

     A prime number are so special and unique because capable to be divisible only by 1 and the number.

     GNU Software offer a complete algorithm now updated to 2010, supporting the GMP library for high numbers, called factor.c included in coreutilities package.

     Please consider that the entire Internet security is based on the fact that few are capable to factorize high primes.

     Some years ago, the RSA Inc, offer a set of challenging questions now removed to test the level of factorization of these high primes, like RSA-2048

    It is clear that people like Daniel Tammet may challenge the Internet security.

    The good news, like comment Professor Darold Treffert is that anyone of us is capable to enable Daniel qualities.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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