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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 00:00


Greetings in the day of Kuthumi ... the day of the Pink Ray of Love ... the Mars-day ...

    And Mars is the planet that enable our Heart ... to be Strong and Proud.

    Kuthumi ... who only recently hold the Position of Chohan of the Pink Ray, was Saint Francis in Assisi (Italy) as well Pythagoras ... in Italy, exactly in Crotona.

    I, Giovanni (John) was close to him in a somehow remote past, exactly in the year 529 BC, when Kuthumi visit Babylon and I serve like King's Minister of King Nebuchadnezzar II.

    Saint Francis (or Pythagoras, or Balthazar or Shah Jahan) ... looks like ...


   When Kuthumi was Pythagoras he reach a great Level of Wisdom ... where his Theorem is a mere bad example. Pythagoras basically explain the Universe with numbers, rhythm and Harmony ... where Music is fundamental.

   I, Giovanni ... am working to a fresh resurrected approach to Mathematics, honestly most simple, more holy ... because includes God, the Prime Creator as well to explains ... in correct terms ... regarding the Multidimensionality ... where Professor Einstein does not proceed leading us an 'Unfinished Revolution'.

    Now, my Mathematics ... which is not mine, because the concept of Property does not exist ... because ALL Information comes from Above ... the inspiration of Music, the inspiration of Arts, the inspiration of Words ... or design, or Programs ... etc ... including the 'iPad' ...

    The Mathematics ... I am going to release is close to Pythagoras in some sense ... in the 'classical' sense.

    I have re-organized the disciplines (which includes many disciplines for High School) ... in Twelve.

   The Introduction to Quantum Mathematics is the following volume ...

   Also a Formalization has been announced ... because the passage ...

I am now listing the new Disciplines ...

001-MA01-HI00-High School Mathematics, Preparation and Recreational Science/     
002-MA02-UN01-01- Elements of Algebra/   
003-MA03-UN01-02-Geometry, Numbers in Space/   
004-MA04-UN01-03-Music, Numbers in Time/         
005-MA05-UN01-04 - Introduction to Quantum Mathematics/   
006-MA16-UN04-05-Mathematics Applied to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Medicine/   
008-MA19-OP01-History of Mathematics, Oeuvres and Reference/         
010-MA05-Formalization and Philosophy of Mathematics/   
011- Sacred Geometry/         
012-MA06-Quantum Mathematics and its Applications/


Giovanni A. Orlando
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