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Saturday, 17 January 2009 07:00

Introducing the Millennium Problems ...


The last May 24th 2000, like a new age reply to the Hilbert's Problems, always in Paris.


The story of the Millennium problems starts when Arthur M. Jaffe, meet Landon T. Clay at Hardward. From this meeting was created the Clay Mathematical Institute who in the Millennium year, post seven problems, some still insolved from Hilbert's Problems, like the Riemman's Hypthesis, and offer US$ 1 Million dollar, to the person or group of persons that solve these problems.

Baiscally, it is a "whoo" event. Some of the problems like the Hilbert Conjecture, seems had been solved in the past years, but still more remain open.

To Consult the Official Problem Description, is possible to visit the Directory Divulgative Mathematics, at FTLearningKits.

The Story of the meeting is available at the American Mathematical Society.

There are also a couple of books about the event and the problems. 

We will work (as soon as possible) to the Math involved in these problems, and also to comment the stat-of-art of each problem. This is valid also for the Hilbert's Problems.

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