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Wednesday, 24 March 2010 03:51

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Italian Mathematician, Laura Toti Rigatelli from the "Università degli Studi di Pisa" claim in a book originally published in 1993 in Italian titled "Evariste Galois, matematica sulle barricate", and now updated to "Galois, Morte di un matematico", that one of the Founder of Modern Algebra, Évariste Galois, organize its own death in a futile duel.

He did that because his Stéphanie never love him, and neither his other love, Mathematics.

According to Prof. Rigatelli, because his love for France and the Republic he belong to the Société des Amis du Peuple and so organize his death forcing his own pistol without any bullet.

In fact, the day May 30, 1822 the newspaper, Le Précurseur explains:

A deplorable duel yesterday robbed science of a young man who inspired the brightest hopes, but whose prodigious fame is only of a political nature.

Young Evariste Galois ... fought a duel with an old friend, a very young man like him, and like him a member of the Société des Amis du Peuple ...

At point blank range, each of them was given a pistol and fired.

Only one of the pistols was loaded.


The Galois idea for his death was to force the people to revolt. But only some days after Galois death, the General Jean Maximilien Lamarque, die on June 6th, who was an opponent to the Ancien Régime!

Therefore, Galois death ... was completely Pointless, apparently.

This description conflicts with the common biography what he was killed in a duel by a prostitute.

For those interested in read this story ... please click the image above or the link below:

Laura Toti Rigatelli - Evariste Galois.pdf


Giovanni A. Orlando.




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